US man stoned to death

US man stoned to death March 21, 2011

A “deeply religious” Pennsylvania man, said to have been inspired by the Old Testament, stoned a 70-year-old to death, claiming that his victim was gay.
According to this report, John Thomas, 28, of Upper Darby, a Philadelphia suburb, told police he killed Murray Seidman of nearby Lansdowne because the Bible refers to stoning homosexuals.
Thomas, who was arrested and charged with murder last Friday, told police:

I stoned Murray with a rock in a sock.

Thomas claimed Seidman had made unwanted sexual advances towards him. He then read in the Old Testament that homosexuals should be stoned in certain situations. In answer to his prayers, Thomas said he received an answer from Above, telling him was to put an end to the victim’s life. He said he struck the victim approximately ten times on the head. After the final blow, John Thomas made sure the victim was dead.
Said Lansdowne Police Chief Dan Kortan:

He is a deeply religious man. Or so he says.

Delaware County Medical Examiner Fredric Hellman ruled that Seidman had been dead for five to 10 days before Thomas started banging on doors in the hallway of Seidman’s apartment building on January 12.
Police said Thomas, who is the executor and sole beneficiary of Seidman’s will, returned to the apartment and pretended that he had just discovered Seidman’s body.
Thomas had no comment as he was led out of the Delaware County Courthouse on Friday.
Seidman was a longtime worker in the laundry department at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, where he was “very popular,” Kortan said.

As far as we are concerned, he was a model citizen.

Note: The stoning of St Stephen image used to illustrate this report was taken from Our Precious Lambs, a Christian website aimed at youngsters. The site invites kids to print the picture and colour it in. Nice!
Hat tip: BarrieJohn


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  • Harry

    Imagine the outcry if he’d said that Grand Theft Auto said it was okay.

  • Anonymous

    The plot thickens:
    LGBT-related Modern Mormon Murder In My Local Ward

    One Mormon in my ward killed another Mormon in my ward by stoning to death for supposed “homosexual advances”, trying to follow the biblical injunction that homosexuals should be stoned. While I wasn’t close with either, I had seen them both at church.

  • sailor1031

    executor and sole beneficiary – now there’s a coincidence!

  • Kristina

    While I am a sworn atheist and a keen follower of The Freethinker, I think you pulled that colouring picture out of context. If you take a look at the website, it tells you a story about St Stephen, who was stoned to death for his views and the story, in fact, is very much on the victim’s side. So, in this case, the bible character and the poor Seidman are in the same boat.

  • Broga

    @sailor1031: If the killer had not been deeply religious and obeying the bible I might have been suspicious of his motives.

  • Daz

    Oddly, the note about the picture seems almost more sickening than the murder. Well, sorta. Erm, I know what I meant.
    He left the body for ten days, though? Must be a fundy. Anyone else would have the brains to know they could tell…
    Kristina: The point is, it’s a picture of a bloke just about to be put to death by slow, painful torture, and they put it there for kids’ to colour in, like it was butterflies or summat.

  • barriejohn

    Did the ancient Israelites have socks then? I must have missed that bit.
    PS I’m not a bit surprised by that colouring picture. Many Bible stories are entirely unsuitable for children.

  • Daz

    Do you know nothing???

    While shepherds washed their socks by night,
    And hung them on the line,
    The angel of the Lord came down,
    And said ‘Those socks are mine.’

    PS. I wasn’t surprised either. Sickened, yes. Surprised, no.

  • Stuart H.

    Was the sock mixed fibres? Or does that ruling in Leviticus only apply to shirts?
    Thank goodness he had a sock handy too. If he’d used Magic Mormon Underpants he’d definitely be unwelcome in church.

  • Broga

    In my young religious instruction days, in the Church Hall, we were surrounded by huge, coloured pictures of really heavy stuff. There was the obligatory bleeding, emaciated figure of Jesus on the cross with the nails through his palms (I think they usually, in reality, hammered them through the wrists); the gouged wound in his side. Then there was a fire with Abraham ready to barbecue his son, Goliath took a hit in the forehead, spouting blood, from David and, our favourite, the Red Sea zooming in with high waves like a Tsunami to drown the pursuers of the Israelites.

  • L.Long

    I’ll bet that the ‘moderate’ church he attended are probably shocked by this and they can not understand where he got the idea he should stone the victim. After all the buyBull peaches ‘love & peace’ just like that other religion of ‘peace’. ‘Moderates’ are bearding grounds for bat-schite crazies. Without the religion, he would have had to find a different reason to get the inheritance.

