Muslim woman killed for opposing an arranged marriage for her daughter

Muslim woman killed for opposing an arranged marriage for her daughter October 13, 2010

A WOMAN of Pakistani origins has been killed, and her daughter gravely injured in Italy following a family row over an arranged marriage earlier this month.

Isabella Bertolini, one of several Italian politicians who blasted the practice of arranged marriage
The incident sparked a wave of outrage among Italian politicians, including Isabella Bertolini, a member of Italy’s main conservative party who said that the deceased woman, Beghm Shnez, was:

A martyr for freedom, a victim of obscurantism and Islamic fundamentalism.

The daughter, 20-year-old Nosheen Butt, was hospitalised with head injuries and a broken arm after her 19-year-old brother beat her with a stick in the courtyard of their building in Novi, near the northern city of Modena.
According to Modena prosecutors’ initial findings, the father Ahmad Khan Butt, a 53-year-old construction worker, threw his wife to the ground and beat her with a brick while the brother Umair attacked his sister. The father had been in Italy less that 10 years and was the owner of the local mosque.
Said deputy Modena prosecutor Lucia Musti, who is in charge of the investigation:

The victim did not want her daughter to have an unhappy relationship like the one that had been forced on her. The mother and the daughter were on the same side and this could be called a ‘cultural’ homicide because in addition to domestic violence there is the issue of the traditions that may have motivated the crime.

The family’s three other children have been taken in by Italian social services.
Livia Turco, a senior politician in the Democrats of the Left main opposition party, condemned “arranged marriages and violence against women” in the guise “ethnic traditions” which she labeled as “medieval practices”.

Conservative lawmaker Souad Sbai of Moroccan origin said that such “intolerable barbarism” was the “result of failed integration” of the father and brother into Italian society.
Hat tip: Yann

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  • Mike

    An I am supposed to show respect for a culture that does these types of things? No bloody way!

  • Daz

    was the “result of failed integration” of the father and brother into Italian society the human race.

  • Maggie

    “…failed integration”?
    They never wanted to be integrated so there can be no “failure”. Integration is never the point.

  • “…..this could be called a ‘cultural’ homicide because in addition to domestic violence there is the issue of the traditions that may have motivated the crime”
    Again, people are treading on eggshells and going out of their way to avoid linking ISLAM to this crime, because of the current politcally correct taboos.
    The issue of ‘tradition’ MAY have motivated the crime….
    Let me re-phrase that for you…
    The issue of warped Islamic teachings ABSOLUTELY and SINGULARILY motivated the crime.

  • Graham

    I love the excuse “Conservative lawmaker Souad Sbai of Moroccan origin said that such “intolerable barbarism” was the “result of failed integration” of the father and brother into Italian society.”
    Oh really, there was I thinking it was because they were born into a retarded culture which places no value on the lives of women. It could perhaps be because they are all just brain-dead, but then, that goes without say.
    I don’t want to live in a world where this thuggery takes place and I hate to say this but, I believe no amount of talking to these pratts will stop this kind of thing happening. A war is coming and these bastards will have to die. Not a nice thought but history has a habit of repeating itself. Survival of the fittest and I’m afraid Islam isn’t fit.

  • Lucy

    I want to stand up and applaud that brave mother, who supported her daughter. What a bloody tragedy.

  • Har Davids

    The under-dogs of some retarded societies have much to gain by coming to the Western world, and these people are usually not of the straight, male variety. There’s not always a good reason to restrict immigration, but we could vet the applicants and prevent the less civilised from coming in and trying to impose their stone-age standards on us.

  • tony e

    Don’t you just love the phrase ‘failed integration’. It’s almost like saying ‘The Italian people should have done more to make them feel welcome.’ If Italy is anything like the UK, where no amount of appeasement has kept these rug-butters happy, then they are in for some trouble. I’ve said it a million times, if you don’t like the rules of living in a western society, where women are equal, please just FUCK OFF back to your stone age hovel. I honestly don’t care if you find this offensive to your beliefs, I find the whole of the curse that is Islam offensive.

