Shock, horror! Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist

Shock, horror! Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist July 6, 2009

EVANGELICAL Christians – particularly those in the US – have never gone a bundle on Harry Potter books and movies, denouncing them as “unchristian”,”demonic” … blah, blah …
Now these joyless twats have one more reason to detest HP: the revelation in Esquire today that Daniel Radcliffe, star of Harry Potter, is an ATHEIST.
In an interview in the August edition of the magazine, Radcliffe, 19, said he did not believe in God.

Two atheist stars of the latest Harry Potter movie: Jim Broadbent and Daniel Radcliffe
Two atheist stars of the latest Harry Potter movie: Jim Broadbent and Daniel Radcliffe
He also expressed his admiration for Professor Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist and bete noir of Evangelical Christians.
According to this report, Radcliffe has been reticent on the subject of religion in the past, but in an interview to promote the latest instalment in the film franchise – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, due for release on July 15 – he said:

I’m an atheist, but I’m very relaxed about it. I don’t preach my atheism, but I have a huge amount of respect for people like Richard Dawkins who do. Anything he does on television, I will watch.

And he joked:

There we go … that’s half of America that’s not going to see the next Harry Potter film on the back of that comment.

J K Rowling’s stories of the schoolboy wizard are taken very seriously by some Evangelical Christians in the United States. One of the largest Christian groups in the country, Focus on the Family, denounced the books as “witchcraft”.
The Church of England, however, has been more relaxed about the series – and has even published a guide advising youth leaders to use Harry Potter to spread the Christian message, as the characters face:

Struggles and dilemmas that are familiar to us all.

Veteran British actor Jim Broadbent, who plays Professor Horace Slughorn in the new movie, is no believer either. In a Telegraph interview in 2007 he said:

If I was ever to go back to religion I would likely go to the Quakers first. I never did have it, really …

“So what does he think happens to you when you die?” he was asked:

Absolutely nothing. I’m with Arthur Morrison on that one.

(Arthur Morrison is the character he played in When Did You Last See Your Father?, the film adaptation of the 1993 Blake Morrison memoir.)
UPDATE: July 15 – Daniel Radcliffe further pissed off the Religious Right when he said in an interview with Moviefone that he thought it was “awesome” that some people thought he was gay.

I grew up around gay people my entire life, basically, that’s possibly why I’m quite camp, and some people think I’m gay when I meet them, which I think is awesome. It’s always good to keep them guessing [laughs]. I don’t go on any blogs or chats or anything, but my friends are demons for them, and apparently someone said ‘Daniel Radcliffe is gay. He’s got a gay face!’ [Laughs] I really don’t know what a gay face is.

He also thought it was “wonderful” that Albus Dumbledore, Hogwarts school headmaster, was revealed as gay by J K Rowling.

Half of me thinks Jo Rowling just did that to see if she could piss off the right wing, but I’m not sure how true that is. I think she had it planned, I think she always knew he was gay.

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  • Hah! It's official: atheism is cool.
    (Mind you, I bet the film's producers are shitting bricks over that comment right now.)

  • I think they are more concerned about whether to invite the ginger one to the premiere. Rupert Grunt has just come down with a serious case of mild pig sniffles!
    Though if Harry waves his magic wand and chants 'Porcus Poorlius Eradicus' he may get better in time!

  • Nick

    I have no respect for any movement, religious or otherwise, which condemns recreational fiction. The whole idea of 'sin' just drains all the life out of life already, and now they're busy censoring what few forms of entertainment the religious have left.

  • Terri

    HE IS NOT AN ATHEST!!!!!! THAT'S WRONG INFORMATION. DO NOT BELIEVE IT HE IS NOT AN ATHEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZombieHunter

    It always amazes me that the same bible thumbers who won't let their kids anywhere near harry potter are more than happy for their kids to watch the passion of the christ which is an out and out gorefest and a downright shit movie, if I want a good gorefest I'll go watch "versus" or something like that 😛

  • Terri is right. Daniel Radcliffe is not an athest.

  • Bing bong. 'Doctor Freud to Emergency'.

  • Kai

    Oh come on guys, he just said he's an Atheist, are you really gonna try and call bullshit on this?

  • Tom Kurella

    I remember all the crap the fundies were in an uproar about– over smurfs! This is no surprise–if they were rock solid in their beliefs, there would be no big deal in what anyone else thought. Mythology is mythology.

  • ziggy

    According to various websites, Mr Radcliffe is on record as having said that he is Jewish and proud to be Jewish. Maybe he has changed his views in recent times.

  • We are all atheists but only a few of us admit it.. Religon was invented solely for power and money gain,If those religous would just ask them a question has a god brought about peace amongst men, do the religous send hate messages, yes they do, what sort of a god do they believe in, not a good one me thinks.

  • phlowers

    I'm sorry some Americans are up tight and unwelcoming to anything different from themselves. you would think such conservative Christians would have better things to fight against. why is it such a big deal?

  • valdemar

    Perhaps he's an agnotic? Or maybe an eggsy-stencillist?

  • Some Guy

    Radcliffe: "lol hay guys i'm an atheist"
    Terry: "NO YOU'RE NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111one"

  • Bekah

    Er, are you guys seriously making a big deal out of this?! In America it's like "woah, this person's an atheist – shock horror!"… Seriously there's no wonder people here stereotype Americans as dumb. Get with the times, you're way behind – ask a class of 17 year olds in England how many are Christian and maybe one will put their hand up.
    Most of us in England are either atheists or don't give a shit about religion. I only know two Christians my age and they're both nice but slightly boring. We're a nation of freethinking infidels, sorry to burst the bubble but there's nothing remotely unusual about Daniel Radcliffe, he's just a normal English teenager I'm afraid.

  • Bekah

    You're insane! He's spoken about it freely in many interviews! Because in England (SHOCK HORROR!) it's NOT a big deal if someone's an atheist. In fact, it would be weirder if he were a Christian because most young people in England are NOT! I'm 18, at a British university, and I only know one Christian my age! Wake up America and get with the times.

  • Tim

    He's not an athest because he can SPELL……..

  • Stephanie

    I am an American Christian and I love love love Harry Potter! I feel ashamed of those Christians in this country who condemn Harry Potter, I really do not see a problem with it. I think that everyone is making too big of a deal about Daniel Radcliffe being an atheist. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about religion. It is not our place to condemn others for their beliefs. Religion can be a very important thing in some people's lives as it is in mine, but I do not try to force my beliefs on others. We all have free will to choose what we will and will not believe in. Stop making such a big deal about it!

  • Phlox

    Oh, come on! Witchcraft? Mmh, but the guys who denounce the HP books as witchcraft are the same people who don't think that evolution is true, aren't they? So, I'm not surprised… this statement of the Evangelical Christians is so 18th century… THEY don't seem to evolve. *grins

  • I was looking forward to seeing The Passion of the Christ but some dickhead film critic gave away the ending.
    He dies.
    Or does he!

  • Mike

    25% of Americans 18 to 35 consider themselves 'non-religious'.
    In Britain that number is 40%.
    If these people think its weird to hear about atheists now…give it 10-15 years.

  • Rozi

    Maybe he meant Jewish heritage rather than religion.

  • dualhinker

    The true definition of Atheism is NOT the disbelief in God, but the disbelief in organized religion!!!!!

  • Now we have proof that Harry Potter films are Demon Inspired –The demons first infest these atheist so called actors with there lack of morals and secular ways –then they infest all our children who see these so called films -Make no mistake Harry potter is one of the most deceptively wicked pieces of Satanic filth ever to grace a true belivers Godly eyes. Harry Potter books and films challenge both saved and unsaved children to create demonically inspired worlds in their innocent little heads-you have been warned.

