Forced veilings: a primitive desert practice that turns the clock back centuries

Forced veilings: a primitive desert practice that turns the clock back centuries October 4, 2010

AT least three Muslim faith schools in thre UK are forcing girls as young as 11 to cover their faces with veils – with the blessing of Ofsted inspectors.
It emerged yesterday that one of the schools insists that fees are paid in cash and warns parents against speaking to the local education authority.

All three schools have been approved by education watchdog Ofsted, which inspects private faith schools to ensure they prepare pupils for life in modern Britain and “promote tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions”.
The schools’ dress codes yesterday provoked anger among mainsteam Muslims, who warned that pupils were in danger of being “brainwashed”.
The three schools causing concern are Madani Girls’ School in Tower Hamlets, East London, Jamea Al Kauthar, in Lancaster and Jameah Girls’ Academy in Leicester.
They insist that when girls are travelling to and from school they wear the niqab, a face veil leaving the eyes exposed, or the head-to-toe burka, which covers the eyes with a mesh screen.
School uniform rules listed on Madani’s website have been removed but an earlier version, seen by the Sunday Telegraph, said:

The present uniform conforms to the Islamic Code of dressing. Outside the school, this comprises of the black Burka and Niqab.

Critics claimed the policies could damage relations between Muslim and non-Muslim communities.
Ed Husain, co-director of Quilliam, the counter-extremist think-tank, said:

It is absurd that schools are enforcing this outdated ritual – one that which sends out a damaging message that Muslims do not want to fully partake in British society. The enforcing of the niqab on young girls is not a mainstream Islamic practice – either in Britain or in most Muslim-majority countries.  It is a desert practice which belongs to another century and another world.

Husain added:

Although it is not the government’s job to dictate how its citizens dress, it should nonetheless ensure that such schools are not bankrolled or subsidised by the British taxpayer.

Dr Taj Hargey, an imam and chairman of the Muslim Educational Trust of Oxford, said:

This is very disturbing and sets a dangerous precedent.  It means that Muslim children are being brainwashed into thinking they must segregate and separate themselves from mainstream society.

Philip Hollobone, the Tory MP who has attempted to bring in a Private Members’ Bill to ban wearing of the burka in public, added:

It is very sad in 21st century Britain that three schools are effectively forcing girls as young as 11 to hide their faces. How on earth are these young ladies going to grow up as part of a fully integrated society if they are made to regard themselves as objects at such a young age?

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Harry

    Must be awful trying to prove someone was playing truant.

  • The schools’ dress codes yesterday provoked anger among mainsteam Muslims, who warned that pupils were in danger of being “brainwashed”.

    That is good to hear.

  • Newspaniard

    The question also arises as to why fees must be paid in cash? Are receipts issued? If so, how many receipt books are there? One for the clients and another for the Revenue? All very “Iffy” if you ask me. I seem to recall that there were “special culturally sensitive” Ofsted inspectors for Muslim schools. If these “inspectors” are from a Death Cult background, of course the schools will be perfect in every detail. Hmmm…

  • I live in Leicester and have driven by that school often. The windows are already blacked out and little girls cover their head already. It’s very sad to see. Now they will be forced to cover themselves from head to toe in those black tents?
    How can the prats at Ofsted think that any kind of good can come of that? I am totally against the concept of religious school anyway, and this is just taking it a thousand steps too far even for the most liberally minded person. There is a big difference between allowing women to dress up however they want of their own free will and forcing CHILDREN to dress in a certain way.

  • Rosemarie

    Vitamin D deficiency all round!

  • barriejohn

    How dreadful it would be should these children be allowed contact with the real world!

  • hissing sid

    I can’t help but wonder if these mobile body bags being forced on these children will increase hate attacks on said kids. Also why cover them? Apart from maybe protecting the kids fromm the lustful stares of peados?!?

  • Har Davids

    Is this the way to promote tolerance and harmony between different cultural traditions, according to Ofsted? This seems allowing so-called grown-ups to take away these girls’ youth, contraving all kinds of international treaties, all at the expense of the tax-payers.