  • Broga

    tony e
    They like the rules that suit them. They like the better standard of living. They like the freedom for them as males. But within these they insist that there are other rules that they are able to apply on their women and any interference is discrimination. So Female Genital Mutilation continues to be rife and our politicians look away; beating up their wives is easy as the wives keep their heads down; arranged marriages – no problem as they force some beginning to be Westernised young girl into a marriage with some bearded, aging randy and probably smelly friend of the family. The horror inflicted on these young women is beyond imagining.

  • David Anderson

    Two predictions;
    1. Even though one charge has been dropped, Wilders will be found guilty of something.
    2. These two men will be found innocent for “cultural” reasons.

  • Yasmeen

    It is NOT Islam that is the fault, it is the people who put these things into practice. Islam actually protects woman and Islam by it’s very name is a peaceful Religon. when atrocities happen in other religons, does everyone cry out CHRISTIAN KILLS IN THE NAME OF GOD, no of course they don’t, do you read Jewish man kills daughter for disobedience, No, but these things do happen. Yes there have been evil things done by Muslims, and they scream out that it is done in the name of Allah, but it is these people who are terrorists, it is not the fault or the teachings of Islam. The God we pray to who we call Allah is the same God you pray to if you are christian, God does not tell you to do one thing and a Muslim to do another. The things that you hear and read are mainly CULTURAL differences, NOT religous ones. I do agree that immigrants should make every effort to fit into the place they decide to live however hard it is. I guess it is almost impossible for people to change their cultural beliefs it is the way they were taught to live. Please do not just go and blame Islam for all of this, just blame the person responsible, whatever his religous beliefs.

  • Angela_K

    Arranged marriage! Shouldn’t that be: forced into being a baby factory and invisible punch bag marriage?
    Well done the mother for standing up for what is right.

  • Har Davids

    David Anderson, the Public Prosecutor didn’t even want to press charges, but was forced to do so by the Court, probably on the behest of certain politicians. The plaintiffs in this case make a living out of being Muslim or are overly politically correct. Blasphemy and hate-laws are so vague as long as there’s no incitement to violence, that prosecution seems a waste of time. I’m certainly no fan of Geert, but Islam’s self-appointed representatives in Europe have more to answer for than Geert has. He should be taken apart in public debate, as his solutions to certain problems don’t really cut it.

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  • Anonymous

    One of the best sources of “failed integration” is via religious schools. Keep it in mind, politicians!

  • barriejohn

    That’ll teach her.

  • David Anderson

    Har Davids, I´m with you completely. I was saying that, if Geert Wilders is found innocent of all charges there will be an outcry about the “disrespect” and “hurt” caused to the Islamic communities, followed by some flag burning.
    If these two savages in Italy are found gilty of murder and attempted murder those same communities will claim that the Italian government do not have any “respect” for the religion and culture of Islam, followed by some flag burning.
    Both cases, I thnk, will depend on how much backbone the Dutch and Italian governments have.

  • ZombieHunter

    How many of the politicians criticising this are rabid catholics??

  • Great Satan

    Yasmeen ; it IS islam that is at fault, the koran and those who teach it continually espouse such barbarity : “jews are pigs and apes” and so on.
    To deny the involvement of such islamic propaganda is akin to saying the Nazi Party propaganda of the 1930’s had nothing to do with subsequent events.

  • Broga

    The god you pray to does not tell you to do anything. The god christians pray to does not tell them to do anything. The “telling” comes from religious leaders who invent what suits them as a wonderful way of controlling their gullible followers. You have never seen any evidence for the existence of Allah any more than I have ever seen any evidence for the existence of god.
    If you have this evidence then please let us hear what it is.

  • Freeminder

    “failed integration…”
    Bit like a grade G in GCSE Media Studies, you can fail it but still get the certificate and claim to have a GCSE.So in doublethink, they really passed. Oh dear….
    Brave women deserve better than stone age mentality….

