Catholics to be warned over gay marriage threat to civilisation as we know it

Catholics to be warned over gay marriage threat to civilisation as we know it March 7, 2012

THE ju-ju men in frocks and pointy hats who represent the Catholic Church in the UK just won’t give it a rest over gay marriage – despite the fact that they are more out of touch with public opinion than at any time in the past.
Following a grotesque rant from Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who said, among other daft things that same sex unions were the “thin end of the wedge” and would lead to the “further degeneration of society into immorality – and likened gay marriage to “slavery” and a “violation of  human rights” – the Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, has prepared “a warning” to be delivered to his sheeple this Sunday.

A poll in the Telegraph indicates how divorced from reality church leaders are. Click on image to vote.
In the form of a letter, it will be read from the pulpit in 2,500 churches during Mass as the Government prepares to announce the terms of a national consultation on a proposed change to the law on marriage.
As well as setting out Church teaching, “the warning” is addressed to a wider audience, arguing that marriage is a “natural institution” with a meaning understood far beyond the confines of the religion. It says that extending it to same-sex couples would reduce marriage to:

Just to the commitment of the two people involved. There would be no recognition of the complementarity of male and female or that marriage is intended for the procreation and education of children.

Unfortunately, all this blather has obscured a recent report which indicates that lesbians and gay men have been identified in a UK study as having:

 The right mix of skills and experience to raise children who have been in care, and give them a great new start in life.

In recent surveys that were done at the behest of New Family Social there was a great amount of support and recognition for the strengths of LGBT couples, and this was highlighted when the country’s first ever National LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week was held to highlight powerful stories of adoption and foster families, as well as the localities and organisations that are in the forefront of helping all children find loving homes.
Seventy-two percent of social workers surveyed saw the “amount of energy and enthusiasm” LGBT adopters bring to the process as a significant strength, while 76 percent saw “openness to difference, and supporting a child with a sense of difference” as equally important.
For a long time, LGBT people tended to be seen as a “last resort” when placing children. Now adoption and fostering agencies see them as having a key role to play in meeting the urgent need for more new homes for children in care.
Hugh Thornbery, Strategic Director of Children’s Services at Action for Children, said:

Over the years, our LGBT foster carers and adopters have helped to transform many children’s lives. We welcome more applications from LGBT foster carers and adopters; the main thing is that you are able to give children and young people the care and support they need to be happy and fulfilled.

Andy Leary-May, Director of New Family Social added:

More and more LGBT people are choosing adoption and fostering as a way to form a family, and we want prospective parents to see just how rewarding it can be, and how much advice and support is on offer from our huge community of families around the UK. The fact that so many agencies want to recruit from the LGBT community show just how far things have come in the past 5 or 6 years.  Social workers are becoming more aware of our strengths, and we are being treated more fairly, and are being matched with children more quickly.


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  • Stuart H.

    Being told that marriage is a ‘natural institution’ by a freak from another institution (and one which defies nature) won’t sound too convincing, even to the few usual Sunday punters of such freaks.
    As for marriage being ‘intended for the procreation and education of children’……?
    That would be as opposed to the priesthood, which seems to be intended for procreation WITH children and……. what else, exactly? Certainly not anything in which education or service to humanity in general is involved, that’s for sure.

  • Ivan

    Ladies and gentlemen, fresh off the press, I give you the latest Odone:
    Mad as a hat-stand.

  • David Lawson

    I never see any anti-gay marriage people say that infertile people or women beyond child-bearing age shouldn’t be allowed to get married as they can’t have children either.

  • Hitchens’apprentice

    TAX the Catholic Churcc out of existance…………

  • James B

    Catholicism: The belief that homosexual intercourse is disgusting and immoral, but only after the child has turned 16.

  • Broga

    I hope, with forty plus years of marriage to the same woman, and with children, I am more informed and better able to judge than the celibate Keith O’Brien. The tiresome O’Brien and his kind, in their cold and barren celibate and companionless isolation, seem determined in their inexperienced ignorance to dictate to the rest of society. His “expertise” is not just the “expertise” of the ignorant but also that of the envious. How could it not be? Deprived of human comfort, sexual and companionable, he is obsessed with what he does not have. His frustration seems to be relieved (very inadequately) by interfering with those who are perfectly able to decide for themselves.
    O’Brien might more profitably spend his time in attending to the problem of the persistent and widespread suffering of the victims of his church’s paedophilia. Instead he wants to block the happiness and satisfactions of many who have nothing to do with either his church or its weird ways.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    So their argument is that gay marriage would lead to Borgia-esque levels of depravity?

  • Harry

    On BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Sunday (still available on iplayer) Chris South asks if they’re claiming it’s a fundamental right to know everyone else is miserable, and a vicar says he thinks that’s what they’re trying to do. Last 15 mins of the show.

