Muslims and Christians grovel to the same god. Or do they?

Muslims and Christians grovel to the same god. Or do they? January 7, 2016

An evangelical college near Chicago found itself at the centre of a row after it took steps in the new year to sack staff member Dr Larycia Hawkins, above, for saying in a Facebook post that the God Muslims worship is the same one that Christians do.
Wheaton College, which claims to be “a liberal Christian arts college noted for its rigorous academics, integration of faith and learning”, announced on Tuesday it was taking steps to fire the tenured political science professor.
Hawkins said on Facebook on December 10 that she was donning a hijab during the period of advent before Christmas as a sign of solidarity with Muslims. In her post she said:

We worship the same God. I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book.

Hawkins was placed on administrative leave after the comment drew criticism, and on Tuesday the school said in a statement Wheaton’s provost had delivered a notice to President Philip Ryken recommending her employment be terminated.

This Notice follows the impasse reached by the parties. Dr Hawkins declined to participate in further dialogue about the theological implications of her public statements.

The school has said that Hawkins was not placed on leave because she wore a hijab, but because:

Her theological statements seem inconsistent with Wheaton College’s doctrinal convictions.

After a hearing with a faculty committee and other reviews, the Board of Trustees will make a final decision regarding Hawkins’ employment.
On her website, Hawkins said she received an emailed notification on January 4 that her employment was up for review and she planned to address the issue at a Chicago-area church on Wednesday. The site said:

Dr Hawkins maintains Christian support for the Muslim community amidst the ongoing anti-Muslim climate.

Hawkins, who has written on race, religion and American politics, said she had consulted with the local chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, an advocacy group, to make sure that it would not be seen as offensive for a non-Muslim woman to wear the headscarf.
Christian blogger Rev Jeff Hood feels that Hawkins should not be sacked, but points out that she’s no “beacon of progressive thought”:

I agree with Dr Hawkins on Muslims. I find many of my Muslim friends to be more like Jesus than most Christians I know.
I don’t want Dr. Hawkins to be fired. I believe she is a brave woman that can do much good at a place like Wheaton. However, it is important to point out the deeply problematic nature of working at Wheaton in the first place.
The statement of faith that Dr. Hawkins signed and reaffirmed just last month is textbook conservative evangelicalism and filled with beliefs that have proven incredibly harmful to a wide variety of people.

From the historical personhood of Adam and Eve to ideas of substitutionary atonement to a literal hell to the impending return of Jesus, Dr. Hawkins believes some really problematic doctrines. Let’s also not forget that Wheaton has treated LGBT staff and students horribly during Dr. Hawkins tenure and she obviously held on to her job in the midst of those injustices.
While I think it’s important to push for her to keep her job, I think we all need to be careful before we act like Dr. Hawkins is a beacon of progressive thought. She’s not.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • barriejohn

    From the historical personhood of Adam and Eve to ideas of substitutionary atonement to a literal hell to the impending return of Jesus, Dr. Hawkins believes some really problematic doctrines. (Revd Jeff Hood)
    Aren’t all those things taught in the Bible? Some of these Christians get me terribly confused at times!

  • Lucy1

    An evangelical college? FFS?

  • 1859

    But she’s right!! She’s spot on!! Muslims and christians do worship the same god – because they both worship something that doesn’t exist.
    And WTF is ‘substitutionary atonement’ ? Can I get some at Wallmart? Having an itchy time with piles at the moment.

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  • barriejohn

    Lucy1: One of the most amusing and perplexing facts about Billy Graham is that he graduated from this college (Wheaton) in 1943 with a degree in anthropology. Please, somebody, explain to me how a fundamentalist Christian, who believes that every person on earth is descended from one of the three sons of Noah, who supposedly lived about four thousand years ago, could possibly pass an anthropology exam, and how a fundamentalist college could possibly teach such a subject. I am bamboozled (old English word)!

  • RussellW

    I doubt that Muslims and Christians worship the same god, Allah and the Judeo-Christian God are completely different entities, or different inventions.
    Dr Hawkins seems remarkably naive in regard to Islam and CAIR, probably because she actually believes in the Semitic sky fairy.

  • Ivan

    By definition, the Abrahamic religions (Christians, Muslims, Jews and their various sub-sects) worship the God of Abraham whose name is Yahweh (various spellings). The only difference is that they disagree on the exact nature of that god eg. Muslims don’t go with the “three in one” thing.
    In general terms, Dr Hawkins is quite right.

  • L.Long

    According to my daughter (islameic studies) and other crap I read, the isLame says ALLAH is the gawd of Abraham which is YeowWay which is the rapist of Mary to make his bastard son jesus. So they do acknowledge the same gawd. But xtians sort of ignore the YeowWay dude and stay with jesus. In fact it can be so bad that I have asked a number of xtians & a couple preachers why they think YeowWay is a good gawd, and got the answer….’who’s YeowWay????’ to which I say, well you just proved you do not read the buyBull!
    So yes they have the same gawd but most xtians don’t know it and isLame says jesus is a prophet ONLY!! So both sides think they are different gawds.

  • Matthew Carr

    Maybe it’s a different god but they live in the same heaven. Maybe one lives one floor up or something. Maybe they share an abode. I’m not being judgmental here.
    On gun control: You can open carry any firearms you want as long as they’re pink.

