Murderous Mugabe allowed in to the Vatican to attend late Pope's beatification

Murderous Mugabe allowed in to the Vatican to attend late Pope's beatification May 1, 2011

YOU know the world’s gone batshit crazy when one detestable Catholic tyrant is granted leave to pay his respects to another.

Mugabe and the late John Paul II
The murderous Robert Mugabe, according to this report, was given special dispensation to attend today’s €3.5-million beatification ceremony of the late Pope John Paul II in the Vatican.

Mugabe, 87, a Roman Catholic, arrived in Rome with his wife Grace, despite a travel ban imposed on him by the European Union since 2002 due to his regime’s many human rights violations.
However, the Vatican – scene of this ridiculous pantomime – is a sovereign state and not a member of the EU. Still, Mugabe was granted a special dispensation to transit through Italy, a member of the EU, after the Italian foreign ministry asked the EU for a temporary exemption from the travel ban on Mugabe.
A spokesman for the Vatican, Rev Federico Lombardi of the Holy See Press office, said Mugabe was not personally invited, but he was eligible to attend the beatification since he is the head of state of a country that has relations with the Vatican.

It [the Vatican] cannot tell Mugabe not to come if he wants to take part, just like it wouldn’t tell no to [U.S. President Barack] Obama or [France’s President Nicolas] Sarkozy, if they had wanted to come.

Mugabe also visited Rome in 2005 to attend the funeral of John Paul II – whose response to overwhelming evidence of Catholic priests systematically raping children around the world was to cover his ears and intone:

Lah…lah…lah … I can’t hear you.

A total of 22 world leaders and 87 international delegations are attending the ceremony in St Peter’s Square along with hundreds of thousands of Catholic pilgrims, including 250,000 from John Paul II’s native Poland.
Tomorrow the remains of of JPII will be reburied in the chapel of St Sebastian in St Peter’s Basilica.

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