  • We must condemn “arranged” marriage, especially cousin marriage, as much as we condemn outright & blatantly forced marriage. Because who’s to say what the difference is or where the boundary is to be drawn? We see western youth rebelling, but a teenage girl in a hardcore right-wing society can’t resist a family determined to break her at all costs. I heard that the new Dutch government are restricting immigration for marriage purposes, why are we not doing the same for Pakistanis & Bangladeshis in particular? I am not aware of there being a need for any more immigration, especially not of people who are going to be living in insular communities & further retard integration of the people who live there.
    This is why I will slag off Islam until the cows come home but I do not support people who talk about “the Muslims” or use it as a proxy for ethnicity. We should be aligning ourselves with people like Beghm Shnez against the right-wing elements in their own “community”.

  • Broadsword

    Yet another nasty incident from the culturally backward.
    I hope the two “men” recieve maximum sentences as a deterrent to all immigrants who refuse to fit-in.
    If the squealing appeasers made their voices heard or rent-a-mobs took to the streets, can you imagine Silvio Berlusconi phoning his pal Colonel Gadaffi for advice?
    S: Gadfly, got a problem.
    G: Yeah Sili, I heard. Fuck an’ punch mate, always works for me….

  • Marcus

    @ Yasmeen In some ways I think you are right. There are evil, cruel individuals in every country, every culture and every religion. Being wicked is not and cannot be confined to or associated with just one group of people.
    However, I do think that religion has always given a lot of bad people licence to do what they do. Whether that’s torturing heretics, setting off bombs in a market place or beating their wife to death with a brick. It’s just yet another aspect of religion – all religion – that makes it divisive, utterly outdated and one of the greatest impediments we have to human development.

  • William Harwood

    I have no reason to doubt the claim of “Yasmeen” that she is not a terrorist and does not wish to be a terrorist. But in order to believe that, I also have to believe that she has never read a Koran. Since rugbutters are required, on pain of execution, to believe that the Koran is an infallible directive from “him who must be obeyed,” and the Koran is the most obscene paean to evil ever written, ordering Moslems to decapitite and exterminate non-Moslems on sight, I urge her to go on NOT reading it. For if she does read it, the only way she can avoid becoming a terrorist is to cease being a rugbutter. While the latter course would be desirable, I very much fear that a lifetime of being allahphuqt would cause her to choose the former. So I repeat: DO NOT read a Koran.

  • Graham

    What was I saying about wasting your time talking to islamic dick-heads and/or apologists.
    Please Yasmeen stop your whining we are all aware that, all religions are rotten and pathetic, however islame does currently seem to be winning in the shit top ten oppressive, violent, moronic religions. There is also multitudes of islamic violence reported in daily news papers world wide or is that coincidence?
    Bring on the bombs. The world should be split into two halves, Religious and Non-religious. You religious clowns have managed to start every war since we evolved. Let us try something better, so let’s start by deportations of religious followers immediately.
    Isn’t that better no more rug-butters, rag-heads, poxy-church roof appeals, old men wearing dog collars, blacked-out windows in swimming pools, young girls with their genitals mutilated, “honour” killings, etc. etc.
    I just love the concept of “honour” killing. Can you imagine having to sit in court listening to the murdering stone age pratt, “Your honour It just so happens I honorarily smashed my wifes and childs heads in with a brick whats the problem?
    Are we stupid for even tolerating cold-blooded murder being sold as honourable? These islamic bastards are what is known in Britain as, taking the piss.

  • Broga

    It is always the same with religionuts. They can excuse anything. I meet a Roman Catholic from time to time. Mention some religious inspired abomination – not difficult with all these paedo priests – and her reply is always the same, “They are not true christians.” If, for example, a prominent atheist were found to be similarly guilty I can just hear the whine, “Well that’s what you must expect from an atheist.”

  • barriejohn

    All I can say in answer to Yasmeen and others of her ilk is this: If all these atrocities are so Unislamic, and due to cultural practices of which “The Prophet” would have disapproved, why on earth are the imams not condemning them out of hand? The people carrying them out are all devout – nay, fanatical – Muslims, so why are they not ostracised by the religious community? Why are young boys in madrassas being trained as suicide bombers? There’s a strong stench of hypocrisy here!