  • sailor1031

    Simple logic problem:
    christians believe there is no doG but doG.
    muslims believe there is no doG but al’lah.
    if doG and al’lah both exist then christiam and muslim belief is wrong – there are two doGs.
    we know, because we are told ad nauseam that christian beliefs are correct. we know because we are told ad nauseam that muslim beliefs are correct. Therefore there is only one doG – it just has two different names. I think the christians should call their doG “Rover” and the muslims should call their doG “Spot”..

  • AgentCormac

    ‘a liberal Christian liberal arts college’
    What in the name of all that’s sane and decent does that mean?

  • John the Drunkard

    Well…most ‘faiths’ that pass under the radar in the US: the various fundies, catholics, christian scientists, mormons etc. etc. etc. Don’t REALLY match up all that closely about the god of their orthodoxy.
    Islam denies the virgin birth, Crucifixion, and resurrection, claims that Xtian and jewish holy books are corrupted and false, and gets large sections of biblical content ludicrously wrong.

  • Barry Duke

    Sorry, AgentCormac, my bad. I was so discombobulated after reading the line “liberal Christian arts college” that I typed in an extra liberal.I’ve corrected it now.

  • Atlantis, Avalon and El Dorado are all the same city in that none of them ever existed to an equal and identical degree.

  • harrynutsak

    Since everyone is free to interpret utter bollocks as whatever suits their fancy, they can say whatever they like.
    Since neither actually exist, empty and worthless speculation as to “who” is “who” is nothing but a huge, stupid-as-fuck waste of time.
    But here I am commenting on it.
    Totally wasted my time, too, except for seeing my comment on the super-amazing-internet-whatsis here. I’m OK with that, of course. *cough*

  • Gerald

    Mathematical proof of Hawkins assertion.
    Substitute the actual number of gods … zero.
    But some theologian will respond “Aaaaah but god is infinite”.
    In which case..
    Where Ni is the number of infinities.
    God is either:-
    Zero – Ergo does not exist.
    Infinite – There are infinite infinities and is therefore there are an infinity of gods therefore not divine and something of a banality.

  • Newspaniard

    Am I so cynical that I think someone is after a large compensation payment?

  • AgentCormac

    @ Barry Duke
    Sorry, Barry I wasn’t aghast at the repetition – I was horrified by the oxymoron. Especially in light of the college’s draconian actions.

  • barriejohn

    To call a fundamentalist religious establishment of any kind “liberal” is the ultimate irony. This is from Wheaton’s web page:
    Committed to the principle that truth is revealed by God through Christ “in Whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge,” Wheaton College seeks to relate Christian liberal arts education to the needs of contemporary society. The curricular approach is designed to combine faith and learning in order to produce a biblical perspective needed to relate Christian experience to the demands of those needs.
    Can you actually make any sense of that?
    More here:

  • barriejohn

    Following up on my previous question regarding Billy Graham and his anthropology studies, I came across this load of undiluted Christian bullshit on the Wheaton site:
    Gawd help us!

  • sailor1031

    Barry: not to harp on too much but Wheaton is a “christian liberal arts college”. In amerikan education ‘liberal arts’ is all one word.

  • barriejohn

    Sailor: Their website doesn’t seem to follow that rule.

  • sailor1031

    Barriejohn: it’s well hidden but if you go to their website & pull down on “about Wheaton” then select “profile” they describe themselves as an “interdenominational Christian liberal arts college”….one just have to be familiar with amerikan terminology.

  • barriejohn
  • Graham

    There’s the ethnic cleansing yahweh god, the magician jesus god and the craven nutjob – the allah god. One and the same? Surely not.

  • Colin Davidson

    The dictionary definition of ‘same’ is ‘identical; not different ‘ (Oxford Dictionary). Christians and Muslims do not worship the same god – although they possess many common properties. The 3-in-1 thing is the big difference but there are obviously countless others. Especially if you throw in the theological differences that exist within the sects of each faith.
    It would seem more truthful to say that the gods of both religions share an common ancestor god from which they have both evolved.
    Of course, as many posters have noted, the non-existence of either makes the debate seem rather pointless. But since the effects these gods have on the deluded masses who follow them are very real I think the question has merit all the same.

  • barriejohn

    Colin Davidson: I don’t disagree, but the “3-in-1 thing” was not an item of faith from the outset of Christianity, and is not believed by all Christians today, so one might feel justified in asking whether all Christians, even, worship the same god?

  • John

    On the nature of the dispute between the institution and staff member – they are all nuts, as far as I am concerned. Their public display simply serves to underline just how utterly stupid they all are.
    As for the so-called Abrahamic religions sharing the same god, I think you will find orthodox jews do not agree with that idea at all. Their god is the god of the jews, not of christians (who follow a former deviant apostate jew, in their estimation) and most definitely not a god of the muslims.
    Again – they are all nuts, as far as I am concerned.

  • RussellW

    Yes, agreed, they’re all nuts. From the point of view of atheists, since ‘God’ doesn’t exist, the deities of Jews, Christians and Muslims are three separate fictitious characters. The question has no meaning.

  • John

    I would say that the atheist perspective is that all three cults and their members are equally deluded in that they profess to believe equally in something that does not exist.
    What better definition of clinical insanity could there be?
    That is why the behaviour of Ms Hawkins is quite literally ridiculous.
    Equally, the conduct of her employer is utterly absurd too.
    They are all as crazy as one another.