Muslim fury over 2012 doomsday movie culminates in students torching DVDs

Muslim fury over 2012 doomsday movie culminates in students torching DVDs November 21, 2009

IF YOU thought the Muslim world would be grateful that the Kaaba in Mecca is spared from destruction in Roland Emmerich’s latest doomsday movie, 2012, think again.
A bunch of witless Muslims who go by the name of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) have condemned the apocalyptic offering as “blasphemous” and is urging Muslims to boycott it.

MUI, according to this report, says the movie contains scenes that “contravene the principles of Islam”.2012movie
What has enraged Muslim leaders most is a scene showing the salvation of a family who decide to shelter in a church, while a mosque is completely destroyed.
They claim that this scene is “illegal” because it conveys the message that “salvation is achieved only in the church”.
MUI chairman Amidhan accused the Indonesian agency responsible for censorship of not taking “precautions” by approving “so sensitive” a scene.  He said all scenes showing Christian proselytism should cut. If this was not done, the whole movie should be banned.
The row surrounding 2012 first broke out last week in the district of Malang in East Java, where the leader of local Ulema issued a fatwa in which he called the local residents to boycott the movie in theatres.
Kiai Hajj Mahmoud Zubaidi said the film sends “confusing messages” and adds that:

The D-day for Muslims is secret and only God knows when it will happen.

In Surakarta Central Java, local MUI leaders have blocked screenings in cinemas. In Stubondo district in the province of East Java, fundamentalists raided internet points to prevent the downloading of the film.
But another MUI leader, Ma’ruf Kiai Hajj Amin has a different opinion:

It is just fiction – a product of creativity and imagination. Nobody knows when the day of judgment will arrive. I do not see anything illegal in it and think we should let people enjoy the film.

Saifullah Yusuf, deputy governor of East Java, asked Muslim leaders to be:

Wiser when dealing with these topics: a film is a product of human creativity and the MUI should not disseminate unsolicited advice.

Meanwhile, we learn from this report that a gang of devout Muslim students from Bandung vented their anger by setting fire to pirated DVD copies of the film.
Now that’s something the filmmakers would no doubt be thankful for.
Rifki, one of the students, said the end of the world could not be determined by man because it was God’s secret.

Nobody knows about the end of days, not even prophets or angels.

Nasaruddin Umar, Director general for mass guidance on Islam, said the film was only a work of imagination, “and imagination can be said to be in the human domain.”
He said that it could be beneficial for people to focus on the fact the world would one day come to an end and so “become more religious.”
However, he warned that the film could lead people to change their religion.
Some Christians too are unhappy with 2012 because of its depiction of the destruction of famous Christian landmarks, such as the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Baslica and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro. The American Catholic whines:

This is just another example of Hollywood picking on us Christians.  Us Christians call this behavior bigotry in the form of Christophobia.  More commonly known as anti-Christian or more specifically anti-Catholicism in the case of this film.

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  • ZombieHunter

    I still won’t be watching this movie until after the first of january 2013, mostly because there are morons out there who actually think the mayans predicted the world would end in 2012 they tend to be new age wankers who lets face it are as bad as if not worse than the average christian or muslim fundie.

  • Godless not gormless

    “new age wankers who lets face it are as bad as if not worse than the average christian or muslim fundie.”
    Seriously? I don’t think you really thought about that before you wrote it. It’s nonsense for sure, but to imagine that people who buy into the whole new age thing are worse than xtian or muslim fundies is really stretching it a bit don’t ya think?

  • ZombieHunter

    a lot of new age types borrow their beleifs from eastern religions who when it comes to forcing irrational beliefs on people who aren’t interested they’re just as bad as the average christian fundie we’ve seen extremist hindus beating girls in the street for being too “western” and when it comes to spouting homophobi bile and sticking his nose into the private sex lives of consenting adults the Dalai Llama can give the pope a run for his money and when it comes to “THE END IS NIGH” grabage most new agers are just as crazy as christians when it comes to this whole 2012 thing.

  • William Harwood

    “ZombieHunter”: While I do not disagreee with any of the points you are trying to make, I strongly recommend a course in remedial English.

  • Me

    Now to be fair, setting fire to copies of this film is a perfectly rational response if you’ve seen it.

  • Angela_K

    Sometimes, after reading topics such as those above, I wonder if I am in fact living in the 21st century, watching all these religious idiots at each others throats proclaiming my “my dogma is better than your dogma”. Are there passages in their religious texts demanding the analysis of every film, book, play and statement in the hope of finding something to be offended by? These religious dimwits need to grow up and stop acting like spoilt brats.
    BTW, ZombieHunter, I agree with your comment about new-age beliefs. I live near Glastonbury which is new-age bollocks central, were some people make a comfortable living selling snake oil to the gullible.

