What lay beneath the cassock …

What lay beneath the cassock … February 26, 2010

A SPANISH priest has gone into hiding after he was exposed as a male prostitute who splashed out church funds on telephone sex and internet pornography.
Samuel Martin Martin, 27, the priest at two small Catholic parishes in the central province of Toledo, posted images of himself posing in grey underpants and said he was available for sex sessions with women and couples for 120 euros an hour.

Beefy Samuel Martin Martin posing for prospective punters. Photo: SOLARPIX
Calling himself Hector, the priest described himself in an online advertisement as:

Heterosexual man for women and couples. Real photos. Well hung (15cm)  – [or 6 inches in old money] – to give you pleasure and happiness.

The scandal, according to The Telegraph, has made headlines across Catholic Spain where newspapers reprinted the photo and text from the advertisement.

I am open to everything except sadism. Hotels and private addresses. 24 hours. You won’t regret it, I will give you pleasure like never before.

Ummm … a Catholic priest who isn’t into sadism? Shurely shome mishtake.

Martin confessed to parishioners during a recent mass that he had misused their donations and asked for forgiveness.
He had served less than a year as parish priest at the two villages of Totanes and Noez, which have a combined population of fewer than 1,000 people.
The Archbishop of Toledo has launched an investigation and confirmed only that Mr Martin had been dismissed for “financial irregularities detected in the parish”.
It is alleged that he spent up to 17,000 euros (£15,000) to fund his addiction to sex and pornography.
The revelations have come as a severe embarrassment to the Spanish Church which is already struggling with falling attendance in the traditionally Catholic country.
Two representatives of the Archbishop of Toledo, who is also the primate of Spain, told celebrants at Martin’s church that they must forgive him “because he was unwell”.
They said the priest, who has gone into hiding, had promised to repay the money he had stolen from the church coffers. But locals said his behaviour had been deplorable.
One female resident told local media:

It’s one thing to give in to the evil temptation of stealing. But to then spend it on women!

Another villager said the revelations had come as a surprise.

He acted as pious as could be in front of us. For a man of the cloth to behave that way is unbelievable He should be ashamed of himself.

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  • barriejohn

    Samuel Martin = Smart in a mule
    PS I’d have a physique like his if I held my stomach in like that as well. Are people really THAT desperate?

  • barriejohn

    Why Samuel Martin Martin? Is he perhaps Samuel Martin at one parish and Samuel Martin at the other?
    The comments of the parishioners (unnamed, I see!) are priceless:
    “For a man of the cloth to behave that way is…” well, pretty well par for the course, I would have thought! And the other one reminds me of the line originally attributed to Tug McGraw, I believe, when asked what he was going to do with his baseball winnings: “I’ll spend a lot of it on wine and women, and I’ll probably waste the rest”!!

  • Linda

    Funny, Catholic priests who targeted children were protected for years, one that’s only interested in adults is quickly exposed, so to speak.
    You could say it’s another example of what happens when religion expects normal sexual urges to be subliminated, but the Catholic church has never listened before and I don’t suppose it will now…

  • Wurble

    A hypocritical catholic priest, whatever next?

  • sailor1031

    He seems to be interested in sex with other adults – no wonder the Bishop got rid of him! whatever next – straight one-on-one heterosexuality? Surely the RC church would be destroyed by an angry dog. BTW where does he get the idea that 15cm (less than 6 inches in english money) is “well hung”…..? he ain’t no Ron Jeremy..

  • Broga

    @sailor1031. Interesting comment. If he had been sexually abusing children he would have been whisked off to another parish; installed in a monastery for counselling; or – following the Pope’s kindly protection of that Archbishop in Boston – working and sunning himself in the Vatican.

  • maotai

    why am i not surprised by this? have i turned cynical? 🙂

  • Nasty…but someone should tell him that the sucked in belly look is not nice, and that 15cm is not considered large 🙂
    Catholics…they love to preach, order, advise, tell, pontificate, eulogise and generally spout stuff that everyone else should do….and then bugger off and do the exact opposite..usually involving buggery, candles or sex lines !!
    Bunch of hypocrites !
    Sell The Vatican Feed The World

  • Broga

    @maotai Or perhaps just objective? I wonder how many others there are – priests, I mean? I would expect there to be a real infestation of priests indulging in “naughty behaviour” in the Vatican. The Pope is hardly an exemplar of high standards.

