Stephen Green plays the victim card

Stephen Green plays the victim card February 13, 2011

CHRISTIAN Voice lunatic Stephen “Birdshit” Green has finally responded to a recent article in the Daily Mail, which exposed him as violent, dictatorial wife-beater.

Stephen Green
“No, no, no. They got it all wrong. She was violent one”, is the gist of a piece he has just posted on his recently-launched blog.

Firstly, I never once had sexual relations with my former wife against her clearly expressed wish.  Secondly, in connection with the published allegations that I assaulted her, the truth, sadly, is the complete opposite.  I had to obtain a harassment order against her to stop a campaign of intimidation and on one of the occasions when she assaulted me, I reported the matter to the police and she received a police caution.

Green also asserts that he also a victim of “defamatory” journalism:

The article [in the Mail] was a catalogue of smears and distortions stitched together by a tabloid journalist [Frances Hardy] who specialises in TV, celebrities, women’s features and gossip.  She also has an anti-Christian agenda.  Just over a year ago, she wrote a sycophantic piece exalting the pro-paedophilia campaigner Peter Tatchell.  In April this year, she gushed over the first two lesbians who have jointly put their names on the birth certificate of the baby born to one of them.

Then he whines:

None of us is perfect, we are all sinners saved by grace, but I sincerely tried to lead my marriage and household in a loving and responsible way, and one which was faithful to the Lord.  There are things I dearly wish I could have done differently, but sadly none of us can ever start from somewhere different from where we are.

Andy Armitage, of the Pink Triangle blog, posted the following comment on Green’s blog.

It seems the bad publicity for Mr Green, like the genie let out of the lamp, the toothpaste squeezed from the tube, can’t be put back. It’s out there. Perhaps fewer people would be rubbing their hands gloatingly (although I am not doing so, because my secular humanist principles allow me a large dose of decency) if Mr G had not spent several years hating just about everyone who was not as rabid a Christian as he is. I don’t fly a flag for Christianity, but, goodness, he’s done it no favours, and it’s hardly surprising that so many people see him as a nutcase … Perhaps there’s time for him to repent. Not give up his Christianity, necessarily (I do believe in freedom of religion, as most secular humanists do), but repent of his unalloyed hatred of, among others, gays …
So repent ye, Stephen. It’s not too late to take back all the hatred you’ve scattered among the undeserving of your wrath. You really are a wally, and I suppose we must be thankful that you have never been taken seriously except by the likes of lazy journos who like to wheel out anyone who will create a controversy and, of course, readers of the Daily Mail.

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