Harnessing sex to combat Jews

Harnessing sex to combat Jews November 6, 2011

I AM fascinated by books with insane titles. And until last week, Birth Control is Sinful in the Christian Marriages and also Robbing God of Priesthood Children!!: Many False Christ Marriages are Living on Birth Control and Now Leading the American Church Wealth! by Ms Eliyzabeth Yanne Strong-Anderson, topped my list of favourites. It’s on sale in paperback at Amazon for $130.98!
But this “gift” to the world of literature by the clearly bonkers Ms Strong-Anderson has been replaced by the intriguingly titled Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World, which has run into a spot of bother with the censors in Malaysia following its publication by the Muslim Obedient Wife Club.

According to this report, The Home Ministry has banned the book, and those found in possession of it face fines of 50,000 ringgit ($16,000) while anyone caught reproducing it can be jailed up to three years.
The club caused a stir earlier this year by calling on women to be “whores in bed” to prevent their men from straying and pursuing divorce.
Malaysian media reports have said the book suggests Muslim husbands should have sex with all their wives “simultaneously”.
One chapter, How Sex Becomes Worship, reportedly contains unusually explicit sexual descriptions for a Malaysian publication, such as a tutorial on breast-fondling.
Open discussion of sex is frowned upon in Malaysia, which regularly bans books deemed to be obscene or offensive to Islam.
Club organisers insist that the book is exclusively for its members and was not intended for general distribution and thus should not be banned.
OWC national chairman in Malaysia Fauziah Ariffin claimed in a press conference:

We are disappointed with those who distributed the book without our knowledge …

She then tackled the controversial issue of seks serentak (simultaneous sex):

Simultaneous does not mean that on the bed there is one man and four women. When a man has reached a high level of spirituality, his wali (spiritual guardian) can come in contact with his wives wherever they are. Maybe one wife is in Ipoh, another in Kuala Lumpur, in Singapore or in Johor but he can ‘come’ to his wife simultaneously. That is the wonder of spiritual sex.

Dr Azlina Jamaluddin, a dentist and OWC leader, said it was not something a common person could comprehend.

To you there might be no logic to what we are saying. But when Prophet Noah built an ark on a mountain at that time there was no logic in what he was doing.

Mohd Rasidi, a male member of the group, claimed that what was taught in the book was “high level” sex.

It is PhD-level.

Hatijah ,  57, author of the book, elaborated, saying the the club purposely did not sell the book to non-members because the public would not be able to comprehend it. And, quoting the Koran, she went deeply into the theory of “spiritual sex”. Here are some of Hatijah’s insights on sex.

• If your spirit is pure you can have sex with your wife even though you are abroad fighting a war.
• God allows sex sports. And to be good in sex you need practice.
• Orgasm releases a pain-killer and helps with fever. But don’t have affairs on the pretext of curing your fever.
• Orgasm prevents wrinkles.
• Sex can make you younger. Jogging can be replaced by ‘sexercise’.
• Only animals have sex without mukadimah (foreplay).
• It is important for a woman’s breasts to be sucked in order to prevent breast cancer.

Unfazed by the fuss caused by Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World, Hatijah  said she planned a follow-up:

The first book revealed 20 percent (sex knowledge). But the second book will reveal 100 percent. But we will make sure the public will not get their hands on this book about heaven on earth.

Meanwhile, titles like Call Me Slut!, Take Me Here!, Take Me Now!, Sluts’ Boarding School and Lawyer’s Whore have left the Catholic Church with egg all over its face.
According to this report, Germany’s biggest Catholic-owned publishing house – Weltbild – has been rocked by disclosures that it has been selling thousands of pornographic novels with the full assent of the country’s leading bishops.
But the bishops are now claiming that that “a filtering system failure” at the publishing house had allowed the books to stray on to the market, and said in a statement:

We will put a stop to the distribution of possibly pornographic content in future.

Hat tip: Remigius & BarrieJohn (Catholic report)


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  • Broga

    The religious obsession with sex continues. The religious life seems overwhelmed by these concerns and sex is analysed, criticised, condemned, discussed and elevated beyond something natural into some kind of god inflicted demonisation of humans. Shame they are so anti evolution that they cannot put the sex act into a sane context.

  • Ivan

    Islamic sex? Is that when you bang someone?

  • The Abrahamic religions just cannot come to terms with cocks and cunts, can they? They must either be utterly execrated or absurdly extolled. Then used as yet another way to make a righteous ‘us’ and a godless ‘them’.

  • barriejohn

    So this is allegedly “PhD level” stuff, yet she thinks that “animals” (ie animals other than humans) don’t engage in foreplay? I bet she gets all of her scientific knowledge straight from the Koran!

  • Pingback: Harnessing sex to combat Jews | fuck()

  • Ivan

    “The Abrahamic religions just cannot come to terms with cocks and cunts, can they”.
    And whatever you do, don’t start them on bottoms.

  • It must have been a bit of a headache for the Home Ministry to decide between their hatred of sex and their hatred of women in determining whether or not to ban a book that orders women to be sex slaves for their husbands.
    And shock, horror, the Catholic church blatantly lying to the flock and pretending they had no clue about all the sexy stuff they were making bundles of cash on. I’m almost surprised at their poor showing here, I would have thought first they’d dig a little deeper and blame gays in the publishing house for a while.