  • Marcus

    So, Thomas is the sole executor and beneficiary of the guy’s will. How very helpful of god to tell Thomas the poor chap needed bludgeoning to death. Wonder if He expects a cut?

  • Walter

    Who said he was homosexual probably only practising. And where were the virgin daughters who could have taken his place and pleased Yahweh, John Thomas and saved poor Murray? Call CCON and get a solicitor now.

  • remigius

    So the police don’t actually know what day the murder took place.
    I hope it wasn’t a Sabbath.

  • mikespeir

    That’s just wrong. The Bible doesn’t say anything about socks.

  • stargraves

    John Thomas? He sounds like a bit of a dick.

  • David Anderson

    The version of that little song my father taught me was;
    While shepherds wash their socks by night
    All seated round a tub
    A bar of Sunlight soap came down
    And they began to scrub.
    Such a lovely little story for children. How a man was stoned to death because he thought differently.

  • Daz

    David Anderson:
    Max Boyce’s version (as far as I remember):
    While shepherds washed their socks by night
    All watching ITV
    The angel of the lord came down
    puts on posh, nasal voice
    And switched to BBC.
    Oh dear. I think I’ve regressed to childhood.
    *Wanders off to read ‘Biggles Flies West’*

  • L.Long

    The buyBull is the literal word of g0d and must be followed.
    Let’s ‘make believe’ these hypocrites really believe that.
    In which case there is nothing wrong with being homosexual.
    The buyBull does not even mention the word. Oh we have to ‘interpret’ this! so much for the ‘exact word of g0d.’
    Even so being homosexual is still OK. Girl-on-girl action is OK because the buyBull does not even mention that probably because they don’t matter anyway and are suppose to be beaten by their husbands anyway. And as long as you do not do Man-on-man action then that is still OK at least according to the g0d book.
    But of course we can’t let exact wording stop a god killing.
    The ‘buyBull made me do it’ is stupider then ‘the twikkies made me do it!’

  • Pete H

    Wow, it’s all going on in Pennsylvania, eh?
    I just finished watching a programme about the Amish. It was a follow up to a programme a couple of years ago that followed an Amish family who were banished from the community for attending a non-Amish church.
    Two years on, the Amish fella is a full-on evangelical whack job. It seems that the local evangelical church is making a habit of poaching the Amish – half their congregation seems to be former Amish folk.
    I expect with church attendances falling even in the US, the evangelicals have cottoned on to the Amish as an easy target for recruiting.
    Fascinating – if annoying – show. You can watch it here, if you’re in the UK.

  • NeoWolfe

    Even the Israelites, as they brought a case before the city elders, presented witnesses, and evidence. For a person to bludgeon a person to death, based on his own observation would seem to require a higher position of authority. But, that is the delusion called religion.
    Bad behavior as a result of psychotic vision of reality. Depending on the extent of the psychosis, one wonders, could it have been prevented if the legal system was structured intelligently? NOOOOO!!! As long as psychotics like Fred Phelps are given a license to practice, these tragedies will continue.
    And as long as the arrogant atheist community continues to look down on the rest of the freethinker community you will be impotent to stop them. There’s a subject for discussion besides bashing religion. Let’s examine that shall we?

  • Daz

    “Let’s examine that shall we?”
    No. Fuck off, troll.

  • Anonymous

    Muslim Matters and CAIR are glad it wasn’t them.
    “MuslimMatters: Another “What if he was muslim” story @DawudWalid: Pennsylvania Man Stoned To Death http: //″
    They are not taking into account how quietly the story of Aasiya Hassan’s murder was handled when they take their persecution stance.

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  • CriticalEyeYayeye

    It’s time to start collecting all the bibles, and having a nice ‘Barn Fire’……… If this is what that piece of crap book inspires people to do.

  • NeoWolfe

    Taz said:
    “No. Fuck off, troll.”
    Organized religions refuse to accept their delusion. I have to admit that I have called them trolls. When I point out that your religion accepts beliefs not proven by science, you get defensive and call ME a troll. Well, if we took a poll, among those who contribute at this site, it may be an overwhelming vote that I really am a troll. Recent posts can be called upon to corraborate. Don’t take it wrong, but, I don’t care. Because your belief in an accidental universe is unsupported by science, the rest of the freethinkers in the world think YOU are the trolls. They’ve had enough with religion, and want to have nothing to do with yours. Me included.