'Apostate' pair appeal to President Mubarak to allow them to leave Egypt

'Apostate' pair appeal to President Mubarak to allow them to leave Egypt April 18, 2010

A 15-year-old convert to Christianity has appealed to Egypt’s President Mubarak to allow her and her father to leave the country following a string of attacks against them by Muslim fanatics.
In the latest attack three weeks ago, Dina el-Gowhary had acid thrown at her.

Dina and her dad, persecuted for 'apostasy'
Her father, Maher el-Gowhary, changed his name to Peter Athanasius after converting to Christianity 35 years ago. Several fatwas were then issued calling for the “spilling of his blood”.
According to this report, Dina addressed an open letter to President Mubarak of Egypt begging him to save her and her father, and allow them to leave Egypt.
She asked:

Will he listen and lend us a helping hand, if, as they claim, he truly does not differentiate between Muslim and Christian citizens?  … I have no home, I am always afraid when I go to church or even go out in the street, I have no friends and no education.

In her letter, Dina expressed her deep distress at the mistreatment and continuous troubles she finds everywhere she goes, including being beaten and humiliated. She tells of how “because of her love for Jesus” she left her Muslim mother and went to live with her Christian father, abandoning school where she was persecuted by teachers and students.

I was threatened many times before. Once coming back from school, a bearded young man stepped out of a car, lifted me through my clothes from the ground and warned me that if my father and myself do not go back to Islam, both of us will be killed.

In June 2009 a court refused Athanasius’ request to have his religious designation changed on his ID to reflect his Christian religion and his Christian name. The Court ruling said that the religious conversion of a Muslim is against Islamic Sharia law and poses a threat to “public order” in Egypt.
The family was barred from leaving Egypt on September 17, 2009 without any legal reason given. They were told that the order came from a higher authority. To this day, says Athanasius, he does not know why he is barred from travel and precisely which authority is barring him.

He explained, in a interview with Freecopts this week, the extremely difficult circumstances they are living under, being hunted the whole time and with many attempts on their lives.

It is only due to the Grace and Protection of God, that we are still alive until today.

Asks Dina:

Why did they confiscate our passports? What have we done wrong? The only thing we did is that we loved Jesus with all our hearts and converted to Christianity. We will never leave Christianity and we will never ever revert back to Islam. Jesus is simply etched in our hearts.

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