Four reasons why it is a bad idea to date or even be friends with an atheist

Four reasons why it is a bad idea to date or even be friends with an atheist April 17, 2011

NEVER under-estimate the power of religion … to turn people into gibbering idiots.
In particular, someone called Cindy, who used Facebook to tell her friends why Christians should not date or be friends with atheists.

Click on image to see Cindy's rant in its entirety
Her four reasons are:
Romans 1:25 – Atheism is a mental drug for the morally corrupt.  Crimes like rape, murder and blasphemy are acceptable to atheists.
John 4:16 – God is love.  Atheists say romantic love is nothing but a chemical reaction.  When an atheist says he loves you, he is planning on raping you.  Atheists practice compassion only to get something, like sex or money.
Psalms 53:1 – Atheists are fools.  Atheists are nice only for their own gain.
Corinthians 6:14 – Christians should not be yoked with unbelievers.
I could not find locate Cindy’s original post on Facebook, but thanks to Lord Hathor, her stupidity has been brought to a much wider audience via a YouTube video on the God Discussion blog.


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  • Broga

    That’s nice. I don’t suppose christians rape, get divorced, beat up their children.

  • Newspaniard

    So much crap from such a well educated girl, most surprising.

  • sailor1031

    Yeah, well – I’m okay with blasphemy anyway! She got that bit right.

  • Yop

    Thank “God” that she has her “own” opinion.

  • tony e

    As a reply, here are 4 reasons why you should date an atheist.
    1. We don’t encourage hatred of others due to gender, religion, colour or sexual orientation.
    2. We live in reality, therefore anything we do, which is wrong, cannot be blamed on our invisible friends.
    3. We have yet to start a war.
    4. We don’t hide behind a clearly infantile belief system and try to justify it by using scripture.
    And the best bit is if you go out on a date with an atheist we do not try and convert you.

  • Stuart H.

    But who’d want to go on a date with a numpty who insists on bringing a Magic Invisible Friend along?

  • JenniferT

    “Crimes like rape, murder and blasphemy are acceptable to atheists.”
    Surprised she didn’t say “arson, murder and jaywalking”.

  • Pete H

    I just can’t get my head around that level of stupidity.

  • JohnMWhite

    “Psalms 53:1 – Atheists are fools. Atheists are nice only for their own gain”
    This is my favourite part. One just does not follow from the other. How can you be foolish if you are nice, presumably successfully (or they wouldn’t keep trying) for your own gain? It might be selfish, it might be sinister, it might be fake, but it is hardly foolish. It’s like she just threw random bad virtues together because she knows they are bad and because she assumes atheists are bad, so they are bound to join up.
    And every time someone tries to justify anything like this using scripture, it really grates on me. It is utterly irrelevant to the debate. You might as well point someone who does not believe Star Wars actually happened to The Phantom Menace to show them why they are wrong. It is genuinely stupid and it somewhat worries me that people think this is how you are supposed to engage with someone you disagree with. I don’t know whether to be insulted that they are seemingly not even trying or frightened for our species that this IS them trying.

  • Michael

    What grates me is to be told that it is atheists who are nice only for their own gain when it is the religious that are focused on being good only to appease their invisible sky fairy of choice. Either in order to get to heaven or to avoid going to hell. Atheists need no such motivation in order to live ethical lives…

  • All four points are spot-on. I, for one, can’t start my day off without a cup of coffee and a good rapin’.

  • tony e

    (Note: tongue wedged firmly in cheek)
    I have to strongly disagree. Yes the young lady has picked some stupid scripture with which to base her arguments on, but to compare it to the satanic level of evil that is known as ‘Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace’ is simply unfair on that deluded woman.
    If, according to Dante, one of the beasts he encountered at Purgatorio was the sin of ‘self-indulgence’ then there will be a level of hell reserved just for George Lucas and Steven Speilberg, due to their horrific treatment of their own franchises.
    For the sake of your children, and your children’s children, never, ever, let them watch ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.’ That would be a level of child abuse that even the RC church would blanch at.

  • In the Koran, a muslim is forbidden to associate with Christians or Jews or anyone who is merely a friend of a Christian or a Jew. ( See in the Koran, SURAH V, verse51). The Bible promotes the same exclusionary tactics.
    All religions that are based on historical fictions like the Bible and the Koran have to try to keep their people from associating with non-believers.
    When you have a load of hot crap in a paper bag, like monotheistic religions, it’s tough to hold it together. Best not to associate with anyone who thinks differently.

