Malawian evangelist slams homophobia & praises gay MP

Malawian evangelist slams homophobia & praises gay MP February 24, 2016

The southern African country of Malawi doesn’t much like homosexuals. But it gleefully accepted an aid package of £86-million personally handed to Malawi President, Peter Mutharika by the openly gay Scottish Minister of State, David Mundell.
Then, in remarkable departure from Christian hatred, a UK-based Malawian evangelist, Elizabeth Kalonga, above, commended Mutharika for personally welcoming Mundell to his Kamuzu Palace. She is reported here as saying:

Firstly, I would like to applaud the UK government through Scotland for sending out aid to Malawi at a time when people are dying of hunger.
It was brave of the Scottish Government to send a gay politician to a country where homosexuals are vilified and secondly let me laud the Malawian government for taking a bold move in welcoming Mr Mundell with open arms.

Kalonga who recently “stirred a hornet’s nest” for rallying support on gay people, added:

It appears to me that the Malawi government now realises that gays must be embraced into our society, because they are part of us, they are as human as everybody else.

Malawian President pictured welcoming
The Malawian President pictured welcoming David Mundell
She said the money the Queen’s government sent to Malawi through Mundell will not be spend on homosexuals or minority rights but will go a long way to alleviating hunger and other problems that the financially-strapped country is going through.

I am happy that Malawi affably received Mr Mundell as a just British politician with open hands and did not judge him for his sex orientation. This is stepping stone towards changing our attitudes on people. We must not judge people for who they are, who they want to love or what they choose to be. Judgement is not for us but for God. After all we are all sinners so there is no need for us to point others with dirty fingers.

Kalonga added that Mutharika and his government must stand firm to defend the interests of international laws and conventions as stipulated in the charter of international human rights laws.

Malawi is a signatory and party to the international human rights treaty and it is criminal under these laws and the UN obligations to reprimand, hate, ostracise or chastise anyone for choosing to be who they are. My appeal to the government and the people of Malawi is that they must  stop living in the past and realise that times have changed.

She tool further took a swipe at the clergy in the country for promoting hate speech by preaching to the world that homosexuals are sinners, saying such acts are dangerous to modernity and to the human race.

If God is love, why then must we, who claim to be men and women of God, preach detestation and abhorrence and so much hate to our faithful and encourage them to hate other people and label them as sinners or the filthy lot before God? Seriously, in this time and age we still think being homophobic is a right way to go?
Malawians must wake up from their deep slumber and start realising that our problems as a country are not homosexuals but our stinking attitudes towards our fellow human beings. As people, we pride ourselves being wicked. We’re stuck in our deep-seated mediocrity; we love to hate ourselves, always moving backwards. It is time we come to our senses that we cannot pick and choose rights among the human rights conventions.
Why are we so bent on judging people based on their sexual orientation and judge them harshly on what they believe in and for their happiness other than their character?

The 53-year-old Scottish MP, David Mundell – a divorcee with three grown up children who has just finished his tour of duty in Malawi – recently came out as a homosexual and he described his bold decision to acknowledge his sexuality as one of the most important of his life.
Mundell visited Malawi at a time when the country is experiencing a tide homophobia. There have been comments from political, social and religious circles that that gay people are “worse than dogs and should be killed”.
In Malawi, a country that calls itself  “a God fearing nation”, gay sex is illegal and is punishable up to 14 years imprisonment.
Recently, the government suspended the law pending review but High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise sitting in Mzuzu a few weeks ago  quashed the moratorium, effectively reinstating anti-homosexual laws.


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  • John

    Money always talks loudest; still, good for her – if she is genuine.
    I wonder where the money will end up – in a private Swiss bank account?

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Kudos to Ms. Kalonga.
    Would that this were not news, but in fact, it is remarkable.
    In a society that is blind, the one-eyed lady is Queen.
    ( Until she gets torn down and trampled).

