Equality Act? What Dat?

Equality Act? What Dat? January 14, 2012

AMTECHNICA Ltd is a small UK business based in Crawley. It builds campervans, and does plumbing and heating and stuff. And it’s on the look-out here for a PA/Marketing administrator – a Christian PA/Marketing administrator!

 We are a Christian business, and meet on Mondays to pray for the company and for each other. The successful candidate would be involved in this aspect too.

Graham Martin-Royle, who brought this to my attention, said:
I thought this shit only happened in the US. Have they never heard of the Equality Act 2010?
Update: Thanks to Christine Beckett, who posted a comment linking the boss of this outfit – a certain Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro – to a bunch of loopy, gay-loathing organisations in the UK, including Christian Concern for Our Nation, established to:

Inform and empower Christians to speak against ungodly and unjust laws, and to speak up for righteousness and justice.

This rancid organisation has launched a petition, calling on the Prime Minister to:

Respect Christian conscience and take urgent action to address the problems created by equalities legislation.

So we can assume that Lopez-Ferreiro won’t be hiring any gays either.

I think the Crawley Observer should be publicising this story, don’t you?

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  • Buffy

    Equality Act?!?! Don’t you mean the Persecution of Christians Act? Why can’t decent, Christian business owners discriminate against others as their god intended?

  • Daz

    Good grief. Obviously some people are considered more equal than others.
    Am I the only one who sees a picture of a plug with sparks coming off it and doesn’t find it reassuring?

  • barriejohn

    Doesn’t it depend upon the size of the business? The details are spelt out more clearly here:

  • David Anderson

    Ah prayers in the boaed room. Sounds like the perfect job for our mate “Birdshit”. With his powers of prayer the company will be the biggest in Europe, nay the World in a few weeks.

  • David Anderson

    Hail typos boaed = board

  • Stonyground

    Why would any sane person want to work there?

  • alb

    Only a matter of time before they start getting all persecuted.

  • stargraves

    @Stony – Agreed – in fact I appluad the fact that this company has announced it’s christianity openly. It would prevent any sane person wasting their time and applying.
    I work for a religious organisation – I didn’t know that it was until the day before the interview – but I’d been made redundant and had to take it. (Thankfully I’m not alone there – there are thousands of people there – and not all are religious.)

  • sailor1031

    “I thought this shit only happened in the US.”
    I have no doubt that it does in smaller privately-held companies. But they’d never dare advertise it like that. It is illegal to even ask about a job-candidate’s religion. Of course you can ask where she or he went to school and college…..

  • Broga

    I wonder what kind of christian they want? Get the wrong kind and all hell will break loose. If they have a protestant fundie christian who regards Ratzi as the anti christ then conflict awaits with RC Ratzi admirers. Or what about Wee Free types who don’t work on Sundays? There should be some interesting discussions about family planning, assisted dying, consumption of alcohol, gays (are there any in the company), divorce and much else. No one hates christians as much as other christians who follow a different version. I suspect there is much hypocrisy in the company and people with differnt views keeping quiet about them.

  • Barry Duke

    With companies like that in the town it’s small wonder people call it Creepy Crawley!

  • stargraves

    LOL @Barry Duke – I went to Creepy Crawley once – with an ex, and we were not too impressed by the concrete city centre.
    Ended up watching the Sharon Stone / Tom Berenger movie Sliver – and there were a LOT of old men in macs at the back of the cinema, making a lot of rustling noises…
    Never going there again!

  • AshDev

    Just had a look at their website – no sign of their xtian affiliations there which is weird as xtian firms/traders I have encountered before usually have a discrete little fish on display so that the customer will know that they are – I don’t know – more trustworthy? more honest?

  • Angela_K

    I’ve just read the advertisement in full which implies that only a xtain need apply due the munmbo-jumbo participation requirement. Therefore this job excludes those of other religions and none.
    I could not advertise a job vacancy excluding certain groups of people whether stated or implied because it is against the law. I intend to complain to Totaljobs and who advertise this job and the EHRC.

  • Newspaniard

    Thank goodness I’m not a potential employer. How would one advertize for a gay atheist who could read & write and would attend on all working days?

  • john c

    Just put a rating in on totaljobs rating system, quoted offending line and pointed out its contravention of the equality act.
    (Drop down banner at the side of their website)

  • Alan C

    A “Christian” Care home here in Shetland advertised for a caretaker/groundsman, one of the conditions of employment was that you had to be a regular (Christian) Church goer.

  • Christine Beckett

    Actually, I’m guessing you’d have a hard time getting the job if you were openly gay, too.
    The guy who runs it, one Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro, openly supports several xtian fundie groups who do not approve of gay people one little bit.
    He’s a big fan of this guy, too, it appears.
    and of this bunch
    not to mention supporting Lesley Pilkington.
    A firm to avoid using if one is gay, because you can bet your money will used against you.

  • FundieWhacker

    Wow, Christine! Kudos for the many links!

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I’ve just sent an e’mail to the Crawley Observer. Let’s see if they cover the story.

  • barriejohn

    He’s the “Founder of Sussex Campers” (titter ye not!):

  • barriejohn
  • AngieRS

    Wild camping, FFS! Well, I s’pose you need a relaxing hobby after all that Gay bashing that needs supporting. Talk about living on the edge, well, about an hours drive from it.