  • Seriously, since when did being a stupid American become a desirable trait? I am so embarrassed to call this country my own. I'm not an Atheist nor am I religious. I am part of consciousness, and as my consciousness tells me to create the world around me I have created no god. So to the less intelligent (Americans) I am atheist and have lived the persecution. I actually just lost my job for being an open atheist. It's sad to live in a country where bigotry and fear overcome intelligence and reason. And somebody tell me this! If America is indeed a Christian nation, how come we are the fattest? Isn't gluttony a "sin"? You people are so dumb, and it scares me. I only really feel this way of Christians too. My wife happens to be Jewish and when I observe their holidays they are never taken literal. All of them are symbolic and they encourage their children to question god. It's not intrusive either. Everyone one of my in-laws is aware of me being an Atheist and not once have they ever asked me to convert. However several times Christians on the street will tell me how horrible I am and that I need Jesus. To put it simple Christians believe in magic, and not the universal idea that consciousness can control more and perceive more than our five senses allow but the kind of magic that involves magic words and things happening. If you choose to believe in God and you choose to live your life doing good deeds to get to heaven, great! I just see that I live my life to do good deeds to make the world a better place, but I spend twice as much time and energy doing this because I can still do them on the Sabbath and I don't take time converting people to Atheism. So technically I am far more righteous than any Christian out there.

  • LiteratePerson

    Re Michael Sutton's comment: It's hard to take such an illiterate diatribe seriously. Neither "demon" nor "Inspired" should be capitalized. "So-called" should be hyphenated. Why "so-called" anyway? Aren't they acting? You've confused "their" and "there." Why "so called films"? Aren't they films? "Potter" should be capitalized. "believer's" is misspelled and needs an apostrophe. After "heads" you need a period and a capital, not a hyphen.
    Poor stuff. You discredit your own cause

  • LiteratePerson

    Re Michael Sutton's comment: It's hard to take such an illiterate diatribe seriously. Neither "demon" nor "Inspired" should be capitalized. "So-called" should be hyphenated. Why "so-called" anyway? Aren't they acting? You've confused "their" and "there." Why "so called films"? Aren't they films? "Potter" should be capitalized. "believer's" is misspelled and needs an apostrophe. After "heads" you need a period and a capital, not a hyphen.

  • Gabi_R

    I would just like to comment that I'm American, and nearly everyone I know is an Athiest or Agnostic. Perhaps this is not an accurate representation of the country as a whole, but it's a pretty accurate representation of the younger generation. Plus, all the Christians I know LOVE Harry Potter. Don't let a few fanatical idiots dictate your view of an ENTIRE COUNTRY.

  • Kayleigh

    So he's an athiest, big deal. Did this really warrant an article?

  • John

    … Poe's Law?

  • senfeskotes

    I'm an Atheist in America – specifically Vermont where it is a bit easier – but it's looking as if I might want to move to England. I'm glad Daniel Radcliff is an Atheist. Fucking brilliant. I feel such remorse for the people who have been brainwashed by religion – and there are so many of them 🙁

  • Some chick


  • Wrong! In the broadest sense, atheism means the absence of a belief in a god or gods.

  • werenotalldumb

    well said gabi.

  • GNG

    I'm assuming this is a wind up michael. If not, you have some problems!! It must also be said that the sane amongst us realise that religion creates "demonically inspired worlds in their innocent little heads" not to mention how clergymen's dicks create pain in their innocent little arses!
    Godless not gormless

  • corajudd

    I always review the reviewer first; Mr. Sutton is also missing 3 commas, 1 apostrophe and all of his marbles.
    Yes, we Americans are stuck in the mud of religion but there's a growing shift as the great equalizing force of the Internet works it's magic. Shame on us for not cultivating a few Richard Dawkins' of our own!

  • Joshua Ludd

    Who bloody cares.

  • William Harwood

    Permit me to repeat a fact I previously posted. Ronald Aronson, in his book, Living Without God, shows that, when the opinion polls are interpreted correctly, they show that the number of Americans who are nontheists totals 36 percent, numbering over 100 million, more than Catholics or Baptists, America's two largest god cults. And that figure does not include an additional 32 percent who are secularists, meaning that they do not want their own or anybody else's religion imposed on the whole population in treasonous violation of the First Amendment.
    It is not "Americans" who denounce atheism as a sin against pious ignorance. It is the 16 percent of Americans who are incurably godphuqt.

  • GNG

    "You people are so dumb, and it scares me"
    Erm… who is this directed at Nick? Unless I'm mistaken, it seems to be directed at people here. I hope you haven't mixed us up with the xtians now have you! We're probably all Atheists here but occassionally a mad believer sneaks in under the radar and manages to string a barely legible sentence or two together about how we should accept jesus and repent.
    As for the jewish thing, this may be the case with your in-laws, but don't make the mistake of thinking that this is what judaism is about. Remember, it was the jews who thought up this vile notion that god prefered them to anyone else and kicked off so much trouble which so many people in this world have had to endure since. I would accept that at the back of any religion is that same notion "we are god's chosen people" and many religions seem to have a history of major battles being fought with non believers which usually involves god stepping in and giving them a helping hand to slaughter all those who don't accept him. But regarding the so called big three, jews started it in my opinion. The xtians picked up on that theme and set about slaughtering for god then came the muslims who still do it to this day and even believe that it's the best way to get on gods best side.
    The jews also still do it today of course, stealing land from the palestinians in murderous fashion because god promised it to them. Disgraceful!
    Godless not gormless

  • GNG

    We're just having fun Kayleigh. Unless I've got it very wrong, this blog is not meant to be a serious debate. It's just for fun so the stories posted are often just posted for us to have a laugh at. Is that so bad? Don't we deserve a break with all the bullshit religions throw at us?
    Godless not gormless

  • GNG

    Great stuff Gabi! We are following the rise of Atheism in American with keen interest and it's great to see so many young people realising what a lot of crap religion is!!
    Godless not gormless

  • Yep you got it GNG

  • Who needs to be literate when they have Jesus

  • William Harwood

    Everyone who capitalizes "atheism" reinforces the godworshippers' Big Lie that atheism is a belief system as dogmatic as their own. As Barry points out, it refers to the absence of a particular belief. I have never seen anyone write "Non-Catholic", as if "non-Catholic" was a belief system rather than the absence of a particular belief. It is because of the way theists misuse and misinterpret "atheist" that I prefer "nontheist", which surely cannot be misinterpreted (at least not yet).

  • bridget

    WooHoo. I was never really that big into the harry potter books or films, but this makes me happy!
    So, Daniel Radcliffe lost some christian fans, maybe, but he gained an atheist fan! =]

  • Ellie

    There ia a difference between an atheist and a nontheist. An agnostic might be considered nontheistic, but not atheistic.

  • Daniel

    Daniel Radcliffe now has a bit of respect from me, not that it matters much.

  • William Harwood

    That is my whole point. I am recommending a word that atheists, agnostics and all others who are not godphuqt can accept as referring to themselves. At a time when the god delusion has been totally disproven by Dawkins, Stenger and others, the word "agnostic" as a euphemism for what a particularly mindless propagandist called a "chicken atheist" has outlived its usefulness. We need a word that says, "I am not a believer, but I may or may not think you must be wrong." That word is nontheist.

  • mart

    I'm an atheist in Texas. I was put in detention for giving a report on the mistreatment of nontheists in America. It's lovely living in the 'bible belt'.

  • jessica

    I am glad that you do not push your beliefs on others but i have to inform you on one point. you are instructed by your bible to spread your faith. in the end of all the gospels and in acts romans revelations and 1-3 john you are told by st. paul to spread your faith at all costs.

  • jessica

    atheism in its own respect is the belief in no god your an areligionist if you dont believe in orginized religion

  • jessica

    harry potter is a fictional book you religious nut job. by the way you are apart of a cult. and first off wiccans dont believe in satan he's your myth you deal with him. secondly your "god" is a tyrranical pyscopath. he advocates slavery, murder, racism, sexism, and absolute insanity. go burn in the hell you wakkos created

  • As an American atheist I liked the books and the last few films. Now, if his comments start to make real headlines I will make it a point to see the film in my local theater.

  • steph

    To some of the overly-dramatic posters on here, who cares what his religious views are? The only thing that should matter towards watching the Harry Potter movies is if the story's good and the actors act well. Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Wiccan, Satanist, or whatever, it's the kid's choice really.