  • “If God is love, why then must we, who claim to be men and women of God, preach detestation and abhorrence and so much hate to our faithful and encourage them to hate other people and label them as sinners or the filthy lot before God?”
    Has Evangelist Kalonga ever heard of a book commonly called “The Bible,” which is often associated with her religion? I know it’s hardly fair to make reference to a seldom-seen and little known book, but I suggest she employ a rare book dealer to find her a copy. She might find an answer to her question there.
    Here, let me help. God commands Christians like Evangelist Kalonga to kill homosexuals in Leviticus 20:13, and Jesus confirms this to be the law in Matthew 5:18-19.
    I hope this explains why Christians should hate and kill homosexuals. Atheists such as myself are not required to hate or kill homosexuals. Perhaps that ‘lack of a moral compass’ I hear about, one way we atheists are a-moral monsters. We forget we’re supposed to hate and kill people. Pray for me, won’t you?

  • Marcus

    What a shame that Kalonga feels the need to use religious language to preach humanist values. But, given her audience, it is wholly understandable. Africans, for the most part, have been hoodwinked by Christianity for so long that this is the only language they understand.
    If her intent is o chip away at intolerance from the inside, more power to her elbow. But I have no doubt that she will be labelled as a “false prophet” by “true” Christians like the pervert Bob Hutton, who haunts this site, and will be thrown under the first bus that comes along.

  • harrynutsak

    I’d like to throw a bus under someone, just to see if it’s any better, but I strained my elbow yesterday and I’m not entirely sure I should be throwing buses around.
    However, if Bob is amenable to the idea, we could toss him over a bus rather than under, as this is likely to be much safer, but someone else will have to do the tossing.
    Wait, Bob sounds like a tosser, perhaps he could be persuaded to toss himself over a bus. Yes, that would work quite well indeed. I could have my cocoa, Bob could give himself a toss, and, if we place the bus just right, he could land in the sea and just float away…..!
    Sounds good, wouldn’t you say? I just thought of it, you know, i do that sort of thing rather than toss myself into the sea, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t take advantage of any opportunity to do so themselves.
    The sea is large. It can float away any number of people, I hear. Sort of like a lake only larger.

  • Rob Andrews

    Like so many article and poster have said before the Christian religion is caught in a three-way problem:
    1) The brutal OT which is the origin of their religion and has to be obeyed to a degree.
    2) The NT which stresses Jesus words to love at all costs.
    3) The modern secular well educated world. This essentially rejects, certatnly the OT as totally unscientific.
    So they spin a weave of ID and Christian HUmanisn;stressing at least respect for gays.Even the pope says in some cases birth control is acceptable.She’s doing a good job.
    “THe OT shows god when he was young; the NT shows him later after he ‘got religion'”-Mark Twain

  • Angela_K

    John, how could you say such a thing, that money will be spent on weapons expensive cars, bibles and “gay cure” clinics.
    @harrynutsak. I wouldn’t wish Bob any harm as that is the sort of thing the religious wish for their opponents. Bob may be annoying but the only thing I wish for him is that realises his religion is a load of nonsense.

  • barriejohn

    Marcus: That’s it precisely – they are superimposing humanist values onto the Bible and claiming that that is what Jesus taught! TBF, though, a certain amount of humanist thought has been incorporated into the NT, so things are not straightforward. Whoever originally said, “The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath” was most definitely a humanist, as that is the very essence of the humanistic approach. However, as Trevor Blake reminds us, this same Jesus is supposed to be responsible for the statement that no “jot or tittle”of the OT law could ever be rescinded. No wonder Christians are confused! Here’s one who has twigged that the Bible supports slavery:
    My Brethren friends had very similar views. They didn’t support equality legislation or workers’ rights, because even if you were a slave it was your duty as a Christian to obey your masters, accept the status quo, and “do everything as unto the Lord”.

  • Cali Ron

    Angela K : Bob needs his religion for validation and an income. He’s the real tosser.

  • 1859

    Refreshing comments from Ms Kalonga. However, had David Mundell arrived empty-handed and said he wanted to discuss the human rights of oppressed minorities in Malawi, I wonder whether Ms Kalonga would have opened her heart and mind so wide? As someone has already posted – money talks.