Spain's anti-clericalism reminiscent of the 1930s, says rancid Pope Ratzinger

Spain's anti-clericalism reminiscent of the 1930s, says rancid Pope Ratzinger November 7, 2010

POPE Ratzinger has criticised an “aggressive” anti-church sentiment that he said is flourishing in Spain when he arrived on a two-day visit to the country this weekend.
According to this report, he said the anti-clericalism being felt today in Spain harks back to the 1930s when the church suffered a wave of violence and ill feeling as the country lurched from an unstable democracy to civil war.

Ratzinger: not a happy bunny
Speaking en route to Santiago de Compostela, he said he had created a new Vatican office to fight such secular trends worldwide.
He said Spain was a particular focus since it had played such an important role in reviving Christianity in centuries past.

In Spain, a strong, aggressive laicity, an anti-clericalism, a secularisation has been born as we experienced in the 1930s.

But the Vatican’s chances of recapturing Spain are virtually zilch.
According to this report, the number of 20- to 24-year-olds who define themselves as practising Catholics in Spain is just seven percent, with a further 51 percent saying they are non-practising Catholics. Civil weddings outnumbered church weddings for the first time last year.

And when the ponced-up pontiff visited Barcelona yesterday he was treated to a homosexual kiss-in staged by around  200 Spanish gays who had responded to a Facebook campaign to show Ratzinger that his homophobia would not be tolerated in Spain.
The Pope pictured in an apparent effort to capture a Spanish woman
The “queer kissing flashmob” campaign briefly ran into trouble when Facebook erased the page.
A Facebook spokesman explained why the page had been taken down, then restored:

The Spanish team took down the event and pages because of the use of the slur ‘queer’. Since the term was used in a self-referential manner – the only instance in which we allow slurs against protected collectives – Facebook have reinstated both the event and the page.

One of the organisers, Marylene Carole, said:

When Benedict XVI passes in front of us we will kiss, man-to-man and woman-to-woman. Once the kiss is over we will go on our way as if nothing had happened.

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  • Newspaniard

    Reading the article, it sounds as if Ratty is bringing us nothing but GOOD news. We should rejoice and praise him (after presenting him with the bill for costs, of course)

  • JohnMWhite

    I imagine the pope is a bit irked. Having been met with anger and apathy in the UK and having his posters daubed with some weird little bear in Malta, he probably thought “well at least the Spanish will want to see me, they used to torture Jews in our name”. No such luck, and frankly it’s the sort of scandal the mainstream media really should be kicking up more of a fuss over that the pope basically laments for the loss of the Inquisiton, constant warring with Islam and the Franco dictatorship. The church continues to appear baffled by the secularisation of Europe and their only repsonse, rather than to attempt to drag themselves back to some kind of relevance, is to tell everyone how bad they are for not having state religions and letting gay people marry. Which of course, only serves to drive the wedge deeper.
    Sometimes I think that if atheists were to plant someone in the papacy, they couldn’t have done a better job than Ratzinger for his spirited attempt to drive everyone with a brain away from his church as fast as possible.

  • tony e

    The bit I find disturbing was the initial removal of the facebook page. It would be interesting to know the religion of the person who saw fit to do so.

  • Great Satan

    Thanks for the heartening news from Spain – Ratzy !
    In the period up to and including the Spanish Civil War, the ordinary Spaniards had the catholic church sussed as the parasitic scam it actually was, and were attacking it, unfortunately they were defeated by Franco’s clerical fascists and back stabbing by the communists – lets hope they finish off the job this time !

  • JohnMWhite

    @ tony e – According to the article the facebook page was removed over the use of the word ‘queer’. I can understand that happening, as it may have flagged automatically, or have been flagged by someone mischievous or someone who got the wrong end of the stick, and no one at Facebook got around to checking on it for a while. I wouldn’t rule out foul play, as timing is everything with flash mobs and this could have really screwed up the attempt, but their explanation for its removal seems very plausible.
    I wonder if much of the media will cover this peaceful and poignant protest or if they will shy away from it as they find it “icky” and too controversial compared with, say, letting the pope spew his bile about atheists being Nazis or a Cardinal claiming that atheists aren’t fully human.

  • Maybe he should stop being such a hateful douchebag.

  • tony e

    Cheers for that. As you correctly pointed out timing is everything. I will not hold my breath on a less than gushing coverage by our piss poor media in this country.