  • JohnMWhite

    @ tony e: I am most disappointed in your stance. For it is written: “The fool hath said in his heart that there are no midichlorians.” (Yoda 3:16)

  • tony e

    (Yoda 3:16) Which is confirmed by Luke (Skywalker) 17 which stated: Yo, behold, the kingdom of Jedi is within you.

  • Stonyground

    The interesting thing about murder, theft and rape is that YHWH seems to positively approve of them. Sure he carved in stone his disapproval of murder and theft. The problem is that he then told his followers to murder everyone that they met and steal everything that they had. Unlike blasphemy, These are all real crimes that cause real harm to real people and as such, are disapproved of by all those immoral atheists.
    As for the oft quoted “The fool has said in his heart there is no God”, in the real world, the more intelligent and well educated someone is the more likely they are to be an atheist. Perhaps the quote should read “Only fools believe in God”.

  • Daz

    If you liked that, here’s the upgraded version, with added Science™

  • Daz

    OT, but I just came across this, on ‘persecution of Christians’.

  • Milz

    I am proud to be atheist. I help at the soup kitchen at Christmas, I give blood every 4 months and I try to be a good person.
    But not because I want to get into a heaven or just not go to hell…it is because I want to help people, and I believe that all life is precious because it is the only one we have so it’s important to get it right first time!
    I’ll clarify for our pal Cindy, Birdshit Green is a Christian dear, not an atheist. Nothing but a good Christian…a violent, cruel, rapist.

  • I feel Christ’s love just oozing out of that one.

  • No, not blasfemmie, err..blasthemy. Of all the ‘crimes’ to be blamed for is blasthemmy, alongside murder and rape. Yep, all as bad as each other, in fact blassfemmy is by far the worst. You can’t use gawds name in vain, so why is it that christian establishments are always displaying a dead bloke on a stick at every opportunity? Every xian place you go to, there’s a dead bloke on a stick stuck on a wall. Are they worshipping wood, the zombie nailed to the stick, the nails or the crown of thorns or perhaps the dead bloke’s stylish loin cloth? Are they happy worshipping a zombie, which they are as the dead bloke on a stick is mythologically reported to have come back, as a zombie, that is the living dead. Of murder, rape and blasphemy wouls have to be least impactful. To label it as an equal crime of rape & murder is a moral crime.

  • gsw

    She asked for a 5th. reason not to date atheists:
    5. Atheists know more about all religions (including yours) than you do, quote Deuteronomy and talk about Lileth, make reasonably arguments based on provable fact and generally make you sound stupid.

  • The Woggler

    Ah well, I’m not available anyway. Being, as I am, an immoral atheist who’s been happily married to the same woman for nearly twenty-seven years.

  • Daz

    The Woggler:
    To the same woman as who?
    Sorry. Been writing a word-play quiz. It’s hard to stop…

  • MaryD

    Should what a young girl chooses to share with her friends be held up to widespread ridicule?
    What a pack of bullies!
    Go pick on someone bigger.

  • Daz

    If one hangs ones words out for the world to read, one should expect public critique.
    Furthermore, how do you think any acquaintance of hers who happens to be atheist, or even merely doubting their faith, will feel on reading that rant? Dare I say they’d feel somewhat … bullied?

  • Broga

    @Mary D. She does rather more than “share with her friends” as you so sweetly phrase it. In a world where children are being raped, bullied and bludgeoned by priests, protected by their Pope, and other christians have a contemptible record this woman selects atheists as the recipients of her spleen. She deserves all the critcism she gets. You do tend to have a very partial, or should that be bigotted view of events.

  • NeoWolfe

    tony e. said:
    “3. We have yet to start a war.”
    Response: Not entirely accurate. While, it may be true that there has never been a war instigated by western atheists, the same is not true of Chinese Communist Party:
    Remember Karl Marx. He said: “religion is the opium of the masses.” Now, read about his followers:
    “While Marx thought has and is used to empower marginalized and dispossessed people, it has also been used to prop up governments who have utilised mass murder to remove those seen as impeding the revolution.[6][109] His utopian goals have been used as justification for the end justifies the means logic.[6] Contrary to his goal, his ideas have been used to promote dogmatism and intolerance.[6]”
    Now, doesn’t that put us in the same position as moderate muslims? Claiming, that’s not who we are or what we represent. I find it enlightening to look in the mirror. What does it do to you when confronted by the fact that horrific attrocities have been committed by atheists?

