When will all this mad pandering to Islam stop?

When will all this mad pandering to Islam stop? July 28, 2009

JUST when we thought that efforts to pander to Muslim “sensitivities” had reached the limits of madness in the UK, along comes another bloody daft initiative, this time from the Avon and Somerset Constabulary.
The force, according to The Times, has begun equipping its female officers with uniform issue hijabs to wear when they enter a mosque.

Police Community Support Officer Nora Ndiaye and Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts of Avon and Somerset Constabulary
Police Community Support Officer Nora Ndiaye and Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts of Avon and Somerset Constabulary
What next? Burquas?
The £13 headscarves are embroidered with the West Country force’s name and logo, and come in two colours — black for police officers and blue for community support officers. A spokeswoman insisted that they were not intended purely to cater for Muslim cultural sensibilities but were multi-faith.

They are designed to be used in any place of worship and can be used to cover the head or the shoulders. For example, plain clothes officers could use them to cover their shoulders in a Catholic Church, or they can be used to cover the head in synagogues.

What the name of sanity are police HATS, if not head coverings?
The scarves were developed in a joint project with the Aklima Initiative, which focuses on working Muslim women, and the Mosque Initiative – both Islamic groups.
The scheme is believed to be a first for the British police.
The Metropolitan Police, the largest and most diverse UK force, said that it issued headscarves to its Muslim female officers but not to non-Muslim officers. A Met Police spokeswoman said:

We have had these scarves for Muslim female officers for some time, but as far as officers going into mosques – if it was appropriate for them to wear a scarf they would do that. But I don’t think there are any plans to issue 15,000-odd officers with a headscarf.

Jackie Roberts, Assistant Chief Constable for Avon and Somerset, modelled the black headcovering for reporters arranging its folds with the help of PCSO Nora Ndiaye, who modelled the blue version. They are among 15 women officers to have received the head coverings so far.
Ms Roberts said that the scarves were intended to respect the cultural and religious practices of local communities.

This is a very positive addition to the Avon and Somerset uniform and one which I’m sure will be a welcome item for many of our officers.

Rashad Azami, imam and director of the Bath Islamic Society, said he was pleased with the move.
Of course, he is. Muslims love groveling displays of dhimmitude.
He said:

This will go a long way in encouraging a trustful relationship between the police and the Muslim community.

Can we now expect rozzers to be issued with hoodies in order to “encourage a trusting relationship between the police and the yob community”?

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  • Who agrees, decides, authorises this nonsense? I know who pays for it. Name the names. Jackie Roberts isn't paying the costs, she just encourages, this nonsense.

  • I thought our police forces were signed up to equality initiatives! Maybe the male officers, too, should wear these ridiculous shrouds when visiting mosques, just to show that they don't consider WPCs to be second-class citizens as the religiots obviously do!!

  • shargraves

    oh fuck this rubbish – who do I have to suicide attack to stop this shit from keeping happening – motherfucking primitive savages?
    Ps – satire
    PPs – its not motherfucking – its cousin marrying and female relative murdering.

  • Brian Jordan

    "Ms Roberts said that the scarves were intended to respect the cultural and religious practices of local communities."
    No, the word she is looking for is "ape". The whole point, originally, of Muslim women wearing headscarves was to signify that they were Muslims. What's the point of non-Muslim women pretending to be Muslims?

  • Mr Gronk

    No, the male officers should be issued with huge black fake beards. Beard size would denote rank.

  • Alex

    AURGH THIS IS WRONG! Absolutely wrong. I think I'm going to be sick.

  • Kev

    Of course the male police officers who, should it ever happen, go to raid a fundie suicide cell within a mosque will have to take off their boots and have a wash before rushing in to….find the place empty!! What did my dad fight in the war for?

  • Like James Anderton – remember him? (His real name is Cyril, by the way – I'm not kidding!!)

  • No, Brian. They're to prevent the WPCs from being gang-raped when they visit mosques. Unless women are clothed in a tent, Muslim men, who have no control over their animal instincts, would be literally forced to ravish them, and it would all be the fault of these provocative, seductive and totally immoral women, who have absolutely no sense of moral propriety whatsoever! There would be just nothing the poor innocent men could do to stop themselves!!

  • Harry

    Can we see what they have planned to promote better relations with the bdsm community please?

  • Or the transsexual community!! I love that one, Harry – I feel a comedy sketch coming on!!!

  • I'm afraid my brain's going into overdrive on this one! Suppose there's a murder at the local nudist colony – will they have to turn up naked, and if so, where on earth will they keep their notebooks? Which reminds me of a (very) old joke about the lady who asked an artist to paint her in the nude. "Well," he replied, "I'll have to keep my socks on, or I'll have nowhere to put my brushes!"

