Church fined for noisy 3 am services to drive out demons

Church fined for noisy 3 am services to drive out demons March 19, 2016

This YouTube video claims that ‘Bishop’ Climate Irungu (aka ‘Dr’ Climate Wiseman) ‘sees the invisible, he hears the inaudible’ – but the services ‘The Prophet’ conducted in London at ungodly hours were so audible that his church was fined for noise pollution.
According to this report, the Camberwell branch of the Kingdom Church was fined £7,740.50 after residents complained of booming late-night services every Saturday.
The Church conducts services at 3am because that is the best time for:

Deliverance of the devil and evil.

The congregation is known to sing and dance during sermons that allegedly free the faithful from:

Marriage failure, financial failure and demonic attacks including witchcraft.

But the combination of loud preaching and music was too much for neighbours, and Camberwell Magistrates Court issued the church with the fine for breaching the Environmental Protection Act 1980.
A female worker church worker said the sermons were no longer loud as they had “turned it down”. Asked why they had to take place at 3 am, the woman said:

It is the best time for deliverance of the devil and evil.

She added that “God” had chosen that time.
The church’s website claims that Irungu/Wiseman has restored sight, brought people back from the dead, eradicated cancerous growths and cured mental illness. He has also cured AIDS and TB.

His wife, ‘Dr’ Jennifer Irungu, ‘First Lady’ of the Kingdom Church, behatted above, is the founder The Ladies On Fire Ministry, which “educates” women about God. Back in 2010 she posted a video on the Black Preaching Network entitled Keep Your Lamb Burning. Alas, it is no longer viewable.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Broga

    And this is in the UK in 2016. I suppose it would be politically incorrect and offend minority sensitivities for an official body or spokesperson to challenge this nonsense with reason and ridicule. It is more likely that “Dr” Climate Wiseman will soon get a spot on Thought for the Day.
    I love the name Climate. Could catch on in some circles.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Keep Your Lamb Burning
    PETA should be all over this.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Wiseman has restored sight, brought people back from the dead, eradicated cancerous growths and cured mental illness. He has also cured AIDS and TB.
    Well, dang – ain’t he special?
    Quite a talented fellow. I’m sure the AMA (American Medical Association) or the UK equivalent are quite interested. Where can I read their report?

  • Rob Andrews

    For this kind of revival service, reason has nothing to do with it. It’s all about emotion-at leas tfor this kind of belief. They “feel the power of the lord” and are “washed in the blood of the lamb”.
    This is why you can’t cure drug addiction either.If something makes a person feel good they will continue to go for it.
    “The Russian peasant uses religion the same way they use vodka, to dull the missery of life”. Lenin

  • Broga

    OT: Now the bad news. Ian Duncan Smith’s successor is devout Christian Stephen Crabb.

  • Stan Graham

    Oh shit. Where did I leave my vodka.

  • barriejohn

    You can watch Dr Jennifer in action here:
    “I receive revelation knowledge right now.”
    Are these people as a nutty as a fruit cake, or just very skillful con artists? I really don’t have the answer to that one.

  • barriejohn

    Maybe her organization would be more appropriately called Pants on Fire.

  • Newspaniard

    This lady obviously has not heard about the connection between red hats and underwear or lack of it.

  • Bobby

    Why is the “bishop” doing this?????
    To make money … lots of money …without having to work for it …. without investing anything … without taking out loans … without capital.
    Easy money.
    And is he paying taxes?
    He is using the second oldest business model to make money.
    Tell people you have special god given curative powers and you can sweet talk them into giving money and anything else that takes your fancy.”Shall I cure you of your hot flushes dear … just take hold of this …while I loosen your clothes” No charge darlin’ but you will need another consultation next week.
    Fools and their money are easily separated. And guess what … I don’t give a toss if the stupefied fuckwits who listen to these charlatans toss their money away. Serves them right. Except of course that – a bit, some, a lot, most of or all – the money may well be state handout benefits.

  • Bobby

    Time for the fraud squad to pay a visit.

  • Stephen Mynet

    Anyone who claims an ability to heal and who cannot produce genuine documented evidence of their abilities should be prosecuted, we may need a new law to do this but it should be done. We should protect the vulnerable against these bogus healers.
    Faith “healers” are a blight on us all and they are always quick to prey on the frightened and confused. Even the most intelligent of people may grasp at straws in certain situations and they should be protected.
    I am lucky in that my condition is now controllable and I have few problems, nevertheless when someone suddenly finds out their child is haemophiliac it is a frightening and worrying time for them, information about the condition is variable and unless you know where to look finding reliable info not always easy (I guess you could say that about all conditions), plus a lot of hospitals do not have a good understanding of haemophilia.
    I have spoken with three different sets of new parents of haemophiliac children and all have been similar in that they were scared, knew very little about the condition. Luckily all had already found a good hospital with a genuine Haemophilia Centre but all of them still had a shed load of questions and one had already been approached by a faith healer, apparently some religionist neighbour had grassed them up to him.
    The promises made by the faith group were ludicrous, they were also all lies, but the way they were worded I could see them appealing to frightened people who were not thinking straight because of their current worries. I tackled a member of the healing group and received the usual garbage in reply plus the very worrying “well it can’t hurt so why not try.”
    To those who say “it can’t hurt,” check out the stories about the Assemblies of God Pentecostals in London over the last 10 years or so. There have been several deaths of HIV sufferers who tried their faith approach, the trouble was it involved them giving up all their standard medicines. HIV is now, to some extent, controllable (not greatly but sufferers can expect a longer life than before and a better quality of life) but only if the medication regime is stuck to strictly. Those who took advice from the AoG died within months when they sill could have lived for years. The preachers, of course, denied they told them to stop taking their medicines and the police did next to nothing. It is time we started prosecuting these creeps.

  • AgentCormac

    Wiseman can ‘read and see the future like an open book’? How clever! Guess that’s why he’s won the lottery so many times, then. It’s just like Peter Popoff seemingly knew the names, addresses and medical conditions of his victims. It’s a callous, cynical con focused on ripping off the needy and the desparate. Until James Randi showed the world how Popoff really did it.
    Worryingly this government is increasingly full of the feckers. Which does not bode well for the future.

  • barriejohn

    AgentCormac: I read this only the other day.
    I’m gobsmacked that Popoff is still operating. Doesn’t EVERYONE know by now what a complete fraud the guy is?

  • AgentCormac

    Sadly it would seem that there is no end to man’s gullibility. Apparently Popoff is today making millions out of selling ‘miracle water’.
    You do have to wonder at just how dumb the human race can actually be.

  • Broga

    @AgentCormac: I read that good Christian Crabb had his holy mitts in the expenses jam pot and problems over the money he was claiming for his convoluted housing arrangements.
    People like Crabb are running the country – well, after a fashion.

  • L.Long

    Loud services? And they got fined! AWESOME!!!!

  • Brian Jordan

    I don’t know what the law is about quackery in general, but it’s certainly an offense to make false claims of curing cancer.

  • barriejohn

    Brian Jordan: You’re right. Those appalling Chinese “Doctors” on the High Street used to have huge placards in their windows listing cancer as one of the many diseases that they could cure, but they had to stop that.

  • Nyami

    “The church’s website claims that Irungu/Wiseman has restored sight, brought people back from the dead, eradicated cancerous growths and cured mental illness. He has also cured AIDS and TB.” Should people who make such claims not be hauled to the courts to provide proof for the claims or be prosecuted for fraud?