Charismatic spiritual healer guilty of rape

Charismatic spiritual healer guilty of rape July 25, 2010

A SMOOTH-TALKING , charismatic “holy man” who claimed to possess healing powers and an “organic penis” has been found guilty of rape and indecent assault.

Michael Lyons aka Monan Singh
“Guru” Michael Lyons aka Monan Singh, 51, wore flowing robes, drove expensive cars and flew around the world boasting of links to the Dalai Lama, a court in London heard.

Passing himself off as a “spiritual leader” the colourful charlatan duped women into believing he was a healer who could help them.
But, according to this report, after gaining their trust, Lyons raped one woman and sexually assaulted another.
He was described in court as a “sexual predator” who used his harem of apparently respectable female devotees to recruit his targets.
Wood Green Crown court was told that one of his victims was a receptionist and aspiring actress in her 30s, who was raped in June 2002.
She went back to Lyons’s flat in Belsize Park, north London, after a friend had made introductions.
He wafted fumes from a burning frying pan around her and mumbled spiritual mantras before giving her a massage and raping her in a bedroom.
The second victim, a 43-year-old teacher, was assaulted in January 2005 after attending what she thought was to be a chiropractic treatment.
She travelled from the north to London after her lodger introduced her to Lyons. He drove her to a flat in a Bentley before indecently assaulting her in a bedroom.
Lyons was cleared of a further three rapes against different women.
The jury is still deliberating on one charge of rape and a further count of sexual assault.
There is much more on Singh here and here.
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