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  • Stonyground

    I wonder, has the media always been so poor with regard to news and bias, or is it only being exposed as such due to the fact that we can now find stuff out for ourselves?
    Someone reported that the BBC did actually cover the London anti-Pope protests but at one stage cut from the speeches to Pope-watch where nothing was happening apart from the armoured ice-cream van driving along a road. I would say that this amounted not only to bias but censorship from our officially impartial national broadcaster.

  • Broga

    @tony e
    That coverage has started. I heard a report on BBC – where else? – saying that Ratzi had sanctified something or other. I don’t know how he does this: waves a magic wand maybe, turns a somersault or throws some holy water at it. Amazing. The place is sanctified by a vainglorious spiv trailing the stench of medieval barbaric thinking wherever he goes.
    I read that the RC Director General of the BBC, and very keen supporter of Ratzi while censoring Thought for the Day, is in the crap with his own staff. They have accused him of bias in co – signing a letter – anti Rupe Murdoch – sent to the government. The view of the staff is that whatever you think of Murdoch the objectivity of the BBC is dramatically compromised when Mark Thompson gets into bed with such luminaries in the press world as the Daily Mail, Daily Express to block Murdoch editors. Thompson consulted no one.
    I wonder whom he consulted when he ruled ex cathedra on admitting secular views on Thought for the Day. He seems to be emulating his hero Ratzi.
    The BBC governors, as usual, seem a waste of time.

  • Daz

    “…created a new Vatican office to fight such secular trends worldwide.”

    If only they’d acted as quickly over the paedophilia cases. Seems bums on pews is more important than human rights.

  • Anonymous

    Lovely photo of the kiss-in at #4
    Some raw video
    The Reader‘s headline is “Pope travels through a quiet Barcelona lined with more police than followers” and contains this sentence
    “The passage of the popemobile, which left 11 minutes late, has been, according to some reporters, “the biggest non-event seen for years in Barcelona””

  • JohnMWhite

    @StonyGround – if I recall correctly, the moment the BBC changed from showing the protest to Popewatch was about 5 seconds after Dawkins said “buggery” in his speech.
    @Daz – they did have an office to deal with paedophilia cases – the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. And Raztinger was in charge of it. They just didn’t bother actually doing anything except swearing everyone to secrecy, sending priests on retreats and trying to bury the evidence.

  • Har Davids

    Papa’s statement that Spain was a particular focus since it had played such an important role in reviving Christianity in centuries past, probably meant it had helped his version of religious plague across the globe. But the the times have changed a bit, and I don’t see Spain helping the Vatican regaining a foothold anywhere on Earth.

  • Carasek

    At least Ratty’s being more honest now.
    – Earlier, when he was in the UK he likened atheists with Nazis (check out the earlier posts on that, which have wonderful evidence proving quite the contrary)
    – Now he’s lamenting the years before fascist rule in Spain!
    The violence hardly stopped after the civil war of the 30’s, it was just rather more one-sided. Franco’s regime, characterised by a bloody dagger in one hand and a crucifix in the other, was clearly some sort of glory period for the Catholic Church. One wonders if that’s despite the brutality of the fascists, or because of it?
    I agree with JohnMWhite. These religiots couldn’t be more self-destructive if they tried. Guilt’s such a Catholic trait (brings in the cash, right?): perhaps the abuse horrors are playing on the subconscious minds of the robed ones…

  • Broga

    Pathetic old Ratzy just doesn’t get it. Although he may be a tad more aware than his bigotted outpourings indicate. He cannot win. He is on a loser, on permanent retreat and only a coterie of repellent right wing religionuts, including Gorgeous Georg, feed and sustain his ego. Why can’t he win?: human nature including the power of the sexual drive cannot be defeated; reason and common sense will overcome superstitious claprap, even the unread and ill educated are departing his flock, his priests and nuns increasingly embrace a theology which leaves them contemptuous and in despair of the anachronistic Ratzy.
    Ratzy, his aging coterie and many priests face a terrible fact. They have thrown away, needlessly, the best, and most potent, source of happiness, even ecstacy on occasion, available to us: a loving, including sexual, relationship. Imagine the truly mind shattering “if onlys” they must suffer as they contemplate what might have been. That relationship, fleeting perhaps and tossed aside in favour of a barren life, when the touch of a partner’s hand was electric. What have they lost in return for the dreary, barren solitude of the celibate priestly life?
    Is it any wonder that Ratzy and his kind just dare not face this fact. They threadbare, dreary, fantasy is all they have. But the truth, the reality, must keep pushing with the power of nature – I have wasted my life, thrown away the satisfactions, the pleasures which could have been mine.
    This is the real hell they face every day. Not some fantasy furnace invented to terrify.

