No county for Hispanics, blacks, Catholics or gays

No county for Hispanics, blacks, Catholics or gays March 6, 2016

Meet Eric Phelps, a man with a vision: a vision that will have a section of Pennsylvania – Lebanon County – declared a no-go area for anyone who’s Hispanic, African-American and Catholics or gay.
According to this report, Phelps, 62, heads the Reformation Bible Puritan Baptist Church, the county’s only organisation plotted on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s map of hate groups.
Easy to see why.
While he insists he isn’t hateful, Phelps is a proud and active advocate of racial separation and anti-Catholicism. His goal: a community that secedes from the United States and Pennsylvania and will be populated only by white heterosexual Protestants. Oh, and Jews, whom he quite likes.
His new Lebanon will introduce the death penalty for “doing dope,” and will outlaw  homosexuality and adultery.
Said Phelps:

These Hispanics and these blacks that commit crime everywhere – they have reduced Lebanon to nothing but a savage war zone, for the most part.

And who is to blame for this sorry situation?

That’s all done by the Pope — he brought them in here. If I can’t have (racial separation) in Lebanon, I’ll move to another county where we can do it, but we have to go to a white county that’s historically Protestant.

Raised a Catholic, in the 1970s, he spent five years in the Air Force before dropping out after becoming convinced that it “was no place for a white man” because African-Americans were allowed to cut in line and take over the basketball court.
Four years in Bible college from 1977 to 1981 helped him appreciate the Reformation, and he gradually developed the conviction that Jesuits and secret societies like the Freemasons are behind many of the world’s most sinister schemes.
Phelps now believes the Jesuits control presidents and presidential candidates, from Franklin Roosevelt to Donald Trump. The Jesuits murdered fellow Catholic John F Kennedy for resisting their plans and more recently poisoned Antonin Scalia for supporting gun rights, he said.
They gave Phelps himself metallic poison about 15 years ago, but he survived symptoms of a high temperature and a rapid heartbeat, he said.
The one thing Phelps doesn’t do, he said, is teach people to hate. He loves all races even though he believes they should be separated, and some of the people that he mentors are of other races and they also advocate racial separation, he said.
He also supports Jews and wants them in his country.
He is not related to and does not support the radically anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, founded by the late Fred Phelps.

I take them on. I call them a bunch of horrible, terrible bigots. God does not hate the homosexual – he doesn’t hate anybody. He hates the sin.

Phelps said his church was targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center because one of the SPLC’s leaders is loyal to the Catholic Church, but SPLC senior fellow Mark Potok provided a more objective list of criteria.
Groups must have ideologies that malign an entire group of people to be included on the map, and they must be actively promoting their ideas and attracting a larger audience than a single person, Potok said.
Most of the groups – probably the vast majority – do not engage in criminal violence.
Nationwide, the number of hate groups grew 14 percent in 2015, fueled by increases in both Ku Klux Klan and black nationalist groups, the SPLC said in a recently released report.

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  • AgentCormac

    ‘They gave Phelps himself metallic poison about 15 years ago, but he survived…’
    Could explain a lot. Mercury poisoning completely bollocks your brains.

  • Broga

    Some good news. He doesn’t mention atheists. But would an atheist want to be anywhere under the influence of this nutter?

  • Har Davids

    Would this county be big enough to host all the crazies in the US?

  • Vanity Unfair

    To Har Davids:
    I sometimes wonder whether the US is big enough to host all the crazies in the US.
    To US readers:
    I’m sure I’d get a better picture if I ever were to go there.

  • Cali Ron

    Vanity Unfair: There are plenty of relatively normal people in America, but we don’t get any media attention, whereas, crazy people and train wrecks are considered “good entertainment” and “get the ratings” (see: Republican Primary coverage). We’re also a large country so plenty of rooms for loons, goons and buffoons.

  • 1859

    Not sure I go along with this article. It’s on a par with the Russian woman wandering the streets with a severed child’s head. These people are clearly medically insane and I really can’t see the point of making them the objects of our derision. It feels – to me at least – like the Victorian past-time of paying to see a freak show. Do I really need to lampoon, or take the piss out of such people? They are individuals who are obviously suffering from either a pathological schizophrenia, or an obsessive disorder to build an inhabit their own fantasy world. Yes, I know this is often the hallmark of religious belief, but in cases like these were someone is clearly sick, I don’t feel comfortable being part of a crowd that smugly sits back and points a finger.

  • barriejohn

    1859: I agree with you. Many of the great religious leaders of the past were clearly insane (and the same goes for some political leaders as well – just look at Adolf Hitler), and the mystery is how large numbers of people can accept their ideas and follow them blindly. For all his deranged irrationality, one can still see this guy having quite a following eventually. We are all looking on, on this side of the Atlantic, with wide-eyed, open-mouthed disbelief at Donald Trump’s increasing popularity. Are huge swathes of the general public ALL mad?

  • andym

    I’d also agree with 1859. They are both probably psychotic-especially the woman in Russia. We don’t do ourselves any favours using mental illness to make our point.

  • Ann

    Mr Phelps. . I’m not sure if you read any of the comments from any article that was published but I’m hoping to get ahold of you or that you reach me because I have somebody who would like to have a respectful debate with you , maybe try to understand your knowledge and maybe you could try to understand his knowledge ..if you are interested comment back and I’ll give you my email could be done via phone or via email I think you just need to hear a very different approach on things..thank you