  • AgentCormac

    How come these goons can discriminate in favour of religion, when anybody who is even mildly critical of superstition sects get their ads pulled?

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    Did anyone else watch The Big Questions this morning (“Evidence for the Existence of God”)? All the same tired old arguments were rolled out yet again – they just don’t get it. The Muslim was a real comedian though: no one has found a single discrepancy in the Koran, so it must be the word of God. However, there was one irritating little Christian prick on the front row who monopolized most of the “debate” and really needed a slap!
    Blood pressure tablets at the ready!!

  • Christine Beckett

    The wording of the advert has just been changed…
    It now reads… “The successful candidate would be welcome to be involved in this aspect too”

  • barriejohn

    What a blow for someone who has lost his job – being offered a position with this outfit!

  • AngieRS

    Anyone spot his email address? hello@sussexcampers

  • stargraves

    @barriejohn – my fave TV show. Tried twice to watch on iplayer. Had to stop every 20 mins – “TEH STUPID. IT HURTS”
    The obnoxious rubbish of the theists with their constant interruptions to say the most inane, boneheaded, ignorant things.
    Also annoying was the triad cretin, the muslim “thinker” (LOL) and the fact that as far as I watched = Nobody questioned the “can’t get something from nothing” fallacy (happens all the time in quantum physics) in relation to the big bang, and the strawman “Atheists believe in nothing” – where I’d argue they believe in “reality” – which is evrything around us we can quantify and understand – and conversely it’s the theists who are believing in “nothing” but a figment of a primitive middle eastern tribe’s collective stories.
    I’ll watch to the end at some point – also – good that creationist lies ain’t getting funded. Muslim schools take note.

  • barriejohn

    Stargraves: The thing that really amuses me is the way that the religiots attempt to hide the fact that they are all at loggerheads, in the face of the common enemy – reason. It was abundantly evident that without the atheists in the room they would all have been scratching one another’s eyes out!
    PS I was just dying for someone to tell the obnoxious Triad cunt to go back to his former ways, as he was doing less damage that way!!

  • remigius

    barriejohn. Triad?
    So he went from being a snakehead to a dickhead!

  • barriejohn

    When posting that link on another site I noticed this for the first time:
    Nicky Campbell debates evidence for the existence of God in Warrington.
    I lived there for three years, but never bumped into him!

  • Angela_K

    Ref the OT. Today I had an email from the web-site on which the offending vacancy appeared asking me to ‘phone them, but I see the wording has already been changed, as noted by Christine Beckett.

  • Christine

    I’m absolutely amazed at the anti-Christian comments- so what if a business would prefer to employ Christians? You lot talk about human rights- well, that makes you a bunch of hypocrites! It truly is the only faith which does offend… and that makes me glad I’m a Christian. I pray that company gets the perfect candidate and that their business does very well, because they recognises that God is the source of all their success and blessing! Good on them!

  • Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro

    Wow. Just Googled my name this morning and came upon all this debate. I don’t think I’ve ever been ‘blogged’ about before. Makes you feel quite privileged.
    Perhaps I should say a few words about where I’m coming from.
    I’m a normal guy, husband, father, plumber [!] and latterly small business owner. When I was 15, I had a time of questioning what life was all about, and feeling quite suicidal. I felt so ‘dirty’ – aware of all the bad things I’d done, and thought [yes, even at 15! I’d been busy…]
    Anyway, I thought it was logical that there should be a God – a universal First Cause, but it was just a thought. I certainly wasn’t sure. It did seem sensible though. I went through a time of saying ‘God, if you’re there, show me – and help me’
    After a while, I had an experience which felt like a weight had been lifted off me, and I’d had a lot to drink and a very hot bath, all at once. I’m just trying to describe it. I ‘just knew’ that God was real, that He was my father, and that he had forgiven and accepted me.
    To someone who hasn’t had a similar experience, that might well sound a bit loopy. To me, well, my life changed that day. It’s what is the much-maligned term: being “Born Again”! Yet, I don’t know how else you’d describe it.
    Now, each of us have our deeply-held convictions. And thankfully, we’re allowed to hold them without fear of the state, or of persecution. In the words of Evelyn Hall, Voltaire’s biographer, “I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it”
    In our business, we’re pleased to count atheists, agnostics, skeptics, muslims, hindus, buddhists, humanists, heterosexuals, homosexuals, men, women, British and foreign amongst our customers. I’m sure if you asked them, they’d say we were respectful, courteous and diligent whilst working in their homes. If any of them are reading this, please feel free to comment! Of course, I can’t list their names here – that would be an invasion of their privacy, but you can see from CheckaTrade what they think of us as a company.
    As an individual, and as a family, we seek to help wherever we can, and to be a blessing, as neighbours, and as members of the community here in Crawley. We wish harm to none, and the Blessing of God to all [you see, I believe in God, so I’m being open and honest by talking about His Blessing…]
    May I conclude by wishing all of you reading this well, and that you might come to the happy experience I had all those years ago, which truly did ‘save’ me, and give me a new life.

  • I contacted Amtechnica and the online advertiser about this advert as soon as it came out.
    I asked them to remove the advert as it clearly breached Equality law.
    I checked the advert yesterday and it still contained content that would deter non-Christian applicants.
    I have made a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency.
    I’ll post the outcome later. Also on Facebook.

  • Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro

    Hello Andrew,
    Just saw your post.
    We should get together for a coffee sometime – I think we live near each other.
    All the best