  • Annette

    🙂 yes well just try broaching the subject in north america! you might as well be telling people you hate white fluffy kittens and secretly envision murdering them – the shock, the horror, the dismay, and the heated response to prove one wrong, is very real. And when the merit's of atheism are argued, religion is of course being attacked! The horror again, because well we all know how useful religion is, it is as tiresome as talking to an innocent about the truths of love, they won't believe it until their eyes have been opened, and don't we prolong that for as long as possible! i don't know what more needs to happen though before people open their eyes, what murder? hate? racism? homophobia? mysogeny? and delusional thinking is not enough. executive decision, looking at the pros and cons until now, without hesitation I say religions time has come, humanity needs to move beyond ancient paradigms and enlighten-up.

  • Ah… but "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live." That's what it says in your 'good book', isn't it?
    Ah, yes, go on… tell me that 'witch' is a mistranslation for 'poisoner'.

  • Michael S..
    Fish. Barrel. Like. Shooting. In. A.
    Rearrange these words to make a well-known phrase or saying.
    Cora, LP.. I suggest you click on those little 'Replies' triangles to view responses to the ORIGINAL comment.

  • Fuck Terri

    Yeah umm..
    You're fucking stupid.

  • DanielleFatale

    Although Radcliffe has stated that he is an atheist,[35] he is "very proud of being Jewish". -Wikipedia won't exactly hold up in court but it's a least believable. It's possible he's proud of his heritage AND atheist.

  • William Harwood

    Actually "witch" is a mistranslation of a Hebrew word that means a priestess of an opposition religion.

  • jFA

    Gotta point some people at the joke a few times before it sinks in….

  • corajudd

    You're too oblique for a simple minded person like me. The value of the article is that yet another atheist (Radcliff) has spoken plainly about his non-belief and added one more voice to this important conversation.

  • David

    actually, the true definition of atheism is the rejection of a belief in God.

  • Phil

    Both stories have talking snakes, magical swords, forbidden words, demons, and resurrection from the dead. Both are equally ridiculous.

  • ash

    HAH. you know him personally, do you?
    im sure hes just tickled pink that youve decided to speak on his behalf.

  • Most likely, you are correct.

  • Telling someone in the US about your atheism is about as bad as a murder confession.

  • jordan

    Hmm, in an interview from two years ago he said he was agnostic…I guess he just changed his mind or something. But really, that would be dumb if people didn't watch the movies or read the books because he's an atheist. What does that have to do with the Harry Potter story? I don't really care if an actor from the movies is an atheist. I enjoy the Harry Potter books and movies, and I'm not going to base whether or not I watch and read them on what an actor's religious views are.

  • We're not making a big deal of it; Christian fundamentals are.
    And I'm glad you don't force your beliefs onto other's; that is all we atheists have ever asked of you believers all along: to keep it to yourselves.
    I do not shove my atheism onto anyone. Nor do I demand special privileges in society because of my lack of beliefs. All we ever want is for religion to stay in its churches, mosques, temples and so on, and out of public life and government. IF you did this, there would be no need for any kind of atheist/theist conflict at all. but it is Christians who scream the loudest and longest about 'me, me, me!' and any questioning of that is seen as persecution and an attack in a self-pitying self righteous and non-stop moan of victim-hood and martyrdom.
    We are not attacking religion, but defending ourselves, responding to its ever increasing demands of special privileges and rights that it is not entitled to above and beyond the basic human rights of any one else.
    It is Christians who have screamed about the 'evil' of Harry Potter, and many Christian 'schools' ban it totally. They don't seem to understand that it is FICTION: you cannot actually fly on broomsticks or turn your friends into toads in the same way you can't turn a wafer into the 'body of Christ'. What is a priest doing when he mumbles over the Eucharist if not casting a magic spell?
    so, to a vast majority of Christians, it is not a choice about what to believe: it is mandatory. You believe in Jesus Christ, Lord and Savour, or go to hell. That is not a choice at all and atheists are seen as some kind of evil force, and it is this that angers us and so, we fight back. Get used to it.

  • Jessica; do not pretend to tell atheists what atheism is.
    Atheism is a LACK OF BELIEF, not a belief in no god; how can you have a belief in something that does not exist? It's like you having a belief system in no Allah, or a belief in no Zues. I can easily claim that you, as a Christian, also have a whole list of beliefs in no gods; Thor, Chronos, Shiva, Brahma, and on and on and on. It is a stupid statement to make.
    The word 'atheist' literally means 'without god'. Therefore YOU are an atheist too; of all those other gods I have just pointed out to you. You are an atheist about Thor, or maybe Allah, or all the Hindu gods, do you get it now?
    This stupid claim of atheism being a belief is so common amongst you Christians; it's the only way for you to understand something you cannot; that is a total and complete LACK OF BELIEF.
    unreal…this is just another indication of the backwards 'thinking' of most theists; you can only see other people's ideas through the narrow end of your own conceptions. therefore, atheism is a belief and you have the sheer gall to tell it to us as if we don't know how we ourselves think.
    My suggestion to you is to broaden your reading and education.

  • This article isn't about Harry Potter, the acting of, or the movies or books, it's about Daniel Radcliffe declaring himself an atheist. It's a valid claim and a valid post. In this world of religious dictatorship, it's always good to hear of someone coming out openly as an atheist. I like to hear about it, so go for it, Daniel.

  • matt Bulger

    jessica atheism is only a religion if not collecting stamps is a hobby

  • This happened to me when I was visiting California some years back,. I clocked a poster advertising a forthcoming debate about gay rights at Berkeley University. The panel included a rabbi, a Catholic priest, and an imam. "Where," I asked an American acquaintance, "is the atheist representative?" He was completely taken aback. "I don't think there are any atheists in California," he replied. "Well, there is now," I said. He looked horrified, stomped off and has never spoken to me again!

  • Wow, Ash…
    Sense of Humour failure, maybe?

  • Being proud of one's racial and cultural identity does not militate against one being an atheist.

  • Oh, well said Barry! I think I may have mentioned that this topic was debated at some length over at… (you have to scroll down past all the Mohammedan propaganda to get to the really interesting bit, I`m afraid – they sort of highjacked that thread!) This was a real eyeopener to me – I didn`t realize that people in America were actually scared to "come out" publicly and admit that they were atheists, for fear of losing their jobs or destroying friendships and relationships!! Have they even entered the Twentieth Century yet?

  • He`s not an atheist – he`s A VERY NAUGHTY BOY!!!"

  • "He`s not an atheist – he`s A VERY NAUGHTY BOY!!!"

  • Absolutely, jessica! "Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations", as they now quote Jesus` words in Matthew 28. Also Mark 16: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature." ( Although the authorship of this passage is suspect, it was clearly early Church doctrine!)

  • "Non-Catholic" – very good!!!

  • This isn`t the impression I got from theBEattitude, Gabi_R. (See… ). Maybe it depends where you live in the US, as well as which generation you belong to.

  • Julio

    I wish i lived in england, even though in in california which i quite a liberal state, theres a crap load of christians and plenty of other religions, not many freethinkers here 🙁

  • Kylie

    To the person who lost his job for being an atheist, and the person who was put into detention for doing a report on the mistreatment of non-theists in America, I find this very hard to believe. It's illegal to discriminate on religious grounds in the US, and don't you guys pride yourselves on allowing free speech? Could you explain a little more of what happened?

  • mike

    no, the true definition is the disbelief in a god , what are you a wolf in sheep's clothing , a real atheist knows that there is no such thing as a god or gods.

  • weird.regi

    …who gives a shit if hes an athiest, he just wants some attention, and i respect athiests, and others of different religions, but daniel, ur not all that anymore, sit ur ass down and play with ur wand or something,

  • jim

    Being from England, that experience sounds like another world! how can that even happen. There would be public outrage here! What were their reasons?

