Sir Terry Wogan: 'If you haven't any doubts, you've no brain'

Sir Terry Wogan: 'If you haven't any doubts, you've no brain' January 31, 2016

Terry Wogan, above, ditched religion in his teens. But a priest who was a close friend of one of Britain’s best loved presenters who died today aged 77, said that Wogan was:

Certainly the most spiritual, faith-filled man in the world.

According to this report, Fr Brian D’Arcy, above, a regular contributor to Wake Up To Wogan for 20 years, was a friend for more than four decades and officiated at the weddings of Sir Terry’s children.
He said:

He was filled with love, he was filled with charity, he helped so may people in a quiet way. Honest to God, if there is not room for Terry Wogan in heaven, well then, the God I’ve been preaching is a way off.

Sir Terry spoke in recent years about not believing in God, saying that he had privately railed against faith after the death of his three-week-old firstborn daughter.
But, according to this 2004 report, Wogan, who was born in Limerick, Ireland, claimed to have left the Catholic Church when he was 17.
He said:

My parents were shy people and the worst sin in the Catholic church, after sex, was vanity. So how any of us came out of it with any self-regard, I don’t know. But I always had self-esteem. I think it came from being on my own for so long before my brother was born.

He said the Limerick of his childhood was “cursed” with religion and not even the scepticism of his parents – “They knew it was a lot of rubbish” – could entirely protect him from it.

There were hundreds of churches, all these missions breathing fire and brimstone, telling you how easy it was to sin, how you’d be in hell. We were brainwashed into believing.

When he lost his faith, it came as a relief.

My whole life changed. If you haven’t any doubts, you’ve no brain.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Lyn

    Why do some people think that if u don’t believe in god, ur a bad person??? Some of the kindest, sweetest, most real & philanthropic people I ever met r athiests!!!

  • Broga

    Well said Terry Wogan but the religious will still claim you as being “spiritual” and say there is a place in heaven for you.

  • Gindy51

    The only people on my street who do anything for anyone else are the atheists, us. We plow drive ways and our rural road, pick up trash, help out the elderly, save lost dogs. I could go on and on. I never see my other neighbors do a damned thing for anyone.

  • Barry Duke

    On the other hand, Broga, Christian retards like Bob Hutton will be clamouring to gleefully tell us that Wogan is now in hell.

  • barriejohn

    I’m surprised that Bob Hutton hasn’t told his reader that David Bowie is being tormented in hell. He wants us all to “pray” for Tom Sherrington, I see:
    I agree with Broga that it is nauseating in the extreme to hear of these leeches laying claim to famous people on the grounds of some nebulous “spirituality” that only they are qualified to detect. Talk about “making it up as they go along”.

  • RussellW

    WTF does ‘spiritual’ mean anyway? Probably that the deceased was a decent ethical person despite being a godless atheist. That must be baffling to the average religiot.

  • Justin Badby

    I can’t say that the death of Wogan is a tragedy, but it is a characteristic, or maybe even the life breath of religion to steal the grief of people and use it as the raw material for their abominable piety. The godly want to control our sex lives (no shagging out of wedlock and if you are gay fucking dream on) and to use the birth of our children and our inevitable deaths as the fodder for ceremonies under their control so that they can excercise power over us. They are parasitic on our fears and emotions.
    Have you ever wondered why you feel really sad when someone close to you dies. Well its because you ain’t gonna see them again. They are finished.
    But the godly want to use the deaths of our loved ones by perfoming morbidly onerous heavyweight rites of passage into the falatious afterlife. Well I say when someone dies we should joyously celebrate that they were here at all. It is the godly that make life burdensome with their morbid primitive wailings and agitations.They burden us with guilt and sadness in order to extract their welfare from our labours and to keep us under their control. Well many of us see right through that as did Wogan. In time everyone will come to see religion as a pestilential retarding burden that must be cast off. The shackles that for centuries have weighed us down are starting to fall away.

  • Ellis-e-yum

    What? More so than the pope … Really. Now it’s time for the priests to conscript Wogans death as propaganda for their nasty dogma.

  • quisquose

    Terry Wogan talks quite openly about his atheism in the second part of his 2011 programme Terry Wogan’s Ireland.

  • barriejohn

    Here you are, from today’s mail:
    It appears to be the same report from Father Braindead I See as that linked to above, but there’s as much evidence of a “death-bed conversion” as there is that Charles Darwin “repented” before he died. It makes you sick.

  • barriejohn

    Hearty congratulations to Barry on his birthday, and may he enjoy many more!