  • Al_Red

    What else the authorities are waiting before shutting down those aberrations called ‘faith schools’ ? Beating up pupils as part of their indoctrination ? Infibulation ? Where we should draw the line ? I feel very sad for what the future of those poor girls might be.

  • Freeminder

    Having been on the receiving end of Offshite inspections, I know exactly why this insanity was allowed. The vast majority of inspectors are failed teachers, penpushers, washed up nobodies and politically correct fanatics. It is because Offshite is full ofpeople who REALLY enjoy making the professional teacher/careworker/social worker look stupid. Ofsted changes their ‘rules’ more often than the X Factor uses autotuning…
    I was given a comment on a lesson that was inspected/observed by these failures. It stated that my lesson plan did not cater for the ‘ethnic minority pupil’ in the classroom. When I enquired who that was, the inspector insisted that a girl whose skin colour was not caucasion was being discriminated against because I made no effort to recognise her ‘race and ethnicity’. Errr, how exactly am I supposed to this in a General Studies class? (The young lady concerned is from a Chinese family, who have been in the UK over 100 years. Her English is better than mine and her family is completely Anglocised. She got very irate when having to fill in any forms about her ethnic origin, as she felt she was being singled out. I did try explaining this to the Ofshite wanker, but was told it was irrelevant, I had to acknowledge she was not white and alter the lesson plan accordingly!)
    As for this nonsense, surely now that ‘Ealth & Safety is being given a severe reboot, how about ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘PCism’???

  • Prime Numbers

    This just proves the lie that the headwear/cover is a choice. It’s not a choice. That’s why it should be banned, or at the very least, for under 18s.

  • Angela_K

    Cash only guv, no receipt – sound like a right bunch of “Delboy” dodgy geezers! I wonder if the cash goes to fund the taleban or UK based extremists? Also, I bet these schools teach science according to the koran i.e. fresh water and salt water don’t mix!
    Wake up sheeple or all women in the UK will end up looking like daleks; shame on the PC stalinists who endorse this female oppression.

  • Bubblecar

    Britain is really looking terminally tragic these days. I honestly don’t know why any of you bother hanging around. Leave the dump to the rug-butters, and seek more civilised shores.

  • tony e

    This is a direct result of a decade (plus) of pc politicians whoring themselves for the minority vote.
    Now we will have a generation of muslim females who are going to be socially segregated due to the cowardice of spineless mp’s. Worse, they are already being treated like property.
    If these kids were not allowed to dress like mobile bin bags then they would, I think, have been a lot more intergrated by now.

  • L.Long

    As much as I dislike IsLame (or any other delusional mythology) it is amazing how all these cowards are butting their heads against the feet of these schite4brains who claim the ‘tent’ is required and cowards let it happen.
    The ‘TENT’ is NOT islam, it is psycho behavior on the part of deranged desert dwelling goat-pluckers. Yes I know there are many NON-desert islamics, but that is where it all started, just like the other two Abrahamic delusions.
    THEY went to England or (insert country)so leave your desert BS behind or go back. When I lived in England I had an awful time of it. What a weird bunch of losers. But that was because I was an american trying to live in England. When I changed my point of view to be english (as best I could) and live in ENGLAND, everything changed to a wonderful experience (10yrs of it).
    I don’t see their males (they are not real men) still wearing their tents (I don’t remember what the males call their dresses).
    The KaKaKoran has no problem (argument from authority as I can’t read the silly thing)with normal modest dress and does not dictate the ‘tent’. So NOT agreeing with the silly Aholes is NOT suppression of their delusion.

  • jack

    Is this story really true? It comes from the Daily Mail!

  • David Anderson

    Religion sucks. How new is that’

  • Broga

    It it comes the the Daily Mail, that repository of bigotry, then you are entitled to question. However, the references to muslim sources indicate that the story is true.
    Another question is how much religious nonsense is Ofsted prepared to sanction? What are they scared of? Are they the disciples of PC gone mad?

