Raelian leader who fled Iran is released from detention in Turkey

Raelian leader who fled Iran is released from detention in Turkey December 7, 2009

THERE’S jubilation among Raelians this week over the freeing of one of their leaders from a detention centre in Turkey.

Negar Azizmoradi
Negar Azizmoradi
Negar Azizmoradi, who is said to have escaped a possible death sentence in Iran, was released in time to celebrate the 36th anniversary – on December 13 – of Rael’s alleged first encounter with the human-like beings who created all life on Earth.
Rael, once a racing car journalist and driver, was formerly known as Claude Vorilhon, and Raelism claims that all life on Earth, humans included, was created scientifically by extra terrestrials – Elohim – using DNA synthesis and genetic engineering.
He also thinks that Michael Jackson has been cloned and is now alive and well on another planet.
In a statement issued after Jackson’s death, Rael said:

Considering all the good things Michael did on Earth for peace and love, I’m sure he is alive today on the Elohim’s Eternal-Life Planet.

Azizmoradi, leader of the Raelians in Iran, was arrested after she arrived in Turkey about a fortnight ago.
Supporters claimed that she faces the death penalty for her beliefs if she returns.
According to the BBC, Raelians, with their libertarian attitude to sex, and their ET beliefs, inevitably fall foul of the religious authorities in Iran.
The crime of apostasy – rejecting religious faith – carries the death penalty there, and supporters of Negar Azizmoradi said that is what would happen to her if the Turkish government were to send her back to Iran.
After 10 days in detention at an Istanbul facility, Negar Azizmoradi was released on Sunday – a day after hundreds of Raelians staged massive protests in front of Turkish Embassies and consulates around the world.
Azizmoradi’s exact location in Turkey is being withheld to protect her.
Brigitte Boisselier, spokesperson of the Raelian Movement, said:

Negar is staying in a secret location under protection of the Turkish authorities to avert a possible Iranian attack on her person. She will remain in that location until she is accepted as a political refugee in a Western country. The Turkish office of the UNCHR is actively helping her so that she can receive such status quickly.

Rael sent written congratulations to the Turkish government for expediting Azizmoradi’s release and providing her with “excellent” protection.
Rael: He's no friend of Islam
Rael: He's no friend of Islam

Our religion, based on tolerance, absolute non-violence and respect of all religious minorities, will forever keep in its heart the exemplary way your country treated Negar. It would be a great honor for me to officially visit your country, or to have one of my official representatives meet with you to express publicly our gratitude and our support for your government.

He added that Turkey:

Has shown great respect for human rights and definitely deserves to be accepted as a member of the European community. The Turkish government can rest assured that all Raelians will fully support Turkey’s request to join the European community. Many countries already part of the European community, such as France, Belgium and Switzerland, show less respect for human rights than Turkey has shown, especially in terms of how their religious minorities are treated.

We are unable to determine whether there is a connection between Azizmoradi fleeing Iran and a controversial anti-Islamic statement made by Chris Antille, spokesperson for the Swiss Raelian Movement, concerning the minaret ban in Switzerland.
Under the headline Banning Minarets isn’t Enough, Islam itself Should be Banned, Antille pointed out that Raelians get a rough ride from Swiss authorities, which banned Rael from their soil because his teachings “could cause a public disturbance.”
Said Antille:

Nothing could be further from the truth …Those who actually do present just such a risk are not singled out.

If there is one philosophy that totally contradicts the Declaration of Human Rights, that philosophy is Islam. Rather than attack the Raelian philosophy, which advocates non-violence, the Swiss government should demand that Muslims living on Swiss territory remove those parts of the Koran that promote racism, discrimination and violence.

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  • William Harwood

    The similarity of human and chimp DNA is as incompatible with Raelian science fiction mythology as it is with Scientology’s science fiction mythology. Does Iran execute people who believe that 3 + 3 = 194? Or does it recognize them as harmless fruitcakes who belong in padded cells? So why treat Raelians any differently?

  • William Harwood

    Since it is a capital crime in Iran to have false beliefs about metaphysics, then under the country’s own laws it would be justified for the civilized world to turn the whole of Iran into a nuclear wasteland.

  • rog

    @William Harwood: if they keep up their current belligerent nuclear strategy, I suspect that the Israelis will do just that.
    On the subject of Raelians, since they don’t go in for the supernatural, I presume that they have some evidence or something to back up their claims…

  • It’s not that Iran minds that you believe in fairies ….it’s that they insist that you believe in “their” fairies

  • Harry

    Do the Raelians believe that aliens didn’t also tamper with all other DNA on the planet? Just getting the whole picture here, maybe they also planted the dinosaur fossils as a joke?

  • funkybarfly

    @dogon:That would be the “Peri”:an angelic supernatural being class of fairy from Persian mythology.
    Iran,like all dysfunctional Koranic nation-tribes is devoid of anything even remotely resembling a redeeming feature.
    As for the Raelians………time to tax ALL religions a hefty fifty cents to the dollar of their gross profits(prophets).
    Damned money launderers,that’s all.

  • Neuseline

    What I should like to see and enjoy is a discussion between a leader of Scientology and Rael. As I see it there is little difference between their stupid beliefs, but would they?

  • ZombieHunter

    The raelians are just the church of scientology without the lawsuits and tom cruise.

  • Brian Jordan

    So, the Raelians are Intelligent Design proponentists, then. Except they go a bit further than the Christian creationists behind ID and claim to know exactly how it was done. So she’s not likely to get asylum in Seattle.

  • MrGronk

    That Rael has some serious issues. I skimmed an airheaded workmate’s book once, in which Rael claims to visit the alien creators’ planet and has a massive orgy with a bunch of sexy androids, who are afterwards brutally crushed and recycled. Funny how prophets always seem to have it in for women.
    (On a slightly related note, I recommend Houllebecq’s book “Possibility of an Island”, in which the Raellians become the world’s dominant religion, with the help of a little bit of murder and deceit. Just as well they’re not into lawsuits.)

  • tony e

    The Raelians make as much sense as all the other religions

  • rog

    I’ve spent a few min on the raelian website.
    This Rael chap claims to have personally met these aliens & the cult believes that they will return to earth ‘some time before 2035’ don’t you love it when cults set dates for things to happen? He also has a charity to pay for him to work full time for the cult.

  • CybrgnX

    Most of this religious crap would come to an end, once their ‘special’ status is removed. They are A BUSINESS just like any other, and like any other business they should be TAXED!!! And like many businesses when they can’t make their outrageous profits they can all move to china!!!!
    Their isn’t anything much sillier then two delusional groups all upset at each other for believing in the various delusions.

  • Don

    it would be justified for the civilized world to turn the whole of Iran into a nuclear wasteland.
    Wrong. And where is the civilised world when it’s at home?