  • tony e

    I honestly feel that our spineless governments in Europe have whored themselves for the minority votes. I especially feel that the police in this country, where muslims are concerned, are pretty useless.
    Should a female member of my family, or a female friend, come up to me and informed me that they were dating a muslim man I would ask to meet him. I would take him to one side, and tell him ‘One single tear and I will make your life a living hell.’
    Sadly, it has got to the stage where the only way a woman can feel safe is by putting the fear of god into their partners.
    Appeasement has obviously failed, not that the governments of Europe have noticed.

  • What else can be expected of a religion that sees women as property?

  • hissing sid

    Yet another example. From ‘the religon of peace/piss. When will tHese dickheads join the human race?

  • Russell W

    If Western nations rejected the pernicious doctrine of ‘Multiculturalism’ we would have fewer of these appalling incidents.

  • Fester60613

    I’d like to see how the father / husband would react to being beaten with a brick!
    These men – hiding behind their religious / cultural traditions are nothing less than damned barbarians.

  • Harry

    barriejohn has it right. If westerners claim that islam supports these acts then muslims will riot but as muslims are committing these acts and claiming that they are acting in the name of islam there is silence.
    Condemn these people, protest outside their trials, stone them to death, whatever, but don’t complain that the west sees them while tolerating them yourselves.

  • terry

    This is grave and sad news women who are treated as sexual chattel—or as the object of “honor killings”—by their menfolk, and other case histories that will freeze your blood. These, however, are in some ways less depressing than the excuses made by qualified liberals for their continuation. At all costs, it seems, others must be allowed “their culture” and—what is more—must be allowed the freedom not to be offended by the smallest criticism of it. If they do feel offended, their very first resort is to violence and intimidation,

  • james

    Ah, another peaceful and loving act from one of the fine members of…
    “The Religion of Peace”

  • Finisterre

    @ Graham
    From one atheist to another: if you must post angry, racist rants consisting mostly of insults and self-contradictions, you could at least learn the basics of comma use.

  • agirlwithaguitar

    If Islam is to be blamed for this heinous and brutal murder, is Christianity to be blamed if an American churchgoing man kills his wife and claims God sanctioned his actions? Consider Jonestown. Do you think Muslims look at America and say “Look at James Warren Jones – he is proof that all Americans are bloodthirsty and their religion advocates the mass slaughter of innocent people”? Or perhaps they look at the bombing of Baghdad and conclude that our culture and belief system is entirely based on a worship of war and bloodshed. Yet we see ourselves as peaceful and civilized! Oh, if we could see ourselves through others’ eyes! I wonder if the statistics on violent crime are higher in Detroit or Casablanca. Which city has a higher incidence of domestic violence, do you suppose? I think I will go look it up now.

  • Sandi

    You bigots are utterlyly disgusting. There are millions of Muslims in every country on every continent on this earth inhabited by human beings. Rare, isolated, incidents and you want to eliminate the entire race. I think your genes should be removed from the pool first since your brains obviously don’t work properly. Before you start gloating over Christian/Judeo superiority you need to do a little more research, read some very recent history and check out religions like Catholicism who still believe it is a woman’s duty to submit to her husband’s abuse rather than leave him. You ignorant freaks are every bit as twisted and sick as this man and his son.

  • Barry Duke

    First off Sandi, Muslims are not a race. Second, this is an ATHEIST site, so no-one will be “gloating over Christian/Judeo superiority”. Check out this site out properly, and you will find we hold ALL religions in contempt.

  • barriejohn

    Sandi obviously has problems with either reading or the application of logic:

  • Sandi

    I am aware that it’s an atheist site, (Nor am I religious. I think organized religion is the biggest handicap the human race has.) but I don’t see your readers bashing other religion’s adherents when they commit atrocious acts (Catholic priests!!!) and calling for them to be wiped out. Do you think that most Americans would be calling for the destruction of Muslims (whom many Americans think only come in the Arab variety), if they weren’t mostly non-whites? Please tell me you’re not really that naive.

