Indiana woman gets blood transfusion despite husband's religious huffing

Indiana woman gets blood transfusion despite husband's religious huffing May 9, 2011

A HOSPITAL in Charleston, Indiana, took legal action in regard to a patient whose husband who ordered medical authorities not to give her a blood transfusion.
Although apparently no longer a fully practising Jehovah’s Witness, 58-year-old Charlestown resident Bruce Huff still believes it is a sin to receive any blood or blood products. When his wife, 58-year-old Candy Huff, became unconscious several weeks ago and was rushed to Clark Memorial Hospital, he wrote a letter to the staff telling them not to  administer transfusions.
The hospital filed a petition in Clark County Circuit Court asking that someone be appointed to make medical decisions for Candy Huff, alleging Bruce Huff was unable to make decisions in her best interest. Bruce Huff believes the decision to not allow him to make medical decisions for his wife is in violation of his religious beliefs.
Huff declared:

I love Candy. I told them to do absolutely anything to save her life except give her blood or blood products.

Candy Huff’s aunt was appointed by the court to make her medical decisions, and the hospital has continued to give Candy Huff blood.
Pamela Thompson, an attorney for Clark Memorial Hospital, said Bruce’s religious objections were not the reason for the petition.

This situation was very, very unique.  [Religion] was not the substance or basis of the petition.

Because of privacy laws, Thompson said she could not explain their reasons, but said they had good reason to believe Bruce Huff was not able to make the best decisions for his wife.
Candy Huff never considered herself a Jehovah’s Witness but shared his beliefs, Bruce Huff said. He said they had talked many times about the blood issue and thinks she would not have wanted transfusions.

I know my wife better than anybody. She always wanted to do what is right.


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