Twisted Christian group calls on followers to pray for George Michael's death

Twisted Christian group calls on followers to pray for George Michael's death January 5, 2012

THERE is a poll currently running on an hysterical Christian blog which asks why “Atheists cyber-bully Christians”.
This is rich, given the behaviour of Christians for a Moral America, which aggressively employs cyber-bullying tactics against those it disapproves of. And, surprise, surprise, The Gays are top of their list.
I had never heard of CFAMA until I learned today that this ghastly little outfit had called on its members to pray for the death of singer George Michael.
Recovering from pneumonia, Michael took to Twitter yesterday to slam CFAMA. He said:

Did you know that while I was fighting for my life in Austria there were a bunch of those lovely American ‘Christian’ organisations, who call themselves ‘Christians for a Moral America’, who were actually taking the time to pray for me to die…
How very sweet of them, considering how busy they must be on the whole. Now don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that many devout Christians, such as the ones I work, rest and play with on a daily basis, are truly wonderful, kind-hearted men and women who take the best parts of that religion and live admirable, generous and loving lives.
But in my opinion, and I think made evident by those who prayed for my death, there are others who use their twisted interpretations of ancient scriptures as a pathetic excuse to be … wait for it, wait for it …! Totally fucked up cock-sucking bastards.

Michael revealed that one member of the group, known as Keith, posted messages on Twitter which included:

Apparently George Michael has AIDS. Figures since he’s a homosexual and it goes with the territory. Another sodomite bites the dust?

Posting under the username @godswordislaw, he also wrote:

Pray for George Michael’s demise. He has chosen a satanic lifestyle and must meet an appropriate end.

In late November, when Michael was diagnosed with pneumonia, the group’s blog said:

It’s almost symbolic that just after the 20th anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death from AIDS that another famous homosexual would succumb to this disease.
We pray that George Michael has found salvation through Christ in his last days otherwise he will pay for his unrepentant lifestyle in hell.

CFAMA’s suggestion that the illness was AIDS-related has been refuted by doctors.
The Christians for a Moral America blog lists liberals, atheists, gays, Muslims and feminists as the most dangerous anti-American groups of 2012 and right now they are calling for a boycott of “a new work of evil”, The Hobbit.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Graham Martin-Royle

    The religion of love strikes again, can’t you just feel the love? Yeesh, praying for someone you don’t know, have never met, to die? That’s love? Count me out thanks.

  • The Woggler

    These xtians are so warm and cuddly, don’t you just want to hug ’em?

  • Isn’t “twisted Christian” are redundancy?

  • Marky Mark

    I prey that all hypocritical religious folks who commit adultery and molest children are struck down with a bolt of lightning. Than the fifty or so that are left will be much easier to deal with.
    God hate adulterers, he hates them so much that he wants them all put to death… according to his book!

  • Michael James
  • Angela_K

    Is no vile behaviour is too depraved for these religious scum, whether it is abusing children or praying for someone to die?
    Their prayers have obviously worked, George Michael lives!

  • Lazy Susan

    Just hopped over to the CFAMA website … it is quite astounding. If you ever need a perfect example of what’s wrong with religion, this is where to find it.

  • AgentCormac

    At least it proves that prayer really is an absolute, complete and utter waste of time. (Bit like Rick Perry’s famous ‘Pray For Rain’ godfest that didn’t produce one single drop of the stuff.)

  • barriejohn

    “Christians For A Moral America”
    Brilliant, isn’t it?

  • barriejohn

    It does seem possible that “Keith” is behind all of this, and satirising Christians. The online survey and Hobbit business certainly seem somewhat dodgy! This character, however, is deadly serious. Being a loving Christian he is all in favour of an AIDS vaccine – so that the “innocent” victims, like wives and children, can be spared!!

  • remigius


  • I’m not surprised. This same Keith (a.k.a. @godswordislaw) got into a heated back and forth with Ricky Gervais via twitter after making comments celebrating Christopher Hitchens’ death.
    His CFAMA website is full of revolting notions. While I think the majority of Christians do not agree with Keith’s twisted interpretation of Christianity, I worry about the fringe of extremists who do and feel sorry for the children who are being indoctrinated into this hate-filled worldview.

  • barriejohn

    If it is, indeed, a poe, then I don’t see the point, as he is simply rehashing the arguments used by Christians and not really satirising them. Maybe he just gets the same personal satisfaction as the people who devise internet viruses – who knows? “Eat da poo poo” remains one of my favourite videos of all time because Pastor Doctor Ssempa is being so deadly serious yet looks so fucking stupid. Landoverbaptists are funny because their site looks so genuine but obviously lampoons Christians (though I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have had to point this out to people!). Maybe he just didn’t know how to make it funny!!

