October's nutjob of the month claims evolution is the cause of homosexuality

October's nutjob of the month claims evolution is the cause of homosexuality October 11, 2009

OCCUPYING top spot in Reddit’s atheist section today is a leaflet created by Christian loony Herb Grossman, the mastermind behind a blog called TrashEvolution, “dedicated to helping teenagers see the dangers of evolution”.
The leaflet makes a number of bizarre claims about evolution, but none as wacky as the assertion that it encourages one to “become a homosexual” – and that “homosexuality is a cruel hoax”.leaflet
On his blog, Jesus junkie Grossman elaborates:

What I write or say concerning belief in evolution being a major encouragement towards homosexuality is not meant to win some popularity contest – some of you will laugh and think I am stupid for writing this; but the shoes I have walked in – the years of aggravation while fighting off the cause of homosexuality – have given me a certain amount of sympathy for the homosexual and a hatred for the way evolution is such a big factor in keeping many of them trapped in their unfortunate perversion.

Grossman - in denial about his homosexuality?
Grossman - in denial about his homosexuality?
Grossman, it appears, was inspired to concoct TrashEvolution after he once:

Fell into about three months of doing perverse, homosexual acts with invisible, supernatural people/beings. Strong thoughts and sensations would get things started—but I was not the cause; I did not seek those perversions—I was the victim!

The wanker hurries to make clear:

I have never acted in any perverted/homosexual manner with any man or boy, nor felt any attraction/sensation towards the same. However, I am not claiming total innocence on my part, as I must admit to some perverse actions (sometimes with use of pornography) in my past that I am ashamed of … Looking back, I suspect those past actions likely made me an attractive target to the supernatural ‘persons’ that drive the homosexual deception system.

The Grossman blog’s opening message declares:

America’s young people are being robbed of their intellectual potentials.
By allowing the atheists to teach our young people the imaginary “science” of evolution, we are crippling the ability of America’s youth to survive and thrive in life’s real world.
We adults have been wrong and dumb to let atheists get control of our schools. I have grown quite tired of reading and hearing the atheists’ adult fairy tales about evolution and its “let’s pretend” approach to science – -I feel even worse when I hear young people mimic atheist-evolutionist thinking – which is why I have established this site.

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