Silence! Jerusalem's Jewish Taliban want women to refrain from singing in public

Silence! Jerusalem's Jewish Taliban want women to refrain from singing in public December 18, 2011

THE latest insanity to be exposed in Jerusalem, where an ultra-Orthodox Jewish Taliban is fast increasing its influence, is an attempt to silence women singing in public.

Yakov Halperin

Yakov Halperin, a religious member of Jerusalem’s City Council, said:

The voice of a woman can be fine … the problem we have is with women singing and men hearing their singing. The rabbis say we should avoid any contagion.

An attempt to ban women singing in public came after a few extremist Rabbis declared it too sexual for men to hear.

Women’s rights groups have now taken to organising public sing-a-longs in the street in response. Said one woman as a crowd of about 100 women sang beside one of the city’s main roads.

We cannot let them silence us.

Another protester said:

This is a slippery slope and it’s our democracy that’s at stake.

Even Israel’s military, long a bastion of sexual equality, has been drawn into the row with some religious soldiers boycotting ceremonial events where female soldiers might be singing – but military leaders have refused to bow to the demands for all male choirs.

In religious areas of the city there are growing incidents of self-imposed “separation” of the sexes, despite laws banning segregation.

Frequently women sit at the back of buses, have separate entrances in some shops and different hours at medical facilities.

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  • stargraves

    Can someone ring them up, and tell them that we are in the 21st century now?

  • barriejohn

    Hahaha!!! This is nothing new to me, after years of Plymouth Brethren misogyny. Christian women with minds of their own try to get around the Biblical restrictions by organizing “women’s meetings” and the now famous Women’s World Day of Prayer, but the stricter Brethren will not hear of such things. Women’s solos are also taboo, as that amounts to “teaching” (though many won’t allow soloists or choirs anyway on the grounds that that is “entertainment”), and some won’t have female Sunday School teachers either (if, again, they actually agree to Sunday Schools at all), even though the very same women may be teaching the very same children at home! Furthermore, the hymn books of the Exclusive Brethren do not contain hymns written by “sisters”!!

  • barriejohn

    Have a read of this:
    But why should Eve’s being beguiled in the Garden of Eden cause Paul to say that women should be silent in church? The answer must be that women in general have a tendency to be more easily duped than men. Because of this tendency, they are not to be teachers, or preachers, or hold an office (which implies authority) in church…we must remember that Paul clearly states that women are to remain silent in church because of the creation order and because Eve was deceived.

  • Har Davids

    The life of the Abrahamic religious nut is troublesome indeed; if only their god in his infinite wisdom had made procreation without those pesky women in their present form possible. If caring for home and kids is all that’s required, her intelligence could have been more basic, like a specialized home appliance. And for the female believers: if your god allows people with penises to treat you like shit, you must really have been brain-washed from day one to allow this to happen.

  • Stonyground

    I take a little consolation from the fact that these pricks must have pretty miserable lives. Of course they seem to be unable to avoid harmless pleasures without trying to drag everyone else down with them but they are wasting their one and only life and it serves them right.

  • barriejohn

    If caring for home and kids is all that’s required, her intelligence could have been more basic, like a specialized home appliance.
    But they think it is, Har Davids! Quiverfull seems unattainable now, but here’s similar group:

  • remigius

    barriejohn. Your Bretheren chums don’t know what they’re missing. There are few things in life more pleasurable that watching a woman give a solo performance.

  • Daz

    Is there some kind of international, inter-faith ‘Anything you can do, we can do more barbarically’ competition, that I’d not heard about?
    And talking of mistreatment of women, did anyone catch this? Words fail me, they really do.

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I sometimes think that for these religiots what they really want in a woman is nothing more than a vagina and a womb, they can slake their sexual lust and the womb can provide the next generation of men. What sad people they are.

  • barriejohn

    I did read that, Daz, and my immediate reaction was that he must have been mentally ill, but then I got to the bit where a relative had thrown the fingers in the bin for him! Just as it is impossible for an unsophisticated person to distinguish between science and magic (Arthur C Clarke), so is it impossible, in my view, for a rational person to distinguish between religious belief and mental derangement.

  • AgentCormac

    Are these people familiar with the word ‘twats’?

  • barriejohn

    Stonyground: I don’t want to bore everyone to tears with my own experiences, but I bet these religious Jews are just like the Brethren whom I know, who don’t watch TV, don’t go to the cinema or theatre, don’t read books or interest themselves in world affairs, and often don’t read newspapers or listen to the radio either. They immerse themselves in their religious books and theology to such an extent that it completely dominates their lives and thinking, and even the minutiae assume enormous significance, to the point of obsession. It is indeed, as you say, a very sad existence, yet they think that we are the ones to be pitied!

  • chrsbol

    With it being xmas and all perhaps they could all sing that good old jewish hymn “Oy Vey Maria”

  • Russell W

    I’d encourage complete sexual segregation for the Haredi,then hopefully, within a few years, the all those demented parasites would disappear.

  • AngieRS

    Nutters in a land of nutters.

  • tony e

    Between these arseholes, the dickless wonders that follow islam, and the misogynistic dress wearing rc clergy, I’m embarrassed to be a bloke.

  • Robster

    Women in the Middle East should go on strike. No more nookie means no more reproduction. I’m guessing that women in the ME do most of the domestic duties, so they should withdrew those services too. Only then will the bronze-age blokes know just how important women are.

  • Buffy

    I agree with Robster. Women should invoke Lysistrata until all of this nonsense is tossed.

  • Marky Mark

    This is simply another example of specific types of males who are unable to control their instincts to reproduce…so blame the woman. The teaching of science and biology would be much more helpful to the young men of their cult with controlling such emotions than repressing the objects of their desire. I truly believe that these types of men despise the instinct of power a woman and their lust for them can have on their emotions…so they blame them and repress them. “Your eyes, ankles, and voice turn me on…so now it is against the law”. Have they ever considered that a males deep voice, broad shoulders, and confident gait, can arouse a female just as much?

  • writzer

    Dear Taliban of all persuasions:
    You men are in charge of your weenies, your thoughts, your perversions. Instead of burying women under layers of burkas and piles of restrictions, exercise some fucking SELF CONTROL.
    Oh, and ask your holy men … rabbis and imams … to stop making shit up and claiming god said it.

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    Christopher Hitchens becomes ever more Relevant…… RELIGION DOES POISON EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    A little advice for the ‘Jewish Taliban’….. Ess DRECK, and STFU!!!!!

  • Ex Patriot

    As I have said before and will again, All religion is Poison and nothing more, It fouls everything and everyone it touches

  • elainek123

    Glad Im not jewish but an Atheist. One of the first things that made me realise I was an atheist was when I went to a London Synagogue a long time ago, when I had to sit amongst women separated from the men. What a joke.

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  • 1859

    In the 12 Century AD Eric The Red was an Icelandic Viking who would not convert to Christianity – but in the end he caved in. Why? Because his wife did convert before him and refused him nookie until he too converted! I tell you guys and gals, there is a deep, fundamental , contorted, malign and perverse connection between sex and religion that I have never fully understood.

  • Amy

    Waah Waah Waah, I want I want I want. If I fear it I will try to crush it.
    These men are infants and should be treated as such. Seriously why do they believe they have the right to behave this way and why is it permitted?
    Change your own diapers for starters.