Afghan women are at even greater risk

Afghan women are at even greater risk August 8, 2009

Rape, and other forms of violence against women, is on the rise.

ALMOST eight years  have passed since those Islamic basket-cases called the Taliban were toppled in Afghanistan – but you would hardly know it, given the horrifying levels of violence against women that still persist in this mad Muslim country.
What’s more, a United Nations report just issued, says that matters are getting WORSE, with rape “widespread” and violence against women serving in public life on the rise.
According to, the 32-page report denounces:

An institutional failure to curb violence against women and a culture of impunity that leaves such crimes unpunished.

Said the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem (Navi) Pillay:

The limited space that opened up for Afghan women following the demise of the Taliban regime in 2001 is under sustained attack, not just by the Taliban themselves, but by deeply engrained cultural practices and customs.

Pillay also denounced “as chronic failure at all levels of government to advance the protection of women’s rights in Afghanistan” despite “significant advances” in the creation of new legislation and institutions.
The report, issued by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, added:

Violence, in the public and private spheres, is an everyday occurrence in the lives of a huge proportion of Afghan women.
Parliamentarians, provincial council members, civil servants, journalists, women working for international organisations . . . have been targeted by anti-government elements, by local traditional and religious power-holders, by their own families and communities, and in some instances by government authorities.

Preliminary data suggests:

That rape is a widespread occurrence in all parts of Afghanistan and in all communities, and all social groups.

Victims seeking help and justice are often further victimised by the culture of impunity, while police and prosecutors are often unaware or unconvinced that rape is a serious crime, the report said.
Women are also the victims of so-called “honour” killings, trafficking and abduction, as well as early and forced marriages and domestic violence, it said. Girls and women are exchanged to resolve disputes over land and property.
The report also documents numerous attacks on girls’ schools and students who are assaulted with gas and acid by “anti-government elements”.
Pillay said :

Developments such as these threaten to have a devastating long-term impact on the involvement of women in Afghan society.
There have been some encouraging incremental advances in the area of girls education in recent years, and it is extremely important to have women participating in the country’s political arena.
But the Taliban and other conservative forces seem determined to take the country back to the stone age.

In April 2009 a group of Afghan women (pictured top) who braved an enraged mob to protest against an “abhorrent” new Afghan law had to be rescued by police from a hail of stones and abuse. The protest by about 200 women, unprecedented in recent Afghanistan history, was directed at the Shia Family Law passed by the Afghan parliament which appears to legalise marital rape and child marriage.

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  • Rog

    I suppose the question is – can we, the infidel invaders, realistically do anything about this?

  • Rog

    and on a related note:
    there seems to be a cultural disregard for the well-being of women in Chechnya, that is a Muslim country too, no?

  • William Harwood

    Reports like this are a reminder of how fortunate we are to live in the Western world. Under the Muslim laws that some [expletive deleted] want to introduce into civilized countries, a woman can be executed for the crime of being raped. Even under the theofascist tyranny of the Bush/Cheney dictatorship (aided and abetted by England's pope-fellating Tony), the perpetrators of religion-motivated murders and child-rapes were prosecuted and convicted. And recently some fanatics were jailed for withholding medical attention from a dying child. There can never be real freedom as long as god addicts can win election as lawmakers. But at least we are progressing, as the rugbutters who aim their rear ends at the sky five times a day so that their imaginary Sky Fuhrer can fuck them up the arse are not.

  • If we rid the muzzie men of the sky fairy excuse for their barbaric treatment of women, who are they going to blame then? Not themselves of course, they are just too retarded and insecure to allow women equality.

  • Rog

    Maybe we should send Harriet Harman to Afganistan? I don't think she would help, I just think we should send her….

  • Drunk Stepdad

    So when evil bush-hitler leaves, and peace-and-love-obama takes over, Afghanistan gets worse?

  • If you think eight years of Bush's insane fuck-uppery can be reversed in a matter of months, you must be insane!

  • Drunk Stepdad

    Ok, so it's really on the rise BECAUSE of the war against the Taliban? You know, the fun loving group who supports throwing acid on people, and like to blow up historic monuments/statues because they are the wrong religion?
    I thought miracle worker Obama was putting the focus BACK on Afghanistan.
    BTW:No, I'm not a huge Bush fan, but man, I'd rather someone follow the necon belief (which came out of left-wing liberalism by the way) than the extreme spending with a blank check so that people don't need to be responsible for themselves, and the talking out of both sides that's WAY beyond what Bush did.
    But let's actually read the article:
    Developments such as these threaten to have a devastating long-term impact on the involvement of women in Afghan society.
    There have been some encouraging incremental advances in the area of girls education in recent years, and it is extremely important to have women participating in the country’s political arena.
    Oh wait, it sounds like the evil Bush-Hitler DID make life for women somewhat better. And now the report that Rape and Violence is on the rise.
    But QUICK! Put the blinders on because it says something good that Bush Did!
    Gee, that almost sounds like something out of Ken Ham. Damn the evidence, Sally forth with what I INSIST is the truth!