  • remigius

    barriejohn. I have no specific evidence that CMA/Keith/godswordislaw/lovegod50/etc is actually a poe, it’s just that my bullshit detector has been flashing a brown alert for several weeks now.

  • Their problems with The Hobbit seems to be remarkably unfocused and almost random. It’s as if they are trying to appear to be just latching on to whatever’s popular at any given moment and applying meaningless moral outrage to it in order to maintain relevance. If this place is run by a Poe, that’s a stroke of brilliance.

  • Pete H

    The godswordislaw fella is the same one that Gervais got into a spat with recently, isn’t it?

  • barriejohn

    He is, @Pete H.
    The references to the “evil” in Tolkien are nothing new. I’m not sure whether this is serious or a spoof either!

  • barriejohn

    There’s much more here, if you have a few hours to kill!

  • Daz

    Talking of Landover Baptist Church, check out this little gem. Amazing!

  • barriejohn

    I have seen it before, Daz. And this:
    It just gets more and more hilarious!

  • barriejohn

    How can anyone fail to see the joke?
    (I love the reference to “Pastor Deacon Fred”. Wherever did that come from?)

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    I’m not as eloquent as Hitchens, Menchen, or Ingersoll…. So I’ll just get right to the point… Christianity, it stinks like a ruptured sewer pipe.

  • Codex
  • angelo ventura

    The bible is a jumbled mess of contradicting messages written thousands of years ago.ConSidering it a source of morals for today is moronic Ithink christianists are cyberbullying us for all the reasons indicated.THey are the real evil

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  • Matt

    There appears to be a new kind of Christian bigotry emerging, highlighted in this article, where they try and find secular reasons for rejecting homosexuality. (As in, reasons seperate from their Bible).
    There are two main problems with this kind of reasoning (namely, the branding of the details of anal sex as disgusting).
    The first is, the attackers seem all too familiar with the details of anal sex, almost perversely so.
    The second problem (and main one) is: if your only reason for denouncing homosexuality is based on the practice of anal sex, does that mean that heterosexuals who have anal sex are sinners, or, conversely, homosexuals who do not practice anal sex are pure? What about lesbians?
    Homo-hating christians should just stick to their un-falsifiable batshit scriptures rather than provide arguments that can be flatly dismissed by all.
    It really is ironic that the very same website has a poll on why atheists tackle religion the way we do, because it’s exactly that type of Christian that provides the reason.
    It should be noted however, that this kind of attitude is not representative of the majority. At very worst the majorities position would be something vague and sickly-sweet such as “I don’t hate gays, I just think a relationship should be between a man and woman”.

  • barriejohn
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  • Once again I must tip my hat to these progressive, liberal, compassionate Christians. They prayed and tweeted, a modern take on what their bible tells them to do. Their bible says to kill homosexuals. So by merely praying and tweeting for GM’s death, instead of killing him directly as they are supposed to do, they demonstrate forward thinking love.
    I’m guessing these Christians don’t even own slaves, another God-given right in their bible. What a bunch of hippies!

  • ed-words

    Devout Christians “who take the best parts of that religion” . . .
    Like telling their kids they have Original Sin on their “soul”,
    and celebrating a human sacrifice.
    (“That’s not MY religion.”)

  • As George Michael is still with us, either –
    . This joyful group has so few followers the prayers weren’t strong enough, or
    . there is nobody receiving them anyway, or
    . there is a God who found them appalling.
    Whoever wrote the imbecilic and sniveling rant about The Hobbit (wizardry and an atheist director – horrific anti-Christian bigotry!!) doesn’t even seem to know that the events in it came before those in LOTR.

  • chloe

    Why can’t anyone see the most loving thing a Christian could do is tell them of their sin and stand up for their beliefs? Inform them they could change? Listen if you will … that is the real intelligence. Besides, arent we all striving for the same thing? But being split apart to separate routes thanks to deceit and worship of false prophets.

  • AngieRS

    Sorry, chloe, could you give me that again? Kind of lost it from “Why”

  • John W

    Recovering from pneumonia, Michael took to Twitter yesterday to slam CFAMA.
    Not sure where you get that from – the article in the Sun you linked to doesn’t provide any source for the quotes from George Michael that you’ve repeated here. The source could even be a letter/email he sent directly to the newspaper. They certainly aren’t from Twitter, unless they’ve been spliced and edited – there’s way more than 140 characters.