  • stargraves

    I love the sagrada familia as a piece of the most wonderful arhitecture – I love gaudi his work is genius – I love Barcelona, as I used to live there.
    I also love pics of women kissing – so y’know, in the interest of journalistic balance – I think it’s only fair :o)
    Oh and darth ratzinger came out with mediaval shit – meh?
    Evil is as evil does. No matter how stoopid.
    ps – broga, that “if only” stuff is hilariously potent mate. I intend to use it in my next discussion if I may, it was brilliantly put!

  • Carasek

    Awesome comment, fella. First smile of the day!

  • Daz

    You mistake me. My fault for not making myself clearer. I meant an office that would do something about the problem. Ahem.

  • MrGronk

    Naturally Rat Finger would never ask himself why the Spanish church was so hated in the 30s – because it was the most primitive turd in the entire catholic cesspit. The first chapter of Antony Beevor’s Battle For Spain is the most succinct description of that country’s decline I’ve ever read. Having read it it’s difficult to summon any pity for the scores of clergy executed by the Republicans in the civil war. It seems to me that there was a considerable overlap between catholicism and 1930-40s fascism: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary (not to mention Ireland’s dreadful quasi-theocracy)… as if fascism were catholicism’s scream of childish rage against modernity and progress. (Nazism, by comparison, seems like all the bad traits of German culture in one handy package, but I digress.)

  • Broga

    Feel free. Use it any way you choose. Thanks for your comments.
    Many thanks. Glad that it raised a smile.

  • Stuart H.

    Here’s a funny experiment for anyone who’s interested…
    Out of curiosity I started checking out what happened to buildings and places ‘blessed’ by the local bishop. The most hilarious find was that an entire estate of new houses had to be demolished a few years later (he’d blessed the 1st one when the couple moved in).
    Then there was a fiasco when he consecrated the new corpy graveyard, and rival denominations & faiths complained he had no authority to sprinkle on their patches. Cue massive row and experiments to work out if holy water thrown from the point where he stood could have reached beyond his nominated spot, and thus if, technically, he’d ‘blessed’, say, the Catholic or Jewish sections of the graveyard.

  • Broga

    @Stuart H
    Here is one for you and it comes with a personal confession. I have a fundie relative who lives in the USA. That’s the confession. She had just moved to Alabama and decided to buy a house and (a) because she was buying from a local Pastor and (b) (Try not to laugh at this next bit) He agreed to “bless the house before she moved in” and had assured her that the building was sound she decided not to arrange for a survey. A few months after she moved in one wall of a room caved in, the beams of the ceiling also buckled and the locals began talking. One man said that “We all knew this was a disaster waiting to happen. The pastor had filled the upper floor with books and the weight was too much”. There was also a massive crack in the chimney stack and he had “decided to butt out.”
    Did this damage Fundie’s faith. Not a bit. She was convinced the Pastor had given her the information about the house as he “truly believed it” and, being a Pastor, would not have misled her.

  • Think or GTFO

    Anti-church? Well what the hell did he expect from thinking people?

  • David Anderson

    I have nothing much to add to all your great comments above, just a little anecdote.
    While I was having lunch in a local restaurant yesterday, Ratzy was on TV and nobody was taking any notice. Next up was the report from Valencia that Spanish riders have taken all three motercycle championships. All eyes on the TV.

  • frankyv

    Catholic Croatian Freedom Fighters before the WW2 tried to change the country to catholicism, and when they were over-run by the Nazis, the SS complained that the Freedom Fighters(who were co-operating with the Nazis) made the SS look bad. According to David Renan’s book

  • barriejohn

    Broga: One of the elders at the Brethren assembly which I attended as a naive young man was a mechanic, and traded in second-hand cars as a side-line. For years I bought all my cars from him, even though it was a standing joke with my family and friends that they were all rubbish, and wouldn’t last six months. Nothing, however, shook my faith in him as an honest man (yes – I know – an honest S/H car dealer!) and my belief that he was only looking out for my interests!!