  • barriejohn

    A lot of atheists and agnostics also perish in the film, despite their sensible and rationalist views. Should we be offended at that? (Might be a good excuse to burn a few more copies of this tripe!)

  • barriejohn

    There is nothing in the Mayan Calendar, to the best of my knowledge, to suggest that the world will end in 2012. It merely indicates the end of a cycle in December of that year. More Hollywood hype!

  • rog

    My sisters ex fiancé held the belief that 2012 would be an apocalyptic year; he also belied in crystal power, spirit healing and a warped version of karma where being rich was a reward for being ‘good’, conversely there was something evidently lacking of the morals of poor people…
    He was persuaded in to going to ‘river camp’ with my sister, it was going to be ‘a spiritual experience’, not a chill-out at a camp by a river & maybe a bit of a beer and bbq as my sister thought, not so it was a packed schedule of miracles, talking in tongues, personal healing sessions, dance and dodgy theology.
    All of that new age crap has softened his brain up, they were able to convert him by Sunday evening & my sister moved out on Monday evening.

  • remigius

    I have always believed that 2012 referred to a time rather than a date; i.e the world will be destroyed just before quarter past eight in the evening. Dunno when.
    Though this is merely based on my, as yet unproven, theory that the Mayan’s had digital clocks.

  • I grew up as a fundamentalist, and I heard that “the world is ending in (whatever year)” so many times that I’m pretty immune to it now.
    The preachers swore in ’78 that Jesus was coming back in ’80. Then in ’80 they said it would be ’82, etc. Of course the Christian Bible also has a verse saying “No man knows the date or the time,” but that doesn’t seem to stop the preachers from making dumb predictions.
    So then the new agers come along with their 2012 thing. Yawn. They really are almost as bad as the Christians.
    The makers of the film should probably be glad for the free publicity the Muslims are giving them, ‘cuz it looks like a “must miss” film to me.

  • Godless not gormless

    @ZombieHunter and Angela K
    The beliefs are certainly crazy, I’m not disputing that, but there the comparison to fundies ends. New agers don’t go around demanding death to all those who don’t agree with them. They don’t go around slaughtering people and they don’t have the same vile kind of belief systems that allow enslavement, hatred and murder of those unlike them.
    @ remigius
    The Mayans did actually have digital clocks. They were taken to South America by some of the survivors of the Altlantean disaster. And before anyone jumps all over me about the Altanis “myth”, I know it just has to be true because I read it in a book.

  • Muslims rioting over a mosque crumbling?
    Talk about an inferiority complex.

  • barriejohn

    Yes. The Mayans, along with many other extremely wise and advanced ancient civilizations, DID have digital clocks, and much other electronic apparatus besides. The world is going to end in 8888.

  • barriejohn

    To the Plymouth Brethren it is almost a hanging offence to try to “predict” the end of the age! (That doesn’t stop some of them, of course, confidently asserting that as there were two thousand years between Adam and Moses, and another two thousand between Moses (a “new covenant”) and “Christ”….. well, “you do the math”!! I was recruited by them back in the 1950s, and “The Coming of the Lord” was IMMINENT then. (“Imminent” = impending, according to Chambers!) Of course they always fall back on that old argument that with “God” a thousand years “are but as yesterday” (BOCP) , and so forth, so you’ll never get the better of them, whatever stupid things they say. However, anyone vaguely familiar with the New Testament will soon realize that (a)Jesus’s followers expected hm to set up his Kingdom immediately, and he apparently promised that this would happen within the lifespan of many of those listening to him, if the Gospel records can be relied upon in this respect: (b)following his death they were expecting him to return IMMEDIATELY to “set up his Kingdom”; and (3)when this did not happen, the writers of the epistles encouraged them to keep the faith knowing that this stupendous event was EXTREMELY IMMINENT! They all died thinking that “Christ” would be returning very shortly after their departure from this scene, bringing with him all those who had NOT survived on earth to witness it, and uniting them all once again. (See I Thess.4:13-18.)

  • Mike Shaun

    To your KNOWLEDGE:
    = Both Christians and Muslims do believe that Christ will be coming back some day.
    = Film-makers are after profit and millions of dollars.
    = Most humans are afraid of extinction.”see the bunch of movies made in that concern”.
    I watch films as a pass-time and entertainment. as do all “normal” people do.

