Creepiest Picture of the Week

Creepiest Picture of the Week June 23, 2010

MISOGYNY in Islam takes many forms, but when it extends to the mutilation of mannequins, one is left wondering whether there is any limit at all to the lunacy of the fundamentalist Muslim mind.

This picture was posted under the headline Mad Mullahs Mandate Mannequin Mastectomies here.

The report suggests that the mannequins, spotted in a shop window in Iran, had their breasts sawn off on orders from the Iranian morality police during the latest crackdown on female dress “standards”.
Depravity, thy name is ISLAM.
Hat tip: Alan
Iranian clerics have gone on the offensive against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for suggesting a “cultural campaign” against certain styles of dress rather using heavy-handed police tactics.
Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, yet another posturing Islamic imbecile
In Iran, some younger women are tending to move toward less-restrictive veils and headscarves, and close-fitting overcoats. But these “badly-veiled” women are a grave threat to Iran’s youth, says Guardian Council chief Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, who compared women who let their hair show to violent criminals.

Drug traffickers are hanged. Terrorists are executed and robbers are punished for their crimes, but when it comes to the law of God, which is above human rights, [some individuals] stay put and speak about cultural programs. Shall we let badly-veiled women be free in the society to corrupt our youth?

Jannati’s comments, delivered in a sermon last Friday, were in response to Ahmedinejad’s recent suggestion that the goals of recent police efforts to stop cars carrying women, closing stores selling inappropriate clothing, etc would be better accomplished through a cultural campaign.
Ayatollah Ahmad Alam Hoda of Mashhad agreed with Jannati, referring to the fans of “hijab-lite” as “a corrupt minority”.

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  • Broadsword

    Islam forces women to “dress modestly” to prevent rapes by its men. If the breasts weren’t sawn off the mannequins would the window display become one big sexual free-for-all as a huge scrum of drooling muzzies copulated with the plastic maidens? In the absence of a receptive goat I suppose they’d make do with a mannequin leg and steal its head for a private session later at home. I see there is a precedent for this in Islam:
    How do large-breasted Iranian ladies cope if the men are unable to restrain themselves? They can’t remove them so must need a chaperone if they’re to venture out.
    Morality police. You have to wonder if men with such infantile minds would run away screaming if they saw a big hairy fanny. The link is photoshopped but funny:

  • Marcus

    Bloody stone-age nazis!
    Anyway, here’s something to cheer you up – the Bill Maher Burka Fashion Show:
    (Apologies if this has already been linked to on a previous thread.)

  • Broadsword

    Off topic.
    Mo and vuvuzela:
    Complete with pork pie.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    What next? Will they insist on real women having mastectomies? The problem isn’t the women, it’s the men who can’t control themselves so I suggest we treat the problem at source. Any muslim man who admits he can’t control his actions because the sight of a woman drives him mad should have his eyes removed. Sorted!

  • Broga

    How does this fit with their recent advertisement about the tolerant approach and espouser of equality of their paedo prophet? Of course, that was in the UK were these sick dumbfucks are still demanding acceptance.

  • Har Davids

    I’m glad I can usually verify the articles on this site, because some of them so weird that they make me wonder if there’s some Monty Python sketch I missed. But wasn’t there some pope who had all the dicks removed from the statues in the Vatican? I really feel sorry for the people who have to live in a country like Iran, and are still sane enough to realise that the inmates have taken over the asylum.

  • Angela_K

    Muzzie men should have their testicles removed if they can’t control their lust, better still would be just after puberty for all muzzie men.

  • Marcus

    @ Har It’s just like the Victorian xtians who lopped off all the genitalia from ancient Egyptian statues and defaced their frescos because the human form so offended their religious sensibilities.

  • barriejohn

    My immediate thoughts as well, Angela: they have obviously removed the wrong appendages!
    I agree with Har Davids as well. Make sure that you read THIS story on the News Feed, as you will otherwise assume that it is just another of those stupid “urban legends”!!

  • chrsbol

    Truly unbelievable the link to telegraph.
    My wife works in an infant school where they have a school dog in the reception office and when a muz comes in for something the dog has to be put in another room.(for the dogs sake perhaps).This is a catlicker school and last week the acting head entered my wifes office and commented on the lack of religious icons etc. “This must be the least holy room in the entire school.”To which my beloved replied “Well thank you very much, I try my best” I’m needless to say very proud of her.

  • Broga

    What about guide dogs for the blind? Are the needs of blind people to be denied because of these sick idiots? I occasionally see a blind man get on the bus with his dog. The dog enables him to get to the Post Office.
    I take my dog on the bus, sometimes. Did so yesterday, in fact, and I would be pretty bloody upset if some muslim clown objected. If they don’t like dogs, and want sharia law, why don’t they go to countries who share their beliefs. Answer: life is to comfortable for them here and too hard where they came from.
    Let us look at another by no means unlikely scenario. Suppose a young soldieris blinded defending their supposed – but actually corrupt – democracy in Iraq. He gets a guide dog. Wants to get on the ‘bus and there is a protesting muslim there. What happens?
    What is wrong with us that we let them get away with this?

  • Stonyground

    You would not think that these people could get any more mental would you? From about the nineteenth century onwards Western Europe has regarded the pronouncements of the clergy with various degrees of amusement. This has mainly been because they so rarely have anything intelligent to say and are usually wrong about just about everything.
    The Christian Clergy never attained the level of lunacy that the Ayatollahs acheive though. Surely it must be time for the ordinary citizens in these countries to start ripping the piss out of these idiots, or do you suppose that it is just too dangerous.

  • Har Davids

    Some Muslims are just pushing the envelope for no other reason than they can feel important. I’ve noticed some Muslims, and I’m sure they’re that, in my neighbourhood walking their dogs; small ones, but definitely dogs.

  • barriejohn

    The daft thing about the dogs is that, as we saw just recently, they admit themselves that there is nothing in the Koran to indicate that you shouldn’t own one; but just like the Roman Catholics, their religion has literally volumes of pettifogging rules and regulations, quite apart from their holy book, which are a blatant attempt to exercise control over the minutiae of their followers’ lives. People who are not only prepared to submit to this lunacy, but even to welcome it, are to me beyond help and beyond hope!

  • J

    Papa Smurf used to be more fun in the old days

  • L.Long

    I think I know why they act so psycho. Their brains of the little sheet heads don’t work right because of lack of blood circulation caused by the 10yrds of sheet squeezing their pea sided brains. So the only brain left is the one at the end of their dicks!!

  • I rather agree with Angela. Perhaps full castration would be better. After all, if the problem is that men can’t control themselves, why should the women be punished for it?

  • Robert Tobin

    Religion, ALL Religion POISONS EVERYTHING: Christopher Hichens

  • Lotharloo

    Woah! The prophet Muhammed sex doll is creepy. Definitely you don’t want it if you have young girls at home.

  • Peter v

    don’t laugh! sex with man equines has actually happened! In an unamed hospital that I worked in, they had to lockup the resuscitation Annie dolls because the locals havingnsex with them!