Church painting labeled 'pornographic' by outraged Catholic parishioners

Church painting labeled 'pornographic' by outraged Catholic parishioners April 18, 2010

Jesus censored by NBC

THIS is beyond barmy…
US media appear to be censoring a Jesus icon that’s hanging in the sanctuary of a Catholic Church in Oklahoma City.
In this NBC report, for example, Jesus’ midriff is obscured, so we had to pop across to the ever-vigilant, always irreverent Mediawatchwatch to find an undoctored version and check out what the fuss is all about.
And here it is:

Jesus uncensored
The huge cross hangs at Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic church and school, and some are claiming that the ghastly thing is pornographic.  Others say the painting merely depicts Christ with muscles in his abdomen.
Granted, as six-pack depictions go, this one ain’t convincing … or pretty … but does it require censoring by an over-sensitive media?
No one at the local archdiocese would comment on the controversy. However, two women leading a protest against the painting believe the image is obscene.
Said a dotty Seannene Smith:
Religious art is beautiful.
No it’s not. It’s mostly crass … or unspeakably kitsch.
She added:

I do not consider this to be iconography. I feel that is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I feel it is pornographic.

The painting is said to be a copy of a work in the Vatican.

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