Scientology’s secret brutal correction compound exposed on Australian TV

Scientology’s secret brutal correction compound exposed on Australian TV February 16, 2012

ONE of the world’s most disgusting cults, Scientology, has a secret  “Rehabilitation Project Force” compound in the heart of suburban Sydney – and this week Australian TV viewers were horrified by a report that exposed degrading and inhumane treatment meted out to those held captive in what was described as a “gulag”.

Shane Kelsey, who was brainwashed and brutalised in a Scientology 'gulag' (click on pic for report)
The report centred on 21-year-old Shane Kelsey, who was held captive in the RPF base from the age of six until he was 20. He was put there by his Scientologist parents, who have since separated.
According to expose, by the age of fifteen Shane was living a nightmare even he now struggles to believe.
He told reporter Bryan Seymour:

As soon as I turned fifteen I was working seven days a week, 14 hour days.

Said Seymour:

That’s 100 hours a week spent in a commercial kitchen. Shane and other children slaved away – cooking meals all day, every day, studying and snatching what little sleep they could.

The youngsters worked for a pittance – for  between $4 pay to $35 a week. But among those who came to the centre to be fed was billionaire James Packer. For several years beginning in 2002, Packer came to the Church of Scientology in the early mornings to receive auditing and instruction.
There is no suggestion, said Seymour, that Packer had any idea who was preparing his meals, or their work conditions.
Packer left scientology around 2008.
Two years later Shane made his break for freedom.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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