More Catholic crap on gay unions

More Catholic crap on gay unions August 26, 2009

THE Catholic Church has just about had it in Ireland. Years of “arrogance” and “abuse of power”, according to this article, has cost it dear. It’s on an irreversible slide towards “exile” – yet the imbeciles who represent it still make headlines with every idiotic squawk they utter.

Talking balls: Cardinal Sean Brady
Talking balls: Cardinal Sean Brady
Take Cardinal Sean Brady, for example. The prat’s just delivered a sermon criticising civil partnership legislation in the Republic of Ireland.
Such measures, he said, would hugely change peoples’ concepts of the family.
The Civil Partnership Bill, published in June, gives Irish same-sex couples recognition as partners before the law.
The director of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network, Brian Sheehan, said there was a democratic consensus for the new laws.

I understand the fears of people who are afraid that civil partnership will undermine marriages. But I think you can see from Northern Ireland and the UK that it is in the common good for people to be making lifelong commitments and the state providing a framework for that.

Under the legislation, same-sex couples will be treated like married couples for tax and social welfare.
But Brady said marriage between a man and a woman would always remain the ideal environment in which to raise children.
He said any government which undermines such an environment could hardly be said to be promoting the common good.
Brady also said those who refuse to officiate at a same sex wedding would be guilty of an offence and described this as

An alarming attack on the fundamental principle of freedom of religion and conscience.

He said the bill left the door open for individuals and religious organisations to be sued for:

Upholding their belief that marriage is an institution exclusively for men and women.

Dr John Murray from the Catholic Iona Institute, which promotes marriage, said the cardinal was right.

He is pointing out that marriage is fundamentally different from other kinds of loving relationships.

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  • Har Davids

    Another load of bull-shit from the usual suspects. I live in Holland, and we've had gay marriage for a couple of years now and let me tell you all: the sky hasn't fallen down yet, even though it might. And cardinal Brady shouldn't bite his tongue before mentioning 'promoting the common good', his club hasn't really been very good at it the last couple of millennia(?).

  • Wait, wait, wait…
    This problem can simply be defined out of existence.
    Civil partnerships are NOT marriages. And neither are partnerships between heterosexual couples carried out in registry offices (how could they be when marriage is ordained by YHWH, and these are secular ceremonies?) The latter are legal unions intended to confer certain rights and duties on the people involved.
    I mean, who gives a shit what you call them, as long as you get the tax breaks?

  • I am amazed and delighted to see that the catholic church in Ireland is still prepared to make statements like this. I've always wanted to see catholicism die out but to see it committing suicide is a dream come true! I would be far more concerned if they came out with well thought out statements designed to win back the support of their once loyal flock.
    We should all rejoice and enjoy the moment.

  • Fair enough; we have had civil partnerships in the UK for over 3 and-a-half years now and heterosexuals are divorcing in increased droves, less capable of starting families and have fewer rights.
    Wait a minute…
    "[The] principle of freedom of religion and conscious" is a textbook example of the language used by Christians to try and turn superstition-based discrimination into an admirable override switch if I ever saw one.

  • petursey

    Out of date
    Out of touch
    Full of hate
    Full of abusers
    Full of Nazi cross dressers
    and full of shit
    RIP Roman Catholic Church keep on sending out stuff like this and there'll be a lot of nice artwork on the market !

  • angelo ventura

    The religious fundamentalists (catholic and othervise) concept of "liberty" is their freedom to impose their narrow views to anyone! That's akin to Orwell's "Newspeak", hypocrite and false.

  • Humans have “paired up” using various rituals since the dawn of civilisation; the religions muscled in on the act because they are control freaks and also make a lot of money from the process. There is no such thing as “Gay marriage” only in the warped minds of the religious and right wing media. As most on this forum know, Civil Partnerships are a legal process to confer legal rights on the joined parties, either for same sex or different sex couples.
    The catholic church harps on about gays as a way of diverting attention away from their kiddie fiddling priests.
    BTW my partner and I have been together for 16 years today – longer than many hetro marriages.

  • The "value" of a family has nothing whatever to do with whether that family comprises a heterosexual or homosexual couple – or even whether it comprises some other variant on a scale ranging from "single parent" at one end to some kind of commune structure of many adults and many children at the other.
    What it does depend on is the individuals who make up the family. Making judgements based on anything else is just plain prejudice.

  • The church can feel it's hands slipping off the power it has and it must resist at all costs.

  • Congratulations to you both, Angela_K, and here's to many more happy years together! (And stuff the Pope!!)

  • valdemar

    Two grownups of the same sex fall in love, and the Catholic Church says it's disgusting and wrong and shouldn't be allowed. Lots of grownup Catholic priests rape children systematically over a period of decades, and they are deserving of sympathy and understanding. Oh and they strike a cosy little deal to avoid any prosecutions and make sure any money that might compensate the victims is spirited away. What a bunch of shits.

  • Eric Hayman

    If it's OK to have a "civil partnership" with a person of the same sex to gratify one's sexual urges and one's need for domestic company, why not with an animal? Having a female mother and a male father is a biological fact – nothing to do with tax breaks or religion, so why bring religion into parenting?

  • Eric Hayman; what makes you think that civil partnerships are for sexual gratification, or even 'domestic company'?
    Why is it that only gay people who enter into a civil partnership are doing so for sexual gratification? Sort of like the priests who rape children, that kind of sexual gratification and domestic company when they all lived altogether in orphanages?
    I don't know if you're married or not, but if so, did you marry for sexual gratification? Or other reasons beyond the merely sexual and domestic? and what on earth has animals got to do with it? why do people always reduce unions of gay people to the ridiculous? how many people do you know who want to marry an animal legally? Where do you get such ridiculous 'arguments' from?
    And what's parenthood to do with it too? A lot of people marry without having children. A lot of straight marriages are childless of the couples own choices, so what's parenthood got to do with legal unions? People marry for all kinds of reasons, not just for children, and not just for sex or whatever.
    And why are heterosexual marriages so at threat from gay ones? How on earth does two men or two women marrying threaten my 'straight' family and marriage? Since when is my marriage dependent on what homosexuals do or don't do? My family is under no threat whatsoever by homosexual unions. My children are healthy and grown up in a world full of gay relationships and it hasn't harmed them one whit, and why? because what other people do or don't do in the privacy of their own lives has NOTHING to do with my family or me.

  • He does get one thing right, Callisto: "Why bring religion into parenting?" Amen to that, though I don't really see the relevance of the remark!

  • heng

    I *massively* misread that the first time through. I though the Brady guy was promoting the idea of civil partnerships. That it was him that was saying that when individuals refuse to officiate that was "An alarming attack on the fundamental principle of freedom of religion and conscience." How refreshing I thought. Then I read it again…

  • Yes, I know, the poor religiots are being "victimised" again! It's a tough old life when you're just trying to go about your religious duties without interfering with anyone else!!

  • That's an important point that you raise there. The "nuclear family" is not, and has not always been, the only successful human social model, even though the religiots would have us believe that this is what "God" originally ordained for the human race. Of course, their explanation for facts which contradict this view is that those involved were or are "barbaric", "unenlightened", "primitive" and "ignorant", and acting in opposition to "God's plan"!

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    Regrettably the Catholic Church is archaic in its approach uncompromisingly stupid, visciously cruel and self centered BUT even more regrettably will survive because of early childhood indoctrnation and the inability or unwillingness of mankind generally to think and see the Vatican for what it stands for…not the good of humanity but rather just control/ political power.