  • Thoreau

    I live in Leicester and know most of the schools but hadn’t heard of Jameah Girls Academy. I looked on Google and it appears to be on a residential street.
    Either it’s based in a terraced house or they’ve bought an old social club and converted it, which seems most likely.
    How many students do thay actually have though? It can’t be many as there aren’t any places large enough on that street.
    Leicester is home of the world’s first secular society but sadly it’s also home to some of the nuttiest religious types going. We get the Mormons and JW’s at least once a week. I live in a hindu area and I’m guessing they don’t go to the Muslim areas so often.
    Oh if I could only wake up tomorrow to a world without religion and people to busy living their own lives to care about everyone else’s. I’m not in favour of banning burqas, niqabs, etc. although I find them offensive. It’s just such a gift to people who want Islam forced on others – instant martyrdom and ‘proof’ they’re winning. I want to see girls reject these shrouds as they’re raging feminists and find them offensive to both men and women.
    Not gonna happen going to a faith school. I was trying to explain what a Montessori school was to a Muslim guy in a kebab shop nearby the other week. He found the concept mind-blowing and seemed offended, although didn’t say much. I personally find Montesorri schools a bit flakey but being a lentil eating liberal I am glad that they at least they aim at opening up kids minds, not funneling them into one world view. My main objection is that they’re frequented by champagne socialists, but anyway. The Montessori school in question (Loughborough Road) is about 150 metres from a Masjid which blasts the call to prayer from the roof and has boys in dressed being marched about at all hours. It’s dismal. I shouted ‘Shut the fuck up!!’ in exasperation last time I walked past and got horrified and hostile stares from a couple of men inside the fence. But come on – the street is a public place and I dont need that shit forced on me.
    In between the two building is a W.I. centre. Yeah – great mix – frothing Daily Mail types sandwiched between groovy liberals and medieval types who cannot allow girls to learn amongst boys. Also 2 homeless hostels on that stretch. It’s never a dull walk but the sheer incompatability of cultures is permanently depressing.

  • Daz

    “Thank you for not provoking my uncontrollable lust” …for schoolgirls. Right.
    Maybe I’m being unfair, but I find it hard not to draw certain conclusions about those making these rules.

  • barriejohn

    I have been looking at The Madani Girls’ School site, and I am horrified at what I am seeing there! Read it for yourselves:
    I really can’t believe that we are allowing this sort of thing to go on in this day and age. Children need protection from this sort of indoctrination. At one time I would have said that it was every parent’s right to provide their children’s education if they so wished, but now I am no longer sure. At the very least the state should be ensuring that children ARE being educated!

  • barriejohn

    It doesn’t take more than a minute to check that this story appears elsewhere on the net, though I agree that that doesn’t guarantee its authenticity.
    I posted links to The Madani Girls’ School website but that comment has disappeared again!

  • Marcus

    @ Prime Numbers I’d actually go further and say that no one under 18 years of age should be exposed to anything to do with religion whatsoever. Then, when they are mature enough to have a point of view of their own, and have the wherewithal to know right from wrong, young adults can at least have the opportunity to make up their own minds as to whether they think the whole sky fairy thing is for real or just a shabby pack of lies. Selling religion to children as truth is brainwashing, plain and simple.

  • chick-a-boom

    We should treat the followers of each religion as that religion would treat outsiders. So for Islam, there should be dhimmitude. Anyone know what the arrangements would be for other religions?

  • Thornavis.

    I often think that way myself, I’m too old to up sticks now though and is anywhere any better these days really ? The insane are on the rise everywhere.

  • jack

    Thanks, Barriejohn 😉
    Torygraph only marginally superior to Daily Mail. Jihadwatch is a nest of vipers: the hate and irrationality shown (on both sides) there is frightening.
    The fact that the Madani Girls School has “withdrawn” its uniform regulations from its website seems all too convenient for this sort of story. Jamea al Kauthar has a prominent statement on its website: In response to the articles appearing in several newspapers regarding the enforcement of the veil upon our students, we would like to clarify that Jamea Al-Kauthar does not force any student to wear the veil. However, we do encourage students to dress modestly.
    Don’t know about Jameah Girls’ Academy in Leicester- their website not very revealing. (!)
    But if the story were true, it would be dismaying – and surely would have received wider coverage. I think that at the root of the objections here is not simply the individual girls’ rights so much as a fear of increasing ghettoisation and isolation of communities. These are both genuine concerns, but I can’t see the situation improving until everyone loses a bit of heat amd defensiveness.