  • Bob

    I remember watching Terry Wogan interview Billy Graham on prime time TV in 1984. Billy told him straight “Christ died for your sins”. He also said that we all need to repent of our sins and accept Christ as Lord and Savoiur.
    I truly hope Mr Wogan responded positively to this before he died.
    (Any swear words have been inserted by another person and are NOT my responsibilty)

  • barriejohn

    This is what Billy Graham thinks now:
    Maybe Bob and his ilk should take a page out of his book!

  • RussellW

    Stephen Fry’s comments on God and the eternal, insoluble problem of theodicy.
    The reaction of the religiot interviewer is priceless.

  • Bob

    @ barriejohn: on his 95th birthday Billy spoke out with his “birthday message to America”, it was basically a message about the cross of Jesus. The Gospel he proclaimed that day was the same Gospel he has preached for decades.
    The clip you linked to shows a very brief part of the interview and is clearly being taken out of context.
    (any swear words have been inserted by another person and are NOT my responsibility).

  • Barry Duke

    Thanks BarrieJohn. My Facebook page has as many good wishes as I have miles on the clock.

  • barriejohn

    RussellW: That was a great interview, and far more edifying than the “make-it-up-as-you-go-along” nonsense spewed forth by the likes of Billy Graham. It caused a real stir in Ireland, and Byrne complained about atheists being “aggressive” – ie challenging the establishment view!

  • Broga

    Terry Wogan’s atheism causes panic in the believers. They are rendered paralytic with anxiety that a famous man should say he is atheist. The danger for them is that the unthinking sheep might be encouraged to think about what is meant by atheism which has attracted Terry Wogan.
    I thought the dire Thought for the Day might mention Terry Wogan but the vicar kept well clear. Instead he came up with a joke – or maybe he was serious – when he explained why he didn’t wear his clerical collar. The reason – get this – was that when he wore it people asked him to explain what was meant by the Trinity. I can just picture that. The vicar being pestered by people asking him to explain the Trinity.
    My guess is that most people have never heard of the Trinity.

  • Stuart H.

    Knowing how little he thought of religion I’ve always wondered why Wogan bothered to make a role for D’Arcy on his show. In some reports of the last show he was even described as the programme’s ‘chaplain’.
    Like that other radio one-off, Kenny Everett, Wogan knew exactly how to keep the public listening, wouldn’t have suffered a fool gladly and didn’t waste a second of material either. Maybe, from childhood experience, he just knew a Catholic priest droning on gave him plenty of time to pop out for a breather, or made listeners react more strongly when Tel came back in with the good banter, but it would be interesting to know.

  • Peter Sykes

    Justin Badby:
    Nice one, I’ll have to pinch this: “Emotional parasites.”

  • barriejohn

    Sruart H: Kenny Everett was possibly the greatest radio entertainer ever – unique, innovative, unpredictable, anarchic, and, to some, shocking – yet even he returned to his Catholic roots when dying. Odd, but then he WAS a bundle of contradictions!

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: I suppose when the religious barb goes into an impressionable child it is buried deep and may come to the surface again. I offered to get a clergyman for my terminally ill, atheist mother as I thought, over the years, I had been too forceful in pressing my atheism on her. We often discussed faith.
    Her reply was, “If you let a Minister near me I will come back and haunt you.” She kept her sense of humour till the end. We had a wonderfully comforting and memorable non religious funeral where relatives each spoke about her for a few minutes.

  • It is an insult to Wogan for this priest to suggest that he was godly despite his atheism. It is patronising. And it is insulting to all the suffering that has ever taken place for anybody to even think of suggesting that it was for the best. It is easy for the priest to suggest that when he will never suffer as much as many have. Wogan was right to hate God and its insulting to him to say he was godly.

  • Why would we ever regard the morality of supernaturalists to be in any way superior to the ethics of atheists? Surely, if a persons claims their morality is derived from what they suppose a deity says is right and wrong then it is not morality because morality is what individual humans decide through reasoning, experience and empathy.
    Terry Wogan was a decent human being who like many of us had to eschew the lies and propaganda forced on us as children. In Ireland it was all around us from having infant exorcism wrought upon us a few days after birth, having the gruesome image of a crucified guy dripping in blood everywhere , being forced aged six to ‘confess’ sins we never committed, turned into little cannibals aged seven etc. That is what it was like for those of us of Terry’s generation many of whom emigrated to escape the stifling influence of the Catholic Church.

  • I think we have to remember that a person who was loved very much has died.
    I think this is a time for compassion for his wife, his children and his wider family.
    I think Terry Wogan was a man who was heartbroken over the death of his first born child, none of us know his pain and sadness.
    I believe Terry Wogan was an honest man and I think we should not judge him.