  • J. Ratzinger

    I boycott all Radcliffe movies because I heard he picks his nose a lot, and as everyone knows, any actor who picks his nose to excess cannot be trusted to turn in a solid acting performance.
    This is the same logic which will be used by Faithers to explain why they will not see the movie merely because he is an Atheist.
    What does it, or indeed what could it matter if he is Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, or happens to like spreading peanut butter (Crunchy) over his genitals during sex with his hamster. None of any of that is seen onscreen in HP so it is of no consequence to the movie-going experience.
    Grow-Up you religious nincompoops in America, and Saudi Arabia, and learn to Think Free!

  • jim

    Being from England, the experience in the American school sounds like another world! how can that even happen? There would be public outrage here! What were their reasons?… I find it so hard to believe that ppl genuinely believe creationism should be taught in a science class. In England this arguement isn't even up for discussion it's so ridiculous, but it seems to run and run in the US.

  • Ami

    you are absolutely right. I'm an American, but have lived most of my life outside of the US. However, every time something like this pops up, I must admit it makes me ashamed of being an American. I mean, the US as a whole (with it's exceptions as everything does), is a huge bubble full of people who wouldn't waste a second in stereotyping what they don't understand or don't believe in. It's absolutely sad, and absolutely shameful, but most are completely closed minded about the outside. I've been exposed to tons of different religions, cultures, languages, and mindsets, and it's the most amazing thing ever! I just wish all Americans could open up to that as well. Foreign people are often so much more open to new ideas.
    Oh well, it's a shame.
    But props to you Bekah, and all who agree with you. You're absolutely correct!

  • shargraves

    Funny how a small story like this has attracted so many comments!
    Some hilarious ones from Americans too – and not even intentionally funny either. Unlike Tabitha.
    I only wish my novels were as popular!

  • Kenn

    you would be wrong. The definition of Atheism is a lack of belief in God(s).

  • Kenn

    Jim, there are many morons here trying to get creationism taught in schools, but fortunately, we have elected smart enough people to public offices where it is attempted, it never holds any water.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, i think Daniel Radcliffe is a pretty cool guy he doesn't believe in god and he doesn't afraid of anything.

  • Frankly, Shargraves I am stunned by the attention this post has attracted. It has had 50,000 hits in two days – the highest number ever recorded for a report on this blog!

  • InternetHateMachine

    I love how many people in here can't even spell "Atheist" the correct way.
    "…who gives a shit if hes an athiest, he just wants some attention, and i respect athiests, and others of different religions, but daniel, ur not all that anymore, sit ur ass down and play with ur wand or something,"
    ^So many things wrong with this comment, parents, this is why you make sure you kids go to school everyday.

  • There`s a sequel where he comes back – it`s called Armageddon.

  • Praise the Lord, Brother Michael! We at Landover Baptist Church (qv), are looking for a new spokesMAN now that Sister Talitha (who has performed the function of spokesPERSON admirably thus far, I might say), has seen the error of her ways, and is stepping down from this position, in which she has been so blatantly usurping the role of the masculine male in the Church (put there to rule by the Good Lord Himself in His infinite wisdom, Praise Him!). If you are interested in this lucrative position, please download an application form from our website, and may the Lord bless you real good!!

  • Actually, Nick, I was a member of the Plymouth Brethren over here in "liberal" England, and I have had experiences similar to yours. When you leave them they never give up harrassing you – in a quite unpleasant manner – in an attempt to persuade you to rejoin the flock. As far as they are concerned you are a child of God, chosen in Christ before the world began, washed in His blood, and you have not only rejected Him, but are also frustrating that wonderful plan which He had for your life! Every casual contact with them is sheer purgatory, as the only way to extricate yourself from the situation is to be extremely rude, and as I have said before, Christmas in particular is just another God-given opportunity for them to "contact" you with a view to cajoling you into attending their meetings, or sending you emotional letters pleading with you to see the error of your ways while there is still time! Only a person who has actually been through this sort of thing can appreciate how depressing and soul-destroying it can be, yet THEY see it as their duty!!

  • Yeah I know.
    The film is way better than the book!

  • Will this post achieve 100 comments?

  • Yes!

  • And both have made absolutely barrow-loads of money, Phil!

  • They`d have a panic attack if they had to think for themselves!

  • shargraves

    Fair play barry!
    Maybe you should name drop a random celeb in some other more serious posts to further publicise (michael jacksons grotesque funeral horror) your excellent site. :o)

  • ash

    and how do you figure that?

  • It was a wind-up!

  • Good point, shargraves – the press have been playing this game for donkeys` years, and are mercilessly lampooned for it for it in Private Eye, with mock headlines like: "Massive Floods in Cornwall – Jordan and Peter thought to be safe"!! Should be easy enough for Barry to work some names into his titles: "No comment from Prince William", "Amy Winehouse thought not to be involved", and so on. That would result in thousands more "hits"! Simple!!

  • ziggy

    It would be interesting to know what the record is for Comments to The Freethinker, and for what article.

  • The top 5 most commented articles on the FT:
    1) Laughing religion off the planet – an interview with Pat Condell – 152 comments
    2) Shock, horror! Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist – 108 comments
    3) Atheism on the buses – 92 comments
    4) Vatican, stung by cruelty accusations, tries to limit the damage to its reputation – 92 comments
    5) The burqa is ‘a sign of subservience’ – 84 comments

  • godless heathen

    I am an atheist and have been since age 4. I've raised my children as such, but let them make up their own minds. The Christian communities in America DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL OF AMERICA. They may think they do, but they don't. Only I can speak for me and I cannot speak for anyone else.
    The definition of atheism is a non-belief in god.
    a⋅the⋅ism  /ˈeɪθiˌɪzÉ™m/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ey-thee-iz-uhm] Show IPA
    Use atheism in a Sentence
    1. the doctrine or belief that there is no God.
    2. disbelief in the existence of a supreme being or beings.

  • ziggy

    Thanks for the info.

  • Adam Tjaavk

    …go to school everyday.
    …go to school every day.
    [Quite an everyday error!]
    There are many isms and ists in the world – I have yet to find any reason beyond slovenly inconsiderate slapdashery for any of them becoming esms and ests. This is written in the hope of being some help to the orthographically challenged. After all, they too are humans, some are fellow atheists, and worthy of our concern. (cf Cretin)

  • carl sagan

    "joyless twats"… lmao!

  • Rain

    I am American. I don't want to be stupid. What shall I do? Rather, what did we do?

  • Mark

    I'm an atheist in America, and although I won't say that I've ever been discriminated against in any way, shape or form, I find it very unfair that we're so looked down on in a nation that is supposed to be a melting pot, a place where you can be your own person. I don't push my beliefs on anyone. I'll defend my opinion, but that's as far as I'll go. I believe religion is a wonderful thing that has helped a tremendous amount of people (albeit not my cup-o-tea), but it seems that some people get over-saturated in it and begin to think that everyone should think the way they should. It's maddening and yet depressing at the same time, knowing that only time is going to open peoples' minds.
    On the subject, good for him for not being afraid to say that to the media, much respect from me, but I still can't stand Harry Potter books or movies, haha.

  • Dan

    This is what Radcliffe said in his recent interview with the Observer (4th July):
    ""I'm an atheist, but I'm very proud of being Jewish. It means I have a good work ethic, and you get Jewish humour and you're allowed to tell Jewish jokes."

  • fatgurrl

    Atheist get exactly what they believe….nothing. Most people don't believe in God until they have a great manifestation, such as a child dying. Then its "Why did God do this to me?!!!!" Daniel Radcliffe will probably become destitute, hooked on smack and give handies behind the local bodega to get money for his junkie lifestyle. Then he'll get clean, maybe get a job cleaning toliets and give thanks to the Almighty because he's clean. See it EVERYDAY!!!!!

  • Were you born an idiot, or did you have idiocy thrust upon you? Twat!

  • Like Richard Dawkins, I suppose! You ARE a twat!!