  • NeoWolfe

    Well, I’m not sure how the law works in the UK, but in the US, the old catholic tradition, that if you confess your sins to a priest and do your “hail Mary”’s you will be forgiven, is all protected by law. You can confess that you just murdered an entire family of men, women, and children, but that confession is protected by law.
    But, when someone gets on the internet and admits his penis is only six inches long, that’s public knowledge. For being a horny bastard, you would have thought that he would have watched a few pornos, and realized he was packing a toothpick to a swordfight. Oh well, like catholics have ever had their eyes open to the real world.

  • Neuseline

    Samuel Martin Martin? Doesn’t sound like a Spanish name to me. Perhaps an immigrant from another EU country? With his physique he probably thought he was God’s gift to women and should not deprive them, but he was not prepared to be a “free gift”.
    Anyway, a few Hail Marys will see him reconciled with his friend in the sky.

  • Stuart H

    With ref to Neowolfe’s comment on confessions & exemption from law -UK readers might be interested in something I was astonished to see while looking through the Interception of Communications Act.
    There’s a clause in there explicitly preventing police bugging a confessional booth or obtaining/acting on similar evidence (e.g. via a priest’s phone or e-mail)! Specifically applies to Catholicism, not other denominations/faiths.
    Think it dates back to the time when Special Branch were rumoured to bug church confessional booths in London Irish areas(e.g.Kilburn) in the vague hope an IRA bomber might confess all.

  • Grey underpants?! Why grey? Why not purple, or red, or neon green? Let’s have a little flair, here!
    And he’s sucking in his gut so hard he looks as if he’s doing himself an injury. I don’t call that very alluring.
    Nah, thanks; next?

  • barriejohn

    Sexy underwear? He’s not gay, Ophelia (as far as we know)!

  • Sciuro

    Yes, I’m Spanish, I live near Toledo in fact, and I can confirm that Samuel Martin Martin is a perfectly Spanish name. Why “Martin Martin”, well, that means that his father’s surname is Martin, and his mother’s maiden surname is also Martin, pronounced “Mar-TEEN”.
    As to the priest, well, no surprise here, the only change is that these things get talked about now and are not hushed up any more.
    15 cm? At least he wasn’t lying, and is IS fractionally above the Spanish average anyway…

  • NeoWolfe

    I was regrettably married to two different Mexican women. For women, their middle name is the surname of the father, the last name is the surname of the mother. For men the opposite is true. I don’t know if that is fully reflected in Spanish culture.
    The Mexicans were raped by both the French and the Spanish, both good catholic countries at the time, but what’s interesting is, even though blacks have the reputation for packing around the enormous meat, things I have read indicate that Mexicans and Native Americans both have them beat. I guess, if what you say is true, that the Mexicans didn’t inherit it from the Spanish.:-(

  • rog

    @neowolf Well, I’m not sure how the law works in the UK, but in the US, the old catholic tradition, that if you confess your sins to a priest and do your “hail Mary”’s you will be forgiven, is all protected by law.
    ~Whilst the communication in confessional may be protected in the same way that doctor/patient lawyer/client interactions are, I can assure you that there is no exception from the law of the land, not matter how much Latin one mumbles on their knees & I sincerely doubt that it would fly in the US either.

  • MrGronk

    Wait – 15cm isn’t big?
    Nobody tell Mrs Gronk.

  • Ewwwww.

  • elainek123

    Why is it that priests and arab men wear dresses yet they think women are inferior. Have they not realised that without women they would not be here.
    Why do hypocrites get away with it.
    I wonder what the Pope wears under his cassock.
    Perhaps that is a question we can ask him when he visits GB.

  • Broga

    @elainek123 On the other hand you no longer need men. Impregnation no longer needs a male. I think there is a case for aborting most male featuses for a few years – opposite of the Indian/Chinese approach.
    I think they get away with it because most of the population are such dumbos they don’t realise what is being done to them. (If it is not clear already, I am a male.)

  • Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

    Notice how he was sacked for “financial irregularities” and not his sexual misdemeanors? Last thing the catholic church needs right now is more scandal.
    The bloke must be a real pervert. Can you imagine it, a priest having sex with consenting adults?…..