  • Normand

    What about the millions upon millions of unmarried priests and nuns who wasted their precious “seeds” by not procreating and thus depriving the Church of sheep? What is this obsession they have with gays and sex and condoms and sex, sex, sex….Frustrated old bastards the whole lot in their fancy dresses who can‘t get their jollies anymore by listening to our sex exploits in the confessional.. God am I happy I saw through that years ago and left.

  • L.Long

    O’Brien is right we should outlaw gay marriage if it will lead to Borgia-esque levels of depravity!!! I don’t want that now-a days!!! I’m too old to really enjoy it and don’t want you-all having more fun then me!!

  • @Reginald Selkirk – Yes, as opposed to Catholicism, which led to… oh wait a minute.

    Just to the commitment of the two people involved. There would be no recognition of the complementarity of male and female or that marriage is intended for the procreation and education of children.

    See, this just doesn’t even make any sense and betrays the fact that this is purely about spite and control. I have been to many Catholic weddings and a few Protestant, quasi-Christian and even secular ones, all of which happened to be heterosexual matings, and for all intents and purposes it was the commitment of two people. There wasn’t really any waffling about male and female roles or that marriage is intended (by whom and since when?) for the procreation and education of children, except a brief aside about bearing children in the Catholic ones, which seemed to just be said because it’s part of the pro-forma approach. It certainly never seemed the case that nationally marriage was anything but a commitment between two people to stay together and love each other – only the Catholic church attached strings and even then they did not labour the point, it was just mumbled in the midst of traditional prayers and incantations.
    And of course, once more it makes no sense to be so dead-set against gay marriage because ‘they cannot have children’ while simultaneously trying to block them from adopting children or having them via IVF or surrogacy, as well as plain ignoring heterosexual couples who don’t want or can’t have children themselves.
    It’s spite, nothing less. And comparing gay marriage to slavery? Tone deaf idiocy, not to mention the logic doesn’t come close to standing up to scrutiny. Allowing one person to keep another as a slave is nothing like allowing one person to voluntarily marry another regardless of gender. Again, it is the spouting of words that makes no sense. These people are like kettles, whistling because they have come to the boil, but having nothing intelligible to say. It’s simply a signal “I don’t like gays”.

    Responding to accusations that his use of language, including the word “grotesque”, was inflammatory, he said:
    “I am not saying it is grotesque, but perhaps to some people it might appear grotesque.”

    O’Brien’s a coward, too. Can’t even own his own words.

  • Well obviously I messed up the formatting a bit. Wish we could still edit our posts. Anyway, you get the idea.

  • Pete H

    Going off on a slight tangent, faded 80s “star” turned relgious wingnut Kirk Cameron came out with some anti-gay hate speech on Piers Morgan’s show on CNN this week.
    The slideshow at the bottom of the article showing the reaction from celebs (and at least one former co-star) on Twitter is a good read.
    I particularly enjoyed Martha Plimpton’s comment.

  • remigius

    Pete H. There is a poll about Kirk Cameron on, the problem is it doesn’t have a None of the above option.

  • Don

    This is all good. The more the church rants and castigates the more people will see their true colours. O’Brian and his like just highlights how much the church is fuelled by hatred, anger and a furious desire to control even those who wish to have no part of their fantasy.
    Does he really believe that many people, even catholics, still see a priest as a fountainhead of moral authority?

  • barriejohn
  • barriejohn

    Going off at a slight tangent, I found this quite incredible, and a measure of just how devious and manipulative the Roman Catholic Church can be:

  • According to centuries of tradition and their own Bible, natural marriage is a union between one man and one or more wives, concubines and/or slaves. Nice.

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  • barriejohn

    Betty Bowers explains it all so simply:

  • Georgina

    In a nutshell:
    Sex is disgusting. People who enjoy sex are disgusting. God made Woman so that Man could procreate.
    Anyone actually having sex for pleasure is therefore sinful and should be stopped.
    When priests rape children this is control and power, not innocent sexual pleasure – so yes – gay marriage is a threat to them and yes, they do believe that women unable to bear children should not have sex (unless their husbands order them to do so, and woe betide those who enjoy it).

  • lucy

    My old mother, a lifelong devout catholic, said that she wept with shame on reading the disgusting rubbish from O’Brien. She said she thought of the gay couples she knew and liked and how hurtful and wrong he was.
    Times are a’changing.

  • barriejohn
  • ed-words

    In the US, gay marriage is advancing.It was signed into law
    recently, by Maryland’s Gov. O’MALLEY, no less.
    This follows legalization in New York,Washington State,
    and the Prop 8 overturn in Calif.
    Obama’s position is still “evolving” (i.e.tallying the votes).