  • fatgurrl

    Go to a rest home or eldery establishment, whatever you want to call it. Ask how many believe in God there. Its a proven fact as people age they turn to God in fear of death and desire for hope. All the people here have no fear of it due to being young, having money or other luxuries…..but when you have nothing material on Earth, you let go of your stubborness. Why do you think the homeless bum believes in God? Because he has nothing else to cling to.
    I'll give you a perfect example: My best friend claimed to be atheist for 25 years. She had her first child after snorting coke for the first two months of her pregnancy. The kid was born with scoleosis so bad, he didn't walk until he was four. Then he was diagnosed autistic. Five years later, my friends mother laid in a hospital bed dying from inoperable lung cancer. Whaddya know, she believes in God now. What do you have to lose by believing in God? Nothing. What do have to lose by being atheist? Everything…………

  • fatgurrl

    Richard has to die sometime……let see if his ideology changes in the next 20 years as he creeps closer to the grave. And if you think that calling a me a twat is helpful, go ahead. I hope Mr. Dawkins can give you some moral support as you creep closer to your grave. Tell me, will your family give you a funeral? Oops, that is a religious sacrement. How about a burial? No, religious. How about they throw your ashes into ocean as a memorial? Can't do that, either. According to Mr. Dawkins, you are just a pile of wasting meat now. No ability to feel or think for yourself, just enough brains to spew someone else's rhetoric…..Sad….But I'm the twat.

  • fatgurrl

    And by the way, I accidentally clicked on this link. So I guess you can say I did have idiocy thrust upon me.

  • "Its a proven fact as people age they turn to God in fear of death and desire for hope."
    Proven fact, my arse. You cannot produce evidence for that assertion, and I can tell you from personal experience of the atheist movement on two continents that the most dedicated atheist activists are over 50, and the most militant over 70. Barbara Smoker, who writes and proof-reads for the Freethinker magazine is in her mid-80s, and the secretary of my extremely lively local atheist group celebrated his 81st birthday at the weekend.
    If you must talk utter bilge, please find somewhere else to do it.

  • You really need to brush up your education and stop talking bollocks.
    A funeral only has a religious element if the deceased, or the decreased's family want the involvement of some or other ju-ju man, in a church. A large number of funerals in the UK are strictly secular events, with no reference made to God, Jesus or any other mythological character.
    Non-religious funerals I have attended – including that of my late partner – took taken place in a crematorium, with all religious symbolism removed or covered up.

  • Grey

    I am not a religious person. To a certain extant I agree with Elaine. Organized religion is a tool to control people and gain power and money.
    However, I am most certainly not Atheist. I believe there is more out there, even if we only have the the mildest bit of scientific proof (see Aspect Theory and related experiments).
    Faith is real, whatever you choose to believe, even if it is only yourself.
    Organize religion? That’s the scam.

  • 'Faith is real…'
    No it is make believe!

  • 'Faith is real…'
    No. It 's make believe!

  • Having faith is like having wind. Here's a definition of faith from a dotty Xtian site:
    Some time ago someone likened faith to the wind: we cannot see the wind, we cannot hear the wind unless it blows against something, we can only feel the wind when it touches our skin or rustles our hair. Faith is like that wind. We cannot see what we believe in, we cannot hear what we believe in unless we open our eyes to the truth, but we can sure feel that our faith is justified by the joy we feel in our hearts. Remember, in the end, we all put our faith in something, so let it be the truth.

  • 'Having faith is like having wind.'
    Yeah. And if a particularly shitty stench happens to waft in your direction you can bet it emanated from some pious arsehole who will swear blind it was'nt them!

  • 'Having faith is like having wind.'
    Yeah. And if a particularly shitty stench happens to waft in your direction you can bet it emanated from some pious arsehole who will swear blind it wasn't them!

  • "Verily verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" John 3:3……and to reply to Nick, who said sin drains the life out of life…'re absolutely right….

  • Katie

    Don't judge a religion based on what its "followers" do. Religion was not created FOR power and money. People USE religion as an EXCUSE for their own seeking out of money and power. Also, people interperet religion in whatever way they truely/secretly/deep down want to. The Bible, for instance, preaches peace, but certain people disregard this for the sake of destroying people who don't believe in God, etc. Their disregard is not only bad (and what has become the face of Christianity–violence & greed & power-hunger), but completely out of synchronization with the teachings of the books on which the religion itself is founded. As for your view of God, himself, I have no comment because I am currently deliberation on that within myself. :]

  • EllieB

    California is NOT liberal. I live there, and it's so far from liberal, but it likes to tell people that it's liberal. The fact that IOWA passed and kept their gay rights laws before California basically speaks for itself.
    As far as atheism is concerned, though, a majority of the Christians go to public school and a majority of the atheists go to Catholic school, which is so odd.

  • Katie

    He was asked a question and he answered it. It's not like he paraded around with a big sign that said: "I don't believe in God!" This article was published by the media, not Daniel Radcliffe, himslef.

  • Caitlin

    C'mon, do we have to make fun of Americans? Far more of us are atheist and/or sane about religion than is popularly rumored. It's true that we've got an outspoken evangelical contingent in America, but every country has to deal with its share of crazies 😛 We happen to have a larger population than countries like England, thus more crazies.

  • ecb

    No, people only begin to cling to God as they get older if they had no true conviction in their "beliefs" (or lack thereof, in this case) to begin with. Many people who are truly atheist will never develop a belief in God because they recognize that only they can help themselves – not God, even if he does exist. And lovely that you're using drug addicts as examples of atheists… I live in the most atheistic city in the country, and we're doing just fine, thanks. Most of the meth addicts actually live in the more religious areas of the state.

  • fatgurrl

    So you do not believe in birthdays, funerals, weddings…….those are all forms of religious sacrements because they celebrate life…If you are an atheist and go to weddings, I don't believe that you are firmly rooted in your beliefs. If you give a friend a present for a new baby, you are again celebrating life. Remembering someone at their funeral…..celebrating the life they had with you…..Again, You can't have it both ways. Are atheist going to remember their founder, Mr. Dawkins? I hope so. He is a man. And no matter what a man believes they are still human. Do atheist not feel love and emotion for their fellow man? I have to hope they do. I am sorry you think that I am stupid. I think I am just realistic and open minded. I believe in evolution. I am told by my own religion that evolution is not possible. I still believe it. Just like I believe you feel pain when you talk of your partner and you still celebrate their life.

  • Tikwid

    as an american atheist i would like to say that we are not all closed minded conservative nut jobs. there are also a few open minded liberal nut jobs sprinkled about.

  • Tikwid

    i am also an atheist in texas. to say you are an atheist is like declaring yourself an outcast. one girl on my bus found out, glared at me and called me "non believer" (i kid you not), and asked where i thought we all came from. i said "well when a mommy and daddy love each other very, very, much…." and went about my business. my mother is from england, yet when i "came out" to her, she said she was ashamed.

  • Try being an atheist in the USA. Atheists are the most despised minority in the nation, ranked below gays, Muslims ("terrorists", you know), immigrants and all the other boogeymen. An open atheist can't get elected to public office here and many have been targeted by their "good Christian" neighbors for harassment and even hate-crimes for merely existing. Things aren't as enlightened here as they are there. The fundies have us very much in the Dark Ages.

  • How did this post attract so many nuts?

  • Richard N

    This is hilarious reading. Britain (and a lot of Europe) have become the religiously liberated countries while good old America is becoming fairly religion centered.
    Gee, didn't America come about over such issues as not wanting a 'state' religion ?
    I find it funny that Britain actually has the social freedoms we Americans are afraid to express.
    Seems that being an atheist in Europe is a "so what" sort of thing whilst over here you will risk social death if you talk to the 'wrong' folks about being an atheist.
    How very weird.

  • When this subject was being debated over at The BEattitude I commented on my amazement that this was the case in what I had always considered a strictly secular society! (Though I am aware of the influence of the Religious Right, as I used to be an evangelical myself.) The thing is, I can actually remember the 1960s when Gore Vidal, an openly bisexual atheist and a bit of a hero of mine, very nearly wiped out the majority of a sitting Republican politician in a so-called safe seat, and was almost elected to Congress. If that was the situation then, what on earth has happened to your country since, and to the separation of politics and religion according to the Constitution?

