Equality Act? What Dat?

Equality Act? What Dat? January 14, 2012

AMTECHNICA Ltd is a small UK business based in Crawley. It builds campervans, and does plumbing and heating and stuff. And it’s on the look-out here for a PA/Marketing administrator – a Christian PA/Marketing administrator!

 We are a Christian business, and meet on Mondays to pray for the company and for each other. The successful candidate would be involved in this aspect too.

Graham Martin-Royle, who brought this to my attention, said:
I thought this shit only happened in the US. Have they never heard of the Equality Act 2010?
Update: Thanks to Christine Beckett, who posted a comment linking the boss of this outfit – a certain Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro – to a bunch of loopy, gay-loathing organisations in the UK, including Christian Concern for Our Nation, established to:

Inform and empower Christians to speak against ungodly and unjust laws, and to speak up for righteousness and justice.

This rancid organisation has launched a petition, calling on the Prime Minister to:

Respect Christian conscience and take urgent action to address the problems created by equalities legislation.

So we can assume that Lopez-Ferreiro won’t be hiring any gays either.
I think the Crawley Observer should be publicising this story, don’t you?

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