From silly kid to cool sceptic dude

From silly kid to cool sceptic dude January 4, 2016

ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) is an American brainwashing programme designed to turn children into biblical literalists, mindless little morons who are taught that if science contradicts the Bible in any way, science is in the wrong. It has infiltrated a great many countries, including the UK.
Jonny Scaramanga was a victim of ACE, and – according to this BBC report – is now being taught in about 50 independent schools across the UK.

So deeply did Scaramanga fall for the ACE’s garbage that, aged 12 he took part in the BBC Video Nation project and filmed himself talking about praying in tongues – a form of worship which occurs when someone allegedly receives “the Holy Spirit, enabling them to speak in another language”, which isn’t a language at all but a steam of gibberish.
He has since posted the video on YouTube and says the video now makes him want to “cringe” and “throw-up”.

Scaramanga aged 12 (click on pic to watch the video)
Scaramanga aged 12 (click on pic to watch the video)
Unlike many who are indoctrinated by ACE, Scaramanga, now 29 broke free from the fundamentalist “education” he received while attending Victory Christian School in Bath until he was 14. In the BBC report he described the experience as “horrendous”.

At 8:15 I would arrive at my ‘office’ – a desk 2ft wide, with dividers 18 ins tall, designed to remove ‘distractions’.
Every morning we had an opening exercise: reciting pledges of allegiance to Jesus Christ, God and the Bible. Next, we recited that month’s scripture passage; we had to memorise around 10-15 Bible-verses each month.

He said the school adopted a “fundamentalist attitude” to religion, adding:

If you believed what they believed, you were Christian. If you believed anything else, you were not Christian.

He said that at his school – which closed in 2000 – pupils had to learn and recount sections of Biblical scripture in order to pass any subject.

All of the content you learn with ACE has the religious message inherent within it. The politics coverage will say ‘this is what God thinks about social security’ and the science coverage will say ‘this is what God says about chemistry’.

Most controversial are its view that homosexuality is a “learned behaviour” and its teaching of creationism instead of evolution.
One science text book states:

The evolutionist needs some kind of a god with rules to explain what exists today, or he cannot explain it; and yet, he rejects such a god. It is more responsible and more reasonable to presuppose that God exists and then pick up the Bible and read ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth’ (Genesis 1:1).
Then you can see purpose in Creation, understand change, accept miracles, and know that His purpose has a goal.

Earlier this week, Scaramanga , who established his Leaving Fundamentalism Facebook page – I urge you ‘like’ it – was a guest on BBC2’s Jeremy Vine show, where he goes into great detail about the negative impact this brainwashing had on his life, until he summoned the strength overcome the emotional and intellectual abuse ACE had forced on him. (He comes it at 1 hour and nine minutes into the programme, which is available on-line for the next four days.)
Note: The picture at the top of the page is from Scaramanga’s Leaving Fundamentalism Facebook page and was taken during his appearance on “The Big Questions” TV programme.
Hat tip: Agent Cormac

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