  • After the vote on gay marriage we are all now aware of that, Julio. I am disappointed and very depressed to hear it – it`s not the impression that we have been given over the years at all!!

  • According to the gay press here in the UK, California is Utopia! They are obviously living in a dream world – but then press hacks are the same the world over: you can never believe a word that they write!!

  • Are we making fun of Americans? I`m certainly not! They have been commenting in their droves both here and at The BEattitude recently, telling us that their lives have been made hell because they have had the audacity to declare that they don`t actually believe in an imaginary friend in the sky, and some are even too scared to admit to being atheists publicly, so continue with the charade of being "believers", in case they should lose their friends or even their jobs. Some have even been abused in public. This is hardly a healthy state of affairs, and has come as a shock to many of us in the UK.

  • Oh, for pity's sake. Of course I "believe" in weddings, funerals etc. What I don't believe is that events such as these require any form of religious validation. An atheist is as capable of celebrating life as much as any deluded Jesus junkie – more so in fact because the religious are far too focused on a non-existent AFTER-life to engage in any meaningful way with the reality of everyday existence.
    Boiled down to its basics, Christianity and Islam are essentially joyless little death cults and I am happy that I came to this realisation very early in life.

  • fatgurrl

    I am glad you do….I just see things from a different perspective than you do. But you also have a death cult, too. I just don't believe my life will stop here. This is the end of the road for you guys. If this is it, that is sad. I honestly had more hope in mankind. Best regards.

  • David Curtis

    I think it is a great pity that some of those who have commented favourably upon Daniel Radcliffe's declaration that he is an atheist did not choose to express themselves without recourse to foul language. They have given atheism a bad reputation. Ill-educated people have a restricted vocabulary, and atheists are generally well-educated.

  • David Curtis

    Agreat pity that so many supporters of Daniel Radcliffe have chosen to express themselves in foul language, for that gives atheists a reputation of being shallow-thinkers rather than free-thinkers, for their vocabulary is so limited.

  • Lev

    Please link us all to the page where he denies this or asserts otherwise.

  • Fuck me!!!

  • Fucking ditto!!

  • You really need to work on your seduction technique barriejohn. You sound a tad desperate!!!

  • And disparate!

  • What Beth? That fat lass.
    Good on ya barriejohn!

  • While there's still a Separation of Church and State on paper the religious nutters, who are quite vocal and pushy, are really running the show. They shove all their nonsense down our throats and if anybody utters a peep of protest they pretend they're being persecuted and their "religious freedoms" are being violated. In the meantime they're doing all they can to revise American history to suit their twisted vision a-la "1984" in hopes that everyone, not just they, will think the Constitution was drafted straight out of the Bible and the US was meant to be a Christian theocracy.

  • Steve

    Most of my Jewish friends (a well educated bunch, I might add) are entirely secular and the majority would describe themselves as atheists.
    These friends are proud of their heritage, but they could care less about using an ancient mythology as a guide to living in the modern world. I wish I could say the same for many of the Christians I've encountered.
    It's amazing how many "young earth creationists" there are among contemporary evangelicals… so sad!

  • Fred

    A Christian isnt righteous because he's a christian.
    A Christian is righteous because the Son of God Jesus Christ died on a cross to take the punishment of God's due wrath because man's sin.

  • Stop stalking me, remigius! (He knows what I mean!!)

  • Will this post achieve 200 comments?

  • Will this post achieve 200 comments?

  • Will this post achieve… (not far to go now, remigius!).

  • If you believe in that crap, you are in serious need of professional help. I suggest you start on the road to recovery by reading Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion.

  • Your comment made such little sense to me (not for the first time, of course), that I thought I should look into it a bit further. I see that there is, in fact, a singer called Beth Ditto, so that explains it! I have looked her up on the net, and once again (as on ) I am lost for words!! Maybe that was your original intention there, remigius!

  • senfeskotes

    It's all in the context of the word – a person can have faith in things that aren't having to do with supreme beings.
    However, when someone has "faith" that God will answer a prayer or even that a God exists at all – well, that is the result of improper upbringings and misinformed children.

  • Ruku

    Coz Daniel Radcliffe isn't an athest. He's an atheist.

  • R.Zorr

    Good for him having the guts to come out and speak the truth. We shouldn't have to be afraid of of saying we don't believe in fairy tales.

  • T Bone Malone

    Wrong Wrong Wrong you idiot

  • Dillon Lockwood

    Agnosticism is the lack of belief in a god.. Atheism is the belief that God does not exist. You cannot prove that God does not exist any more than she can prove that he does. Most Atheists insist that they are positive there is no God when there is no definite proof. Yes, the evidence points to there being no God more than there being a God, but you have no concrete proof. If you are an extremist Atheist who is positive that God doesn't exist, you are just as bad as evangelical Christians in the long run. You are claiming ultimate knowledge about everything in existence while we as the human race are constantly learning more about our own planet.. continually correcting our own mistakes. I don't even understand why you people want the answers, just shut up and try to enjoy what you know is true.

  • Joel

    Ok guys, you all seem to have a lot of trouble with the idea of definitions. Atheism is a word which has evolved to have more than one sense.
    Sense 1) The lack of belief in any God
    Sense 2) The active belief that there is no God
    Sense 2) is not impossible, it is just as possible as me actively believing santa is not real.
    It sounds to me like Dan Radcliffe is a sense 1 atheist, altohugh i may be wrong there. As long as we are using the word can we please clarify what we mean before all discussion falls to argument like this?

  • Anonylul


  • candice

    just a comment or two on others comments, atheisim is a non belief in any form of religion or god, we do not believe in any kind of higer power or organized religion, not just a non belief of organized religion, and daniel radcliff is not jewish, ive got the pics of him from the play he did, and he sure is not circumsized! haha from what i understand thats a big part of the jewish faith:)

  • Jenn

    You are a fucking dumbass.

  • Atheist


  • Eric

    Atheism is actually from a Greek word, and that word translates into "he who is without god"

  • kronus

    everyone on here preaching one their faith….please shut up. the truth is that dan is a rad guy and has my props for being so cool about it, and not so outward about his beliefs.
    any christian reading this, your god does not judge his sons and daughters but loves them all the same. SO WHY THE FUCK DO YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT PEOPLE FOR NOT BELIEVING WHAT YOU BELIEVE? seriously, you all need to just choke on the body of christ.
    and for the record,also for you dumb religious fanatics. harry potter has been, by far (even greater than stupid twilight) the highest selling childrens and teens book series in our generation. thus, being the main reason of our youth to be interested in reading. all you mothers complain your kids dont do good in school,that they watch too much tv. well, make them read a book! give them the first harry potter and see if they doent blaze thru the series.
    get rid of harry potter, and you will see your kids go back to being the ignorant people that sadly are the stereotype of americans.
    ps. i blame the stupid hillbillies of the south.

  • David

    Im afraid religion was created to explain the world when we didn't had sceince and to provide relief in and age when mortality was high and life expentancy very low.
    In short it was created to make people happy, but in the t turned against them and makes us miserable.

  • anoymous coward

    Oh get off you're high horse.. snob. This 'aint' no dissertation. Its comments posted on some crappy article about potter being an atheist.

  • Daniel Starr

    Who gives a flip? And as an American raised in a devoutly Catholic household but is now pretty much agnostic I can say that this revelation would have had no import in my home when I was a child. Despite what the kooks on the "religious right" would have you believe, probably 90% of Americans don't care one bit if Radcliffe is athiest, Jewish, Buddhist, or Hare Krishnan.
    Much like the saying, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease;" the crazies who scream the loudest craziest protests get the most press.

