‘Infidel’ Santa stabbed to death

‘Infidel’ Santa stabbed to death January 3, 2012

IN what Tajikistani police believe to be a religiously-motivated attack, a young man dressed as Ded Moroz – Father Frost, the Slavic equivalent of Santa Claus – was stabbed to death yesterday.

A stock photo of Ded Moroz

Parviz Davlatbekov, 24, fell victim to a mob as he visited relatives in the early hours of Monday dressed as Ded Moroz, who traditionally brings Russian children presents at New Year. Russian cultural influence remains strong in Tajikistan, which is officially secular, although the vast majority of its 7.7 million people are Muslims.

One police source told Reuters:

We have witness statements that say the crowd beat Parviz and stabbed him with a knife, shouting ‘You infidel!’

A second source said religious hatred was being investigated as the motive for the crime, which occurred in the capital Dushanbe.

Authorities have cracked down on religious freedoms in the former Soviet republic in the last few years and jailed dozens of people for membership of Islamist groups.

President Imomali Rakhmon has ordered students at foreign religious schools to return home and told his security services to tighten control over religious education and mosques in Tajikistan, which he says are often used to foment radicalism.

His critics say poverty and repression in the poorest of the 15 former Soviet republics is pushing many young Tajiks toward radical Islamism.

Tokhir Normatov, chief of staff of Tajikistan’s Interior Ministry, said the victim had died in hospital from a loss of blood, but made no comment on the motive for the attack.

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  • stargraves

    Very sad – that guy had a cool get up.

  • Lucy

    rhetorical questions only.. Why can’t people just leave other people to get on with their ‘infidel’ ways? what is worng with people??

  • remigius

    Wow. Looks like a gay Gandalf.

  • Broga

    With this kind of hatred of anyone with a different view we could all just start attacking everyone else. Atheists are repelled by much of the religious drivel so we could get stuck in as well. The result would be mayhem.
    There are some serious religious nutters campaigning in Iowa to try become President. Some of these clowns would love to squash their favourite hate figures – atheists.

  • AngieRS

    Well, if there’s one way of turning a trickle to a flood, then I reckon the policy of cracking down on a religion is a sure fire way to do it.

  • Newspaniard

    We’ll see how serious the Tajikistani authorities are when people are arrested and sentenced (not necessarily in that order)

  • tony e

    The source stated that “religious hatred was being investigated as the motive for the crime,” I think the cry of “You infidel” kind of gives the game away.
    As usual with religion, even the slightest possibility that someone, somewhere, on this planet is enjoying themselves and it always ends in tears.

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  • john c

    They prove the impotence of their god by rendering his judgement for them,if he is there and cares about something, let him act in person.

  • Sabbag

    John C – you have to appreciate that an omnipotent, omnipresent diety responsible for creating every single atom in the entire universe is unable to tolerate a man dressed in a ridiculous costume handing out presents…..even though presumably the diety put him there in the first place…hang on, that doesn’t make sense.

  • Broga

    @John c: It is intriguing to consider what the abysmal ignorance and bigotry of their God’s agents reveals about their God. If he uses these dolts what does it say about him?

  • Cly

    Go the religion of peace!

  • Dess

    ..I’ve nearly finished(arduously)reading the entire Koran. It truly is the ramblings of a madman. On nearly every page it screams about burning in hell unless of course you are a Muslim. It talks of destroying and conquering other places and peoples. Fighting Jihad in the name of Allah is all in there.
    Why are we as a nation or indeed all of Europe not questioning these words Muslims profess to be the immaculate word of God. And educating the wider public to its contents. The common person in the street simply assumes it is the peaceful religion they tell the lie it to be.
    I grow weary at the thought we are letting go of our society and way of life. Most of us not even realising this war is happening, and it is a war. We have even been shown the violence and intimidation. What more do we need to wake up and make a stand for our freedom.
    I realise I’m off topic but had to get that off my chest.

  • AgentCormac

    Also OT, but good to see that dangerous lunatic Rick Perry is this morning skulking off back to Texas for “a little prayer and reflection” after getting his revolting religiot butt kicked in Iowa. (Having said which, I do realise that the rest of the Republican candidates aren’t that much better.)

  • barriejohn

    Dess: Ever read the Bible?

  • barriejohn

    Broga: What it says is that their god is fashioned in their own image.
    Also OT: It is heartening to read that Stephen Green organized another mass protest recently and found that he was the only one who could be arsed to turn up! He is NOT well pleased!!

  • Russell W

    john c,
    Logical comment,however the paradox is that most ‘believers’ behave as if their god doesn’t exist.
    As one cynic said “It’s not that there are no atheists in foxholes,there are only atheists in foxholes.” True believers wouldn’t need to take cover,or generally get out of harm’s way or expect that their Middle Eastern sky god needs help.

  • Dess

    ..nope, not read the Bible yet..think that’ll be my next chore. I figure it’s always best to at least educate yourself properly on a subject before criticising. Although I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to be swayed to the “dark side”!
    It does seem to me to be the perfect attack strategy though..just show the general public what religious people take as the perfect word of God which holds true eternally. It is true that unless you delve into these texts most people assume that religion is mostly good and benign.
    Let the religious attempt to defend the indefensible, anyone listening who’s not already brainwashed could not help to be drawn to rational conclusions.

  • barriejohn

    It is true that unless you delve into these texts most people assume that religion is mostly good and benign.
    Precisely, and just what many have said here before! Just read the Gospels and tell me where you can find evidence of “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild”, because he simply ain’t there! The Jesus of the Bible is a rabid zealot spouting vengeance against the enemies of JHWH – much like Stephen Green or Fred Phelps. They are the ones who have got it right! And when you’ve finished, get hold of a copy of the Book of Mormon for many a fun-filled hour. If I were a cynic (perish the thought!) I would conjecture that, just like Mohammed before him, Joseph Smith had read the Bible and said to himself “I could write something like that, and verily and heretofore and thereafter, in the same style”!!