  • NeoWolfe

    Do you think, if I had written a post that proposed that Islam was an ideology of peace, that this thread would not have lit up like a road flare? But, I can hear the crickets chirping.
    I just got moderated on another thread. I don’t understand how WordPress works, but, the fact that you deleted my protest, shows you have a respectible amount of control of content. You should, this is your show.
    But, don’t be putting a plug in my mouth, because after all the whining about free speech, the world should be able to criticize atheists, and freethinkers, which in my opinion are two very different things.
    No one bothers to examine their beliefs unless they care to understand. To remove the blinders is an exercise in brutal honesty with yourself because we are the world. I hold that it is quite possible for a person to be a racist and every other kind of bigot, and still be an atheist. I also hold, that you can neither be a racist nor bigot of any kind, and be a freethinker. That is the case I have been presenting since I came here, and I have offended some people, and I may again, but, I believe I have earned a voice in the forum. I don’t need to be moderated, even randomly.

  • CWorthington

    …. Right. I found this with little effort..
    This summarizes a post in about a study that shows that introduction to porn reduces or at least does not cause sex crimes and suggests that a repressive RELIGIOUS upbringing is more of a factor.
    I wonder if there are studies about murder and other violent tendencies are out there.
    Especially since I remember a lot of stories about how a sky fairy told them to do it.. KILL THEM ALL!

  • Colin

    Kirby et. al.,
    It’s simply not true as you claim that “The Bible promotes (…) exclusionary tactics” which would result in keeping me (as a Roman Catholic Christian) away from my Muslim or atheist / humanist friends. This shows your lack of knowledge in basic Biblical principles. In fact, one of my best friends in the whole wide world, is an atheist. Probably the best way (Biblically) for me to sum it up is to put down this New Testament quote, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV) [Caveat: You’ve simply got to understand that the New Testament and the exhortation to love is far more important and vital spiritually than anything you find in the Old Testament that urges you to go out and slay your enemies, or enslave others, etc. If you don’t have that basic understanding you shouldn’t even crack the binding on the Bible, just put it down and don’t read it, get some common sense before opening the cover.]
    It is also not true that, as you claim, that “In the Koran, a muslim is forbidden to associate with Christians or Jews or anyone who is merely a friend of a Christian or a Jew. ( See in the Koran, SURAH V, verse51).” You might find it interesting to note that the origins of interpretation of the Qu’ran (as well as interpretations of the same documents that have been adopted and made part of modern day Bibles) of this Qur’anic section refer to the people here, the twelve sons of Jacob and their descendants, as Children of Israel — not as ‘Jews.’ The latter interpretation is more properly associated with hadith and with post-13th century references to the descendants of the twelve tribes. It is true that the Qur’an v. 51 states, “O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. [Surah V, v. 51]” and other passages can be found which exhort readers to fight against Jews and Christians.
    But it also says that “We gave Jesus the son of Mary clear (signs) and strengthened him with the holy spirit. Is it that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what ye yourselves desire not, ye are puffed up with pride?- Some ye called impostors, and others ye slay!” [Qur’an, Surah 2:87]
    It also states that, regarding fighting, “Fight in the path of God those who fight you, but do not aggress. Surely God does not love the aggressors. And fight them where you come upon them, and send them out from where they have sent you out, for persecution is a worse thing than fighting. And do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque (in Mecca) unless they fight you there, but if they fight you, then fight them back. That is the reward of the rejectors. Then if they cease, so God is All-Forgiving, Gentle. And fight them until there is no more persecution and the religion is for God. But if they cease, so let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers.” – Qur’an, Surah al-Baqarat verses 190-193]
    More than you probably realize, Muslims and Christians — their daily lives and business — are constantly intertwined. Increasingly their faiths are as well, in interfaith initiatives and modern-day discussions that touch on a wide range of topics. It isn’t something most people see all the time, but it is happening. You can get an idea of some of the historical ties of the ‘People of the Book’ (so to speak) by checking out this link.

  • Arlo Barlow

    Yeah…um the ratio of people who identify as Christians to people who identify as atheists in prison for just about any crime, but specifically rape, murder, child molestation, gun crimes, robbery, theft, violent crime etc is disproportionately high i.e. something like over 99 per cent of prisoners in American penal institutions identify as Christians versus 0.2 per cent who identify as atheist and/or non-Christian.