  • Levi

    I'm a christian and sometimes it is all that keeps me going. It really does make me happy. Who do you know that is unhappy because of their religion. I'm sure there are people like that out there but it is more then likely because they have problems with their own religion, not the belief system in itself.
    I have no problem with people who believe differently then me. My dad is an atheist and I would never go up to him and tell him he is wrong or that he is evil because he isn't. Nothing is ever so simple as that.
    As for religion being created in the absence of science, It seems odd to me that when steps were finally being taken in the scientific world, the bible had already covered the subject. The bible mentions the water cycle, the need to wash in running water, ( which is why very few Jewish people died of plague when their counterparts who cleaned themselves in stagnant water did) how the earth is round and not flat, the expanse of space, and others. Don't knock religion because even if it is false, it works for some people, just like atheism works for others.

  • yeah

    ah, who cares? does it really make any difference if he is pink or purple?

  • care4?

    The definition of Atheism is the same as christianity: I don't care!

  • Stutz

    Yes, you can be a Jewish atheist. Being Jewish is not just a religious faith, it's also a community, a tradition, maybe even an ethnicity of sorts. In that respect it's almost more like being black than it is a religion. My sense is that there are quite a few Jewish atheists/agnostics. For example, most American comedians. 🙂

  • Stutz

    Well, it is a freethinker site, and the guy is a well known celebrity.

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  • David

    Actually, if I remember my Potter properly there is no resurrection. It's kind of fuzzy if Harry actually died in the last book. But I know that no one else comes back. In the gospel you've got people popping out of the ground like it was a George Romero movie. I guess that means Potter's more believable than the Bible.

  • David

    Sorry, Honey. What America says it believes and what it actually practices are too different things. As an American atheist I can tell you we get a lot of short shrift. The constitution says that congress can't prohibit a religion but it also can't respect any establishment of it, clearly that isn't taken to seriously because churches are tax exempt which sounds like respecting an awful lot too me. America is run by its majority and for now that's Christians; unfortunately they make the rules.

  • David

    Because it's about religion. They're all nuts.

  • Adrian

    You absolute bell-end. It's a fictional story. Get over yourself.

  • clothear

    Caitlin, it is refreshing to have my perceived point of view of "Dumb America" dashed. The small-mindedness of some people, of all races, is astonishing.
    Would some of these folks stop watching e.g. "Bobby Jones' Gospel" if they were told that a producer or a member of the crew was gay? I suspect they would. How on earth did we get to the top of the food chain? We in the UK have our erroneous communities too bet we don't carry guns to reinforce our point.
    I worry for our races.

  • enterthejones33

    he said that he does not believe in a god. that's not agnosticism. that's atheism.

  • Kel

    damn, i need to get my self over to england then, shit that's awesome!

  • Rane

    who cares whose athiest, if your christian like myself, you have enough faith in God that as far as whose religion is whose. There is no right there is no wrong. And only way to determine whose right or wrong is to wait to die.As no one has truly come back from the dead of present day society and told us the answer i will take note that i believe i'm right, but like everything i will not clearly say they are wrong.

  • I agree to some extent. I saw the Passion myself and though I don't think it was a "shit" movie, I agree that it was very gory. Granted the writers and producers wanted to be as physically correct as possible in representing the brutality of the Romans toward Christ and other victims of the cross during that time period. If I'm not mistaken though, the film was rated "R" so they were warned. Based on the sheer brutality I don't believe it would be appropriate to have let anyone under the age of 14, maybe 15 witness it. I'm not a Harry Potter fan myself and I've never read an entire book in whole. I don't know that I'd disallow my child from reading it from a literary standpoint cause I've heard it's a good read, however I would simply council them while we were reading it together about any allusion toward magic and everything as being nothing more than fantasy and not to model themselves after the Harry Potter character due to the darker turn Rowlings takes in the later books.

  • quest

    yeah… nevermind england, that's happening in Indonesia too.. today's teenagers are more critical, although there's a growing threat of fundamentalism in rural area, in the urban area they are starting to not believing in the idea of organised religion or they already are atheists… and since most of them are the coolest kids in schools then the rest try to follow… and let's just wait for the tipping point 🙂
    good to u daniel… can't wait for other public figures to come out too…

  • andydabrit

    Let people speak their minds.
    This discussion is getting too heavy, watch this funny clip on hell by Rowan Atkinson, people may know him as Mr. Bean or Blackadder. Hilarious!

  • eviltwit

    Exactly how old are you? 12?

  • eviltwit

    My husband is of Jewish descent – and an atheist. One can be both – being Jewish is both an ethnicity and can also be one's religion. Actually, his parents are both atheists, too. So, I suppose that's three Jewish atheists I know:)

  • Dee (:

    I dont appreciate how everyone is quick to say its ALL americans that think like this but i do know a few who ARE very much against Harry Potter but way more who say it would be stupid to censor something so meaingless against their children for the sake of religious beliefs.
    I myself am an Athiest American who is very mucho in love with the series and i have devout religious friends who obsess over it as well 😛
    What i think is pathetic that some fundamentalists make a hoot over these types of things but have never said a word against porn ahem just pointing it out (:
    Yay for a horny, fat, fundamentalist America 😀
    But just remember the people out here in the mix like me and many people i surround myself with 😀

  • Chris

    You can not believe in god and still be agnostic, atheists clam with certainty that no god exists, agnostics claim either to not know (not enough information to make an informed judgement) or that the question is inherently unknowable, but they can still believe that god does or does not exist in the same way you might believe that Sasquatch is real but not claim to be certain of it.

  • belinda

    first of all, u shouldn’t steroetype ALL americanz becauze of a few brainwashed moronz. last time i checked, they live all over the world. i happen to be an american & i love harry potter. oh yeah, & i’m athiest. =P


    This fundy atheism is so lame!! getting happy because Harry Potter is atheist (by the way, he isn't) only to piss off believers it's so stupid, so go on, go to lick Dawkin's balls…


    Go on, aprove my comment if you have the balls…

  • Michelle

    Ugh. Christians are going to war against atheists. It's persecution. Fundies are on their way to becoming terrorists. In Texas they are teaching children how to use guns to prepare for a war against non-Christians, and it's not illegal. The majority of the U.S. is disgusted by schools that ban Harry Potter books and churches that condemn them. I am not an atheist, but I lean in that direction because religion disgusts me and God doesn't make sense to me. To base ANYTHING outside of your personal life on religion is wrong. Trying to censor others, force your beliefs on people, knock on people's doors, and influence politics is wholly unacceptable and unconstitutional. I cannot believe in 2009 we're still horrified that people don't share our religion. Fundies freaked out when they discovered Jack Black is pro choice. Who gives a shit? Stupid people keep breeding and breeding. It's terrifying. It's sick. I'm American and I despise my country. At least we don't have a fucking fundamental Christian president any more.
    You Brits also need to quit this holier-than-thou bashing of all Americans. It's ridiculous. You're basing all your beliefs about us on what the media teaches you. England is better than the U.S. in many ways, but to puff up your feathers and look down your noses at all of us in unproductive discrimination. I can't stand this country, but you need to listen to the majority instead of assuming we're all like the politicians and morons you see on TV. It's unfair and makes you look like snobs.
    That said, most of the time I'd still rather live in Europe, preferably Sweden. Somewhere you can actually show boobs on TV.

  • This blog has never sought to stereotype all Americans as stupid – but we frequently criticise the many who are, both in the States and on our own patch. Oh, and us Brits are not holier-than-thou. We're a damn side UNHOLIER-than-thou!

  • Happy now, moron?

  • "Harry Potter" is a fictional character I just thought I`d point that out to you!

  • Usually I put Ziggy

    I can't find it, but I believe I've read a more complete interview where he says the bit about eing an atheist and mentions his Jewish heritage. So, both.

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  • mp1

    can't. stop. laughing.

  • rika

    How many nineteen year olds are there that don't question what the hell is out there?! Not big news there…

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, I don't care. I'm catholic and don't give a damn. Who cares?! It doesn't matter! And for one, these books are about witchcraft and wizardry for god's sake! Who are these stupid, racist, people that think the 'Harry Potter' books are bad?! And, I don't really give a damn about religion, so I might switch to Atheism! God.

