BBC caves into bigots over complaint against presenter

BBC caves into bigots over complaint against presenter March 8, 2016

Despite a decision by UK broadcasting watchdog to take no action against BBC presenter Iain Lee following an on-air altercation between he and Libby Powell, above, of Christian Concern, the BBC Trust has upheld a complaint against Lee.
Ofcom received just six complaints over a controversy which led to Iain Lee leaving his BBC show, and did not pursue them, saying the interview was in line with “generally accepted standards”.
But this week Pink News reported that, in a judgement published this week, the BBC Trust upheld the complaints from hate group Christian Concern – finding that Lee “seriously breached” impartiality.
The Trust’s report says:

Trustees … agreed that the presenter did not show due impartiality in the conduct of two of the interviews and that their tone was unduly confrontational.

Lee, above, is now a presenter on commercial station TalkRadio.
Christian Concern is an extremist group which is strongly committed to opposing LGBT rights, speaking against equality on issues from same-sex parenting to anti-bullying campaigns, and opposing the decriminalisation of homosexuality globally.
Things turned fiery between the pair while discussing the case of a prison gardener who says he was “persecuted” at work, after getting a warning for telling inmates that homosexuals must repent their sexuality to please God.
In the interview, Lee asked Powell whether she was a “bigot” several times, and challenged her group’s anti-LGBT stance.
However, after Christian Concern encouraged its supporters to complain en masse about the interview, the BBC apologised and dropped Lee as a presenter, adding:

Iain Lee will no longer be presenting his shows on the station but we want to take this opportunity to thank him and wish him well for the future.

Hat tip: Angela_K

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  • Ivan

    You can send your views on this directly to the BBC using the easy pro-forma on the link below.

  • Broga

    ” Lee “seriously breached” impartiality.”
    Nice one, BBC. I suppose the BBC censoring secular opinions and banning them completely from Thought for the Day – unremittingly dire – doesn’t breach impartiality. Or drenching the airwaves on Sundays with religious nonsense most of their audience don’t want to hear.
    The BBC is under the influence of a religious cabal and when it makes decisions like this it shows its narrow, insecure and vindictive mindset. Let me remind you that this unforgiving organisation i.e. to those who offend against its religious propaganda was ready to ignore the sexual abuse of the young by Jimmy Saville.

  • Rob Andrews

    No! I guess the BBC doesn’t have to care what people think or have to worry about advertizing revenue. Here in the US viewingship means a lot.Ther’s very little religious programing on Sunday morning.
    THere used to be much more in the days before cable.But now I guess ther’s even more competition for terrestrial channels for Sunday viewers.

  • barriejohn

    Just listen to this load of bollocks:
    The woman is only interested in the “freedoms” of religious maniacs like herself, and everyone else can toe the line or go to hell (quite literally, I suppose).
    “We have seen governments bringing in laws which have crossed the truth lines which the Bible talks about.”
    What the fuck is the woman talking about, and why give her air time, as she is illogical, ill informed and obviously deranged? If you look at the site, you will be amazed at the amount of time that Andrea Williams (yes – THAT woman again!) in particular is being granted on British radio. Once again, we have evidence, if evidence were needed, of the way that the bigots are much better organized and better connected than the rationalists, which partly explains why sensible people like Iain Lee stand no chance. Gird up your loins, fellow atheists, or hard won freedoms are going to be lost!

  • Dave Godfrey

    So once again we see “Christian persecution” in the UK is nothing but a myth. If Ian Lee had called a racist bigot a bigot, there would be no problem.

  • barriejohn

    I feel really, really, really sorry for the poor Christians in British society who are being mercilessly persecuted. I really do. Here’s a story that I have just read concerning a homosexual man who was persecuting innocent Christians (I think):
    Bigots like Williams and Powell are responsible for this, and any talk of “lovingly pointing out the error of their lifestyles” (listen to interview above) is absolute nonsense. They are nothing more than lowlife scum.

  • 1859

    @ barriejohn: I tried to listen to that interview, but the moment Ms Powell spouted the phrase ‘…and in the past ten years laws which had passed the truth lines the bible talks about…’ my bowels opened and I had to retire to the loo to regain my balance and peace of mind. Clearly she feels the world is moving beneath her feet and is upset – poor thing. Had she been fed to the lions in the first place we wouldn’t have her bleating, so-earnest voice explaining the ‘truth lines’ of the bible. O fuck my bowels gave another twinge……….

  • lucy1

    I complained to the BBC, one of the 6. Got anodyne nonsense reply. At least the young man has work.

  • AgentCormac

    I’m confused. Do you mean you complained to Ofcom about Lee’s ‘confrontational’ style (therefore making you one of the six), or did you actually complain to the BBC about how they’ve treated him?

  • Stuart H.

    I suppose the good news is that Christian Concern only has six supporters, making it about the size of ‘Birdshit’ Green’s popular front.

  • Lucy1

    Oh, sorry…to the BBC. I wonder how many did.

  • I was unable to find Mrs. Powell’s criticism of sex slavery, beheadings, and other instances of persecution of Christians in England. That might be due to the fact that the perpetrators of such persecution never apologize and only expand their persecution of Christians, and can’t be bullied with mere scolding words. They are called Muslims. England can’t seem to import enough of them. No, easier to criticize a modestly blunt interviewer than the religion of peace.
    Goodbye, England.

  • Peter Sykes

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, would believe in anything.” – Unknown

  • barriejohn

    Peter Sykes: That’s very good. I haven’t come across that one before.
    As Angela K will testify, Bob Hutton has been having his usual two penn’orth about this on the Pink News site. Here are two comments of his from Disqus:
    (1) Debates on homosexuality should always be conducted in a reasonable way without resorting to playground name-calling. I disagree with homosexuality because the Bible says it’s wrong – however, I wouldn’t go around calling gays rude names because it is not necessary.
    (2) Homos wil be excluded from Heaven if they don’t repent.
    They are adjacent. I’m not making it up!

  • Broga

    @barriejohn: Look on the bright side. Why would anyone want to be in a heaven with people like Bob Hutton. I read some of Bob Hutton’s comments and they are very funny. They must be a send up. Reassure me, he isn’t serious. Is he?

  • barriejohn

    Broga: I agree. Sadly, the poor guy is deadly serious, and just attracts ridicule from most people. This, of course, he wears as a badge of honour, as it is supposed to earn him Brownie Points in the hereafter!

  • Dave Godfrey

    Brownie points? Are you suggesting Mr Hutton might be a cross-dresser? Personally, wouldn’t bother me if he was, butI doubt he’d be so cool with the idea.

  • andym

    OT but this may have longer-term significance. You will probably end up having to reread the first paragraph-but it says what you thought it said.
    I suppose there is a certain grim inevitability to it. Secular student societies are an obvious target for infiltration.

  • John

    I think you need to check out the backgrounds of the “officers” of SASH.
    Their “spiel” does not sound humanist, secularist or atheist at all to me.
    Is this a case of Troyskyite infiltration by religious fundamentalists?
    It certainly seems that way!
    Turf them out quick, I say!