  • barriejohn

    The strange thing about the Jameah Girls’ Academy is that they featured in a story on the AtheistNexus site dated 17th April, and using the selfsame picture that the MailOnline uses here! Their regulations then were as follows:
    2. UNIFORM
    Uniform, as set out in the pupil / parent handbook, which comprises of headscarf and habaya for all pupils, and niqab for girls attending the secondary years, to be worn during journeys to and from The Academy.

    More here:

  • barriejohn

    Jamea Al Kautar also has an Alimiyyah course similar to that taught in London, and following the same principles (Dars-e-Nizami, qv), but only available to male students:
    All this primitive gibberish (“Islamic Science”: “Islamic Health & Hygiene”, etc) is enough to give any self-respecting rationalist an attack of the vapours!

  • jack

    2. UNIFORM
    Uniform, as set out in the pupil / parent handbook, which comprises of headscarf and habaya for all pupils, and niqab for girls attending the secondary years, to be worn during journeys to and from The Academy.

    That has just got to be a fake quote. Anyone who learned English as a foreign language would not have said “comprises of”. This is a wind-up, surely?

  • Daz

    Just been checking out the links Barriejohn posted earlier. Found this one interesting:
    Now, forgetting the religious balderdash for a moment, check out the number of grammatical and typographical errors on that page. Faith based or not, if that’s meant to instil confidence in the education provided, it fails.

  • NeoWolfe

    Well, during my school days, it may not be typical, but some of the most bad-assed misfits that ever showed up in public school were assholes shipped over for non payment from the catholic school.
    But, while, I feel for girls who are never given the chance to play the sexual games as hotties on the chearleading squad, I also, as a freethinker, realize how totally cruel and ignorant those teenage games were. It’s not the fault of anyone, it’s just playing the game of evolution.
    But, the burka is a goatherder plot to sell their ugly daughters for top dollar. Or more correctly, low dowry. Good luck with that.

  • barriejohn

    Here is the original source, Jack (always assuming that this is not another spoof as well). As Daz says, the standard of English displayed on theses sites leaves much to be desired!

  • barriejohn

    I posted a comment last night (still awaiting moderation) with links to a site which I stated to be Jamea Al Kautar, but I see now that it is, in fact, from another Muslim establishment, located in Manchester. My apologies for this, but it WAS 1.42 am!! The facts are still relevant, however.

  • barriejohn

    This is the page from the Jamea site which refers to the Alimiyyah course:
    They also follow the principles of Dars-e-Nizami (variable spellings again), and I was following that up when I got a bit confused!

  • barriejohn
  • Har Davids

    No more info on the uniform. But under the heading ‘Bilingual Teachers’ I found: ‘English as a Second Language (ESL) is part of the English department.’ Shouldn’t that be the first language in the UK?

  • liam_p

    why does everyone make a big deal about islam
    why is it that isalm is the only religion thats degraded by others
    muslims never degrade other religions
    you guys are probably just jealous!!!!
    muslims never want to shut down churches or temples
    why is it that muslims never stare at others but everyone stares at muslims?????
    muslims are good people!!
    why is it that if a muslim commits a crime the words ‘a muslim’ are mentioned
    but if its a christian or a jew…then its just the poor guys name
    why dont you guys stop and think for a while how it feels for muslims
    muslims are not bothered about how they dress….you see other muslims without scarves and viels…y only pick on some muslims???????
    aftre reading everything in the news about muslims…i have researched into them and found that islam is the true religion!!!!!!
    read the quraan and hadeeths and you will find everything in there is true.
    trust me!!!!!!
    i would just like to say
    that publising islam in that way has made me research and think
    and i have become a muslim!!!!!
    and i no allah is the true god
    and islam is the true religion!!!!
    and muhammad (s.a.w) is the prophet of allah
    and we will a ll die and one day when the world ends we will all be brought in fromt of allah and resructed and put into hell or heaven
    and you people who disgrace heaven…a place for in hell is alraedy waiting…
    sulaiman muhammad (a.k.a. liam)

  • Sam

    This guy says it all: savages should not be running schools. And you can’t accuse him of racism.