Islamist nutters have damaged more schools in Pakistan than the floods

Islamist nutters have damaged more schools in Pakistan than the floods September 24, 2010

TWO more girls’ schools in Peshawar were bombed this week by lunatic Taliban insurgents, bringing the total of schools attacked over the past five years in Pakistan to over 1,000.
The recent devastating floods, on the other hand, damaged 900 schools, 226 of which were totally destroyed, according to this report.

Local residents examine the wreckage of a school bombed by Islamic militants in Pakistan's Swat Valley town of Mingora last January. Three schools for boys and two for girls were destroyed in a single day.

In the space of just one week, a total of five schools in Peshawar were bombed by the Taliban, spreading terror among  school-going children and their parents.
In January 2009 – after the Taliban bombed five schools in the Swat Valley – the Washington Times ran a piece which said that the attacks were a throwback to conditions in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, when education for girls was banned and most women were forced to stay home.

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