  • who gives a rats ass if the actors are religious or not… the movies are great!!! religion is way over rated anyway!!!

  • Rosita

    Not true. There are agnostic Christians and agnostic atheists. Agnostics simply don't think it is possible to know whether a god exists or not. Some decide not to believe in a god because their is no evidence for one; others decide to believe in a god for other reasons. Some are fence-sitters.
    Most atheists are "soft" atheists, that is, they do not believe in a god because there is no evidence for one but insist that they would believe in one if the evidence became available. In other words, they take the scientific approach.

  • Rosita

    There are plenty of Jewish atheists. Many of them atttend synagogue. Some of them are very open about it. See Karen Glasser of the Atheist Experience podcast and TV show. They say that celebrating Jewish rituals is part of their heritage and that is all.

  • Rosita

    Most atheists have better morals than most theists. The more atheistic a nation or a region within a nation, the less serious crime exists, the fewer abortions and the better its social health across a range of measures. The greatest crime spots in the US are full of Christians. Ironic, isn't it.
    Morality was not invented by Christians, as some seem to think. There is a natural morality which every child learns as part of their normal developmental process. Religious morality is partisan morality – it varies by religion and by each group within it.

  • Nicole

    Why is it that most atheist were catholic? Oh well I guess it was all too strict or too much pervsion and hypocrisy in whatever religon a person practice so they said screw it. I was schocked when this came out but once I thought about it not surprised. I like Dan but this seems like a slight attention move for when the flick came out. Too many people(mostly young people) have allowed all the angst and cynicism in the world push them to believe that there is no GOD or greater being. I don't feel it's right to push your beliefs on anyone so it's whatever. But I have seen somethings happen that were indeed blessings. Work in a hospital for about 10 15 yrs you will see somethings that might sway you into a more positive way by no means on your knees shouting but might open you up to more. Most Atheist change their minds when they are laying on that deathbed taking a last breath or walking down the last mile to a death penalty. Why is that? Maybe all along they knew they were more than just flesh and blood. Just for the record I EFFIN LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!

  • I do love Harry Potter, very much, but there is no way you can convince an african that a god doesn’t exist, supernatural stuff happen around us everyday this isn’t sci-fi, we never asked for religion but you europeans conquered us and forced it on us, we accepted and now we practice it better than you!, IRONY, you have the right to have no god, I also have the right to tell you that there is God in heaven, in the end it all boils down to you. look into into yourself now before you find out you have been deluded, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeers to Hp..

  • Michelle

    I just love how movies like Harry Potter and L.O.T.R. are getting modern kids to consider the possibility of alternate religions such as Wicca and Asatru. And, just when you think it couldn’t be any better, Radcliffe comes out as an Atheist! Yipeeeee! I got the news a little late, but any kiddies who Google him frequently will eternally get the news. Then, all the rumors that he’s gay (don’t think so) promote acceptance of gay people. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, I read some stuff about THAT PLAY. Hee hee hee! Hilarious! The more I read or find on the net, the harder I laugh. I just LOVE the fact that the little man waited until H.P. was almost at an end and he had a huge fan base and then he went all subversive. I almost wet em laughing when I think about how funny that is. I mean, dang, that’s funny. That’s Gilbert gotfried at a Friars Club Roast funny.

  • Dave G.

    Funny. I know many conservative Christians, and few if any of them seem to care one way or another about HP, much less the lives of those who play in the movies. In fact, I know some who are HP fans. Oh, there are a few – in comparison to the global population of some 2 billion – who have denounced the books. But then, there are some atheists who go radical and denounce and call for the eradication of religion. So what are you going to do. It doesn’t shock me that a young, wealthy English kid thrust into the British high culture is an atheist. That’s about common. What would have shocked me is if he said he was religious. In that environment, that would be the rebel. But conformity beckons to all. And it doesn’t shock me a bit. He seems low key about it, though he can’t seem to resist the swipes at religion – which never fails to puzzle me. Atheists will often take swipes at religion, and then point fingers at religious people when they react as if that shows something flawed about their religion (but mention atheists and their lack of basis for objective morality, and you get a similar ear full). Oh well, it shows that atheists really aren’t any different than anyone else I guess.

  • daniel(le)

    pagans who worship imaginary gods, are in my opinion, no better than any atheist..
    and Christianity and religion are two very different things, by the way..
    I’ve also read some comments that denounced religion and Christianity, and well, if these two are gone, there wont be a basis for any moral in the world, now..
    if there is no god, then everything is just a coincidence, and life do not have any meaning, which leaves us to ‘can just kill anyone’ because the the existence of life is meaningless without a creator.
    but then, further scientific investigations reveal the ‘glitches’ in Darwin’s theory of evolution..i just want to say it here that science can also contribute to saying that there is a god

  • daniel(le)

    to zino okrobodo, I kinda like your comment by the way..and I also kinda agree on it

  • daniel(le)

    i read someone who said that an atheistic nation has less serious crime..but then, i think its because its like a situation where it will seem to a person that a person does not transgress(or commit a crime), cause there’s no law existing in them
    christian morality and religious morality are, i think, different because there are religions that are christian in the name but really isn’t
    there are those who say they’re Christians but then if you look closely, they’re really not..this is probably why a lot of people are discouraged to believing in God.. they probably weren’t able to see those true Christians out there..

  • daniel(le)

    if people cannot find the proof of God existing, then i think they’re looking at the wrong place. but the, its pretty hard not look at the right place..then again, maybe yes..
    but when you look at the trees, or the sky, it just looks so beautiful, and coordinated,too, that it’s pretty hard to believe that there wasn’t Someone who created them.
    when i read about articles concerning the human anatomy, the human body’s nature is just way too complex to think that it just connected because it so happened..and that from nothing, the dust and a lot of other matters appeared, formed, and had life..

  • daniel(le)

    also, about the propose big bang theory, was it really just a coincidence that the earth was this far from the sun? cause if it were just a little bit further, then it would have been too cold..and a little closer and it would have been too hot.. i think it would have taken a lot more believing that we were just a result of billions of years’ explosion than believing that there is a Supreme Being who designed it all..

  • daniel(le)

    a lot of people don’t really care if there’s a god though, because most probably, they do not really know what’s in store for them– paradise and hell.. and “hell is a very real place”
    and a lot of people probably chooses not to accept that there’s a god, and that you’ve got to have morals, because it interferes with their freedom to do whatever they want, i.e., their sexual freedom..

  • daniel(le)

    who agrees with non-Christian persecution? I don’t..and please don’t think that every Christian in the world agrees with the persecution,too.. it’s a big world, and a lot of Christians disagree to it..and i think those ‘Christians’ who support persecution aren’t really Christians at all
    to those Christians there who do support, i mean, Christ died for all the sinners, right? doesn’t everyone deserves to have a chance, at least, before being persecuted?

  • daniel(le)

    God wouldn’t really mean anything to someone unless that person would really know who God is. because a lot of people out there say different things about God which wouldn’t really make sense, and will really drive you to atheism..

  • Nikita

    Im an atheist and I don’t care what anybody thinks. People that believe in gods hate it when others discriminate against their religion so why discriminate against atheist beliefs. In W NW UK (West Cumbria) we respect what we all believe and don’t give tuppence bout others beliefs (but they are still important). Harry Potter is great! Why should some actor relieving his beliefs put you off the books and films. I mean if you like Torchwood the actor on there is Gay and this doesn’t stop people liking it, so why stop watching Harry Potter?
    Some people believe “God put the colours in the Rainbow”
    Others believe that “Optical and Meteorological phenomenons of light in the spectrum appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere taking the form of a multicoloured arc puts the colours in the Rainbow”
    Who cares? Harry Potter is good and if I recall rightly,… Religion isn’t even mentioned once in any of the Harry Potter books or Films so what’s the big fuss about it!?

  • Miguel

    I dont believe in atheists. Atheists dont exist they just think they do. Just lazy people who refuse to make any effrot in finding God. Closed minded and blind is what they are.

  • Regeret

    You’re kidding right? Please tell me that you’re kidding…