  • Carasek

    Sandi’s comments are hilarious, of course. BarryDuke is quite right on all counts.
    One thing that I don’t think has been touched on was the part of the report that states the father was the owner of the local mosque. Aside from the slightly confusing ownership issue (a local construction worker owns the mosque, not a local religious community?), this is a rather startling fact.
    Think about it: it’s safe to assume that the man is rather pious and a devout enough follow of Islam to provide their place of worship. That the same man seemingly finds NO CONTRADICTIONS between his religious faith and slaughtering his own wife and daughter on a matter of ‘honour’ speaks volumes about the religion and what it can be seen to sanction.
    Islam gave women some rights that were not universal circa 600AD. However, times have moved on for the rest of us, so the following really doesn’t fucking cut it anymore, my Islamic friends:
    4:11 women only entitled to HALF the inheritance of males
    4:15 lewd women (but not men) to be confined to the house until death
    4:17 muslim men can take the womenfolk of dead soldiers as slaves (forcibly), but only if the women are lewd
    4:24 sex with married women is forbidden, unless they are slaves obtained after a war
    There’s plenty more where that came from. Seriously, this medieval lunacy should have been consigned to the history books long ago. The Koran prescribes against the believer being able to pick and choose. There is no rational justification for following it anymore unless you happen to be the most extremely bigoted male.
    “It’s like what Lenin said… you look for the person who will benefit, and, uh, uh… “

  • NEWSFLASH … Domestic violence does not recognize religion, race, creed, or gender … it’s non-denominational …

  • Carasek

    NEWSFLASH … if you’re a victim of domestic violence and the perpetrator isn’t religious, then that’s bad but the only person to blame is the perpetrator … however, if the perpetrator’s a religious person, and the religion heavily discriminates against women, even to the extent where a woman’s testament is worth half that of a man in Sharia courts, where women can be stoned to death for sex outside marriage, whereas men get a whipping and where rape is acceptable if the woman is a slave won in combat (4:24), then domestic violence should not only recognise religion, it is damn well fostered by religion and therefore that religion is also to blame …
    Grow the fuck up and stop providing excuses for violent oppressors and the political or religious ideologies that support them.

  • barriejohn

    Perhaps TirboKitty missed the link that I posted earlier. Here it ia again:
    No comment is required.

  • Sandi

    You grow the fuck up and quit trying to justify the killings of millions of Muslims (for the sins of a few) that some of your readers keep calling for. You are making utter fools of yourselves. Christians also pick and choose what they will and won’t obey from their holy book, and use the Bible to justify horrible behavior (ever hear of Phred Felps) and yet I hear none of you calling for the death of all Christians.

  • Carasek

    Catholicism lends itself well to covering up abuse because, amongst other things, the alleged infallibility of its priests right up to the Pope is central. Islam lends itself well to discrimination against women, intolerance and violence towards non-believers because that’s what the Koran requires. You appear to disagree with these simple facts, but provide no reasoning.
    None of this particularly justifies killing any one group of people and the vast majority of regular commentators on this site don’t hold such views.
    However, there are a couple of people who have used insults and called out for violence against ‘the other side’ on this post – one of them being you:
    “I think your genes should be removed from the pool first since your brains obviously don’t work properly. Before you start gloating over Christian/Judeo superiority you need to do a little more research, read some very recent history and check out religions like Catholicism who still believe it is a woman’s duty to submit to her husband’s abuse rather than leave him. You ignorant freaks are every bit as twisted and sick as this man and his son.”
    It’s obvious that you don’t bother to read the majority of comments in any detail in favour of your broad generalisations and yet you expect others to respond to your trolling. Further, comments on Catholicism have been covered umpteen times in other posts if only you could be bothered to read them. Ratty’s recent trip to the UK sparked considerable volumes of opinion.
    The keenest application of ignorance (lack of awareness) on this post can all be found within each of your comments.

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