Christian fundie George Alan Rekers is not 'gay all the way' says second escort

Christian fundie George Alan Rekers is not 'gay all the way' says second escort May 9, 2010

A SECOND man, a former male prostitute, came forward yesterday with details of his sexual(ish) encounter with rent-boy hiring Christian anti-gay leader George Rekers.

Carl Shepherd
But wasn’t able to confirm the events that the former stripper, escort and adult actor named Carl Shepherd says took place at the Hyatt Regency at Chicago’s O’Hare airport in 1992.

We could not reach Rekers directly for a comment, but we received a very brief statement from an email address associated with him. It said only: Professor George Rekers has never been to the Hyatt Regency Hotel at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

In a telephone call with Gawker, Shepherd, now 41, claims that during the summer of 1992, he was living in Chicago where he’d placed an advertisement in Gay Chicago Magazine‘s models and escorts section offering his services and boasting of his porn experience.
He was contacted by Rekers who said:

I’m looking to spend an hour with a smooth young man for an … intimate massage. Nude. I’m kinda vanilla – I just want light touching, not sex.

Of the encounter itself, Shepherd said:

He lay on the bed, stomach down. I climbed astride him and started massaging his neck … I ran my fingers down his spine. He was squirming and pushing his ass up in the air, because he wanted me to touch him there. Eventually I’d touched him over every inch of his body with the same light touch. He got very aroused for an old guy – I was impressed actually.

Looking back I think he thought that it wasn’t gay, that he hadn’t crossed the line, because he didn’t want me to masturbate him at all. Just run my fingers over him there.

Meanwhile, the escort who accompanied Rekers on a recent trip to Europe – “Lucien”, whose real name we now know is Jo-Vanni Roman, appeared on TV to explain the terms of his $75-a-day contract with Rekers. It involved daily intimate massages, but not yer actual rumpy-pumpy.

If it’s true that it isn’t really gay unless tongues are exchanged, balls touch, or eye contact is made, then Rekers is, as he claims, “straight”. Just like John Travolta, pictured below smooching 90-year-old Kirk Douglas, after Douglas presented the movie star and Scientology poster boy Travolta with an award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

You're never too old to get snogged
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