Brighton passion play condemned

Brighton passion play condemned April 22, 2011

THE Brighton Argus carries a report today that rather staggered me. The paper claims that the Brighton & Hove Humanist Society has branded an Easter Passion Play about the death of Jesus Christ as:

Tasteless and bloodthirsty.

A Passion of the Christ movie screenshot. Nice!

This prompted me to leave the following comment under the Argus report:

As censorious Christians are forever getting their knickers in a twist over movies, plays, books … you name it, I was so taken aback by this report – which suggests a similar degree of intolerance among humanists – I immediately contacted a spokesperson for the Brighton & Hove Humanist Society to check on its veracity.
He made clear to me that the Society did not issue any statement regarding the passion play; rather he was responding to a query from the Argus, which was seeking a humanist quote.
His objection to this gruesome enactment was that it would be seen by youngsters who might be distressed by it.
I told him that I profoundly disagreed; if it were to have such an effect, it was all to the good.
Christianity, when it comes down to it, is nothing more than a horrible little death cult, and if youngsters are put off for life from ever engaging with it, well, that’s a victory for commonsense and rationality.
Let the Christians engage in their gory, sick fantasies to their heart’s content.

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