  • remigius

    @ Godless & barriejohn.
    Thanks guys. I’ll make sure you are cited in my doctoral thesis!

  • barriejohn

    These and many other amazing facts have been unearthed by such great scholars as Graham Hancock. As Godless so rightly says, we know they are true because we have read them in books!

  • barriejohn

    Actual Hancock quote from the BBC Horizon Scandal site:
    “If I’m right and our whole conception of prehistory is wrong…”
    Spot the deliberate error.

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  • polomint38

    Emmerich managed to piss of the Xians and the Muslims. This is good but not good enough.
    Next time try and get the hat trick of Abrahamic religions and piss of the Jews too.

  • John

    Lol I wonder what the religious nuts are going to do on 2666 or 3666 or any year with 666 in it!

  • remigius

    Ever see any rug-butters on Star Trek? Or zombie worshippers?
    By 2666 mono-gods will be as relevant as Amun-Re and Thor are today.
    That’s if the deluded twats haven’t destroyed civilisation in their quest for universal fuckwittery!

  • I’m…… no body

    well, i’m a true believer in god and whoever thinks that 2012’s religious conflicts should be neglected then they are wrong. a religion is more than a parent. will someone like to see his/her mother been insulted, raped or killed in a film produced by the most famous producer? its obvious no one will like this so how can someone say “i wonder if i’m living in the 21st century”? u are in the 21st century indeed bt its simply that westernisation is covering over the world and this is bad, why is it that there is much more catastrophies in the world today than some 300 yrs before? why is it that crimes, rape,new and fatal disease is been seen today? this world is so unpure that all these is too come. if the film 2012 have in some part of it make a religious place to be destroyed then its wrong especially the mecca, this place will remain good as its a promis of god. all those who neglect religion will one day or another see for himself that he was wrong. all those who have to swear at me do it bt what i said its true, u’ll see it by urself… and by the way the end is not for 2012 there are much more to come, read the muslim holy book, u’ll know more….. i’ll simply say one of the biggest sign of the end of the world which have not yet occured bt will occur, u all will be here to see it…. there will be a giant calamity whereby half of the world will be completely destroyed. it will occur as all that was predicted has occur. by the way the change of the poles isn’t something new as it was there in the holy book as well as the sun rising from the west….

  • Derek

    I wonder if I am in fact living in the 21st century, watching all these religious idiots at each others throats proclaiming my “my dogma is better than your dogma”.
    If you haven’t noticed, my dogma is better than your dogma since the Big Bang. Get used to it.

  • Gryndyl

    You’re a loony.
    “why is it that there is much more catastrophies in the world today than some 300 yrs before?” -There aren’t. We simply have media all over the world now to report them.
    “why is it that crimes, rape,new and fatal disease is been seen today?” -These have always been around, less so now than in the past, actually. And the new fatal diseases are due to the fact that viruses evolve.
    “…as well as the sun rising from the west”
    HAHAHAHAHAHHA. The only way this would happen if not if, as you seem to imply, the magnetic poles reversed but if the entire planet stopped and started spinning the other way. Yes, that would be a giant calamity, as it would wipe out everything on the face of the planet in a cataclysm of earthquakes, volcanoes and tidal waves. There’s no “half of the world” about it. Fortunately, the earth reversing it’s spin is about as likely as you changing your mind based on reading this.

  • HP

    Zombiehunter and others who have not seen this movie – just avoid it. I went to see it and could not watch it till the end, it is that lousy. Maybe some people can get some kicks watching the seven wonders of the world falling and all that, but it has an extremely weak story line and solely depends on special effects for storytelling. Waste of money and a damn headache.

  • Sondre

    What? Christians are upset by this movie as well? I am watching this movie as we speak, and I almost threw up by all the religious hints every-fkin-where. God here and there, christ, oh-lord and whatnot in every other sentence since the beginning.

  • Ed M. happy retiree

    The 7th day Adventists started when they predicted the world would end in 1812. 1813 rolled around and we were still here. The Jehovah witnesses started when they predicted the world would end in 1912. 1913 came by and Suprise we are still here. . The Mayan civilation vanished long before the Spanish arrived in the 1500- 1600’s. There is evidence that they destroyed themselves-civil war bad government -famines caused by themselves. Only Hollywood movie idiots and new age paranoids would give any stock to a dead civiliation’s dead unused calendar predictions.

  • Dude

    why dont u guys help the mayan’s buy them a clock