  • barriejohn

    Fundamentalist Christians also have big problems over “the lusts of the flesh” – just read the Epistle to the Romans! Gluttony is a sin (though we have to eat to survive), and music and the arts are at best frivolous, devised by Satan “to entertain sinners on their way to Hell”, but sex and sexual attraction are absolutely necessary to procreation – and the Creator gave specific instructions to “be fruitful and multiply”. Paul ties himself in knots trying to separate “the flesh” from “the spirit”, and “carnal desires” from “spiritual” ones (all popular philosophising of his time), but he’s trying to square the circle, and they know it!

  • AngieRS

    His wali, eh? I’ve heard it called a lot of things, but that ain’t one of them. Never heard such tosh.

  • remigius

    I can see how having a spiritual wali could help you simultaneously boff each of your wives in different cities, but how will this help combat the jews?

  • Don

    Yes, he was obviously wrong about animals not engaging in foreplay, but other than that his ‘insights’ seemed not unreasonable. Although technically #1 is a wet dream.

  • Ivan…
    I see what you did there ;0)

  • CriticalEyeYayeye

    Leave it too F**king religion to turn the only really good, pleasureable, beautiful part of life into shite……. I’m completely disgusted!!!

  • CriticalEyeYayeye

    For all the religious Freakazoids who see SEX as Dirty…… F**K you and the Poop shutes you dropped out of…………..

  • OurSally

    I get the Weltbild catalogue, it contains books and CDs and DVDs, and household stuff and “gifts”. I never saw pornography in there, and I am sure I would have noticed. It must be hidden on the website.
    But now I know why there is always a god-stuff section.

  • barriejohn

    Did anyone else scroll down and read the reviews of Ms Strong-Anderson’s bizarre tome (self-published I assume, as her grasp of the English language, like her grasp on reality, seems practically non-existent)?
    Despite being written entirely in BLOCK CAPITALS, this self-published work conveys its message elegantly. In fact, you don’t even need to read it to understand the main argument being put forward.
    True, by avoiding this book you will miss out on the precise location of the heretical surfboard worshipped by the British royal family and the sinister significance of Abe Lincoln’s unholy quadrille. You will also miss out on the explanation of why the Hairy-Eared Dwarf Lemur is really God’s own tree-dwelling angel-on-earth and on the coded instructions showing how to grow a prize-winning mushroom, which the author cunningly gleaned from a close textural analysis of St. Paul’s third birthday card to the Corinthians.
    That aside, my big problem with this book is that the ‘birth control is sinful’ message is difficult for most regular-looking people to put into practice. I wonder if this lack of guidance is down to the author’s own sexual inexperience brought about by her scary fanaticism and a face that would scare a dog out of a butcher’s shop.

  • barriejohn

    Here’s another!
    My wife and I were actually quite impressed with this item. Between the two of us it took 9 days to finish and I must say I found it hard to get used to during the first few sittings, but gradualy became more comfortable as time went on.
    Although neither of us paid too much attention to the content, the sheer volume and quality of the paper contained within was pleasantly suprizing. The paper feels crisp, heavy and tough, yet the pages seperate with just the slightest tug of a thumb and forefinger.
    The only real controversy this book created for my wife and I was mostly my fault. You see after I finished the last page I was too lazy to replace the book with another and I left the empty cover sitting on top of the sistern. Let me tell you I copped a nagging!
    Overall the item was an interesting change, but we found it a bit expensive and not as suitable as the regular stuff available at the supermarket. Together my wife and I have decided just to stick with normal sorbent two-ply rolls from now on, and would suggest others do the same.

  • barriejohn

    OurSally: The Vatican is just a huge money-making concern.

  • barriejohn
  • Brian Jordan

    Having sex with someone who’s not there? I thought masturbation was a big no-no for Muslims.

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: With all those billions sloshing about in the Vatican its lucky that so many priests have children to inherit their money. The last thing thay would want, being permanently on the take, would be to live it to the church.

  • sailor1031

    I’m thinking all that catholic porn that got past the ‘filtering system’ was intended for priestly eyes only. Or do they seriously expect us to believe that it is being printed with no readership in view?
    And anyone who thinks animals don’t do foreplay, and lots of other non-penetrating activities too, hasn’t taken a walk through the monkey and great-ape buildings at the zoo.

  • barriejohn

    Yes, Broga, but how come the dioceses suddenly discover, now that they have to pay compensation, that there is no money left in their accounts?

  • AgentCormac

    Broga & barriejohn
    With financial investments worth £5.3 billion (clearly that doesn’t include its property portfolio), the CofE isn’t exactly doing badly, either. And I thought they were all in to help the poor!

  • These religious people are really strange. Csesznegi Gyula

  • northern light

    November 7th, 2011 at 2:03 pm
    Bottom line, they have the right to object on any offense that apppear on their religion.”
    Well for once I agree with what seems to an opposite freethinker view, except that no one objects to their objections……it is the manner in which they do it that is of great concern.
    The word is indeed mightier than the petrol bomb…..so use it to defend your position ….if you can defend anything about big Mo.

  • Ex Patriot

    With crap like this coming around it is no wonder that the group of non-believers is growing, I have been one for over 40 years and nothing has convinced me to change. Religion is nothing more than BS based on mythology and those who preach it are nothing more than scam artists fleesing those who can least afford it.