The obscenity of gay exorcism

The obscenity of gay exorcism June 7, 2010

THERE is a chilling feature in the latest issue of the US magazine, Details, which suggests that the practice of casting out  “demons of homosexuality” from mainly young gay folk in Pentacostal and evangelical churches in the US may be far more common than people might imagine.
The truly shocking part, says the writer Matt McAllester is that:

A church sign in the US advertising bingo and gay exorcism

God-fearing gays keep signing up for the traumatic ritual.

He focuses on the case of Kevin Robinson, 20, a truly messed up life member of the Holy Ghost Temple Church in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Since he was 16, Robinson has been exorcised at least ten times – yet still is gay.
Even his mother has tried exorcising him. Vivian Robinson, a registered nurse who is a high-ranking elder in the church, insists that to deliver someone of demons is an act of love and care ­ – a noble struggle to save the subject from the clutches of the Devil.

I deal with spiritual warfare a lot. We believe things can be cast out through the blood of Jesus and the faith and calling on God’s power . . . I have cast the spirit out of Kevin. Oh, my God, it’s a lot of work.

The last time she tried to exorcise Kevin was two years ago, in the bathroom of her house. She spread oil on Kevin’s head and began to pray, with her hands pressing on his head and abdomen.

He was over the toilet vomiting as I began to call out the spirits.

Kevin, or something inside Kevin, started to scream.
Said Kevin’s mad mother:

I mean a horrific scream, like none you’ve ever heard. Because that spirit didn’t want to come out. But then it began to yield.

After about 20 minutes, Kevin unleashed a stream of shouted profanities. At one point Vivian asked the demon its name. The demon seemed to emerge from Kevin, she says, speaking its name in Latin in a very deep voice. When McAllester asked Vivian what the name was, she goes silent for a moment.

I really wouldn’t want to say that name.

He asked her if she could spell the name.

I really don’t even want to pronounce it. I don’t even want to give it the recognition.

Vivian Robinson does not believe that Kevin was born gay. She insists:

God never makes mistakes.

She believes that a rapist passed a homosexual spirit to her son when he was 16. Kevin acknowledges that the rape did occur but denies that it is what made him gay.

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