  • Is that one good enough for the Freethinker, Barry? Isn't life awful when you're a miserable, unhappy atheist? What a shame Mr Testes can't post a few comments to cheer us all up!!

  • Ivan

    Reminds me of one of my favourite newspaper headlines:
    "Naturists Told Their Bushes Are Safe".

  • That reminds me of the time I was accosted on Brighton's nudest beach by a naked evangelist. I was lying on my back dozing when his shadow fell across me, and woke me up. The scrawny, bushy-haired nutter waved a Bible at me and loudly declared: "You have been blessed by Jesus!" Before I could answer, my companion sarcastically chipped in with: "Shame Jesus didn't blessed you to the same extent." The loony turned red and scampered off. Is there nowhere on earth one can escape religious barmpots!?

  • Obviously "the naked truth", Barry!

  • And at least the evangelist was taking note of Jesus' words: "Take no thought… what ye shall put on."!!

  • Respect, respect! What is there to respect about a dark age belief system that treats women so badly?Perhaps the plod want to respect the right of rug-butters to abuse women.
    Avon & Somerset plod are almost at the bottom of the pile when it comes to success in crime solving, so while they waste time and our money on this stupidity, the criminals are free to plunder.

  • Genesis 17. 10-11
    This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised.
    And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.
    Please form an orderly queue.
    Thank You and God Bless.

  • I hadn't thought of that one, Sister Talitha!! The Avon & Somerset bobbies are going to be REALLY pleased when they hear what THEY'VE got to do to "respect the cultural and religious practices of local communities." Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  • Har Davids

    Glad I'm not a copper; but besides circumcision, Sikhs want you to grow a beard and not have a hair-cut, some gangs want tattoos and, maybe, piercings, in Scotland it's kilts they'll expect. It the police are supposed to please every kind of community, it will be hard to go undercover.

  • Konchog

    Have you seen pictures of Israeli religionists?
    If you want to see real religious insanity and danger, see failedmessiah.com

  • Robert Stovold

    Muslim-friendly pigs – whatever next?
    How about Muslims showing respect to the police, by not demanding special treatment?

  • Robert Stovold

    Circumcision and police – perhaps the police will just cut their helmets?

  • Your point being? As far as I can see they're all the same!!!

  • Brian Jordan

    Ah, there's the point then – I didn't add that the original purpose of a headscarf was to identify the Muslim women so that they'd not be raped. Other interpretations are available – such as they were just aping Christian women, as the copesses are aping them in their turn.

  • mike

    I'd want to cover up if i went in a mosque too – full kevlar body armour in case one of the bombs goes off by accident.

  • The UK has gone crazy. All this political correctness is why I left the country 10 years ago. The same political correctness that forces a squad car to "announce" their arrival at a crime scene by turning on the siren – therefore ensuring the criminals have enough time to get away.
    France seems to be the only EU country to have enough sense to ban the hijab.

  • Rog

    If the police were really concerned about Muslim sensitivities they wouldn't be sending women in to a mosque to do a [police]man's job in the first place……. :-P'

  • Heidi

    So are female officers required to wear these idiotic things??
    This makes me ill. I thought the UK was better (and saner) than this.

  • G. O.

    Sorry folks, I'm a proud atheist and secularist but this all seems like a kneejerk 'Daily Mail reader' reaction to me.
    It's easy enough to make anything sound absurd with a bit of crude exaggeration (policemen being given hoodies), but surely policemen and women whose job it is to build relationships with different communities will want to dress in such a way as to put people at ease. Is it really absurd to think that a police officer would wear jeans and a T-shirt to talk to a youth group, or ensure a tattoo was covered while at the old folks' home? Would we be outraged if the police force provided them with a £13 budget for appropriate clothing?

  • Lyle

    And if a turban wearing officer enters a Christian church…do they remove it or do they carry a special wig to wear over the turban in deference to the Christian traditions? And in deference to a secular police station, does a Muslim woman remove her head covering before entering? Perhaps not.

  • Pingback: Sheffield police go the whole hog by putting non-Muslim officers in burquas()

  • Colin

    To G O…well im a daily mail reader….and you are a fucking arsehole.You shown no understanding of the islamic problem we face in the uk. You may be interested to know that policemen DO wear jeans and T shirts to address some kids groups here in Leeds (where we have a massive Islamic issue). Tosser!

  • When will it end? Simple. It will end when the flag of ‘Allah’ is flying over 10 Downing Street, when sharia has spread its blanket over Britain, when the shouts of a thousand Muezzins herald a new age in the British Isles. In other words, it will end when this once glorious and proud nation has been transformed into another Islamic shithole.
    It will happen – you can count on it. And Brits have only themselves to blame. They are paying the price of their politically correct, dickless liberalism when it is far too late to stop the deal.
    God help them