Thanks to the Internet, banned gay music video becomes a hit

Thanks to the Internet, banned gay music video becomes a hit March 12, 2016

Last month Kenyan censors banned the country’s first  gay-themed music video – and the Streisand Effect immediately kicked in.
The video, Same Love, was posted on YouTube, and has so far attracted over 135,000 views.
According to this report, because the video features a scantily clad man and his boyfriend in bed and two women kissing on a park bench, it was denied a licence for release.
The song is a remix by Kenyan rapper Art Attack of the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s 2012 hