New subscription system introduced for The Freethinker magazine

New subscription system introduced for The Freethinker magazine December 2, 2009

NOW it is easier than ever to subscribe to the print edition of The Freethinker. We have handed over subscription management to a specialist company called SubCARE, so you can pay securely by credit card, direct debit, cheque – or even by the original PayPal method if you prefer.
If you have never seen The Freethinker in its journal form, you do not know what you are missing. There is a lot of material never published on the website: in-depth articles, cartoons, reviews, and a lively letters page. And it gets posted through your door every month!

Existing subscribers will be moved over seamlessly to the new system, and won’t know the difference until the time comes to renew – when it will become apparent that the whole process has been made much simpler and more convenient.
At £15 per year (£25 overseas) for twelve issues, it’s great value – and an ideal Yuletide gift for the freethinking human in your life. Go on! You know you want to.

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  • Broga

    Absolutely! The ideal complement to what is appearing here. Plus, of course, the satisfaction of knowing that for a modest subcription you can stick it to the bigots who infuriate you so much. I leave my copy sometimes in one of the public libraries but often just leave it in a cafe,train, ‘bus or rail station or wherever. What I never do is just throw it away.

  • barriejohn

    Oh no – not adverts on THIS site as well!! (Only joking – I AM a subscriber!)

  • chrsbol

    Same here Broga I leave mine in waiting rooms, holiday book swap shelves,public transport,etc. Evangelising if you like.

  • shargraves

    New subcriber :o)
    cartoons eh?
    Potential contributor then…

  • Broga

    Well done, friends. I offered to accept and read a copy of the Jehova’s Witness magazine if they took a copy of The Freethinker and we shared views from each magazine. Even offered a coffee and biscuits so we could have a chat in comfort. Lots of enthusiasm from them. Said the looked forward to the discussion. That was about three years ago. They never returned.

  • OpenMind

    How about gettinga subscription and swapping an issue of with a gideon bible any time you stay in an hotel?

  • Well I tried to subscribe but following the link to the subCARE site and clicking on ‘Order Subscription’ does nothing, possibly because I am using FF2.

  • Broga

    OpenMind. Now that is creative thinking and so much better than creative design. Best to leave inside the bible, perhaps, as I have come across one creative design pamphlet in a gideon bible. The opening lines were the “If you found a watch on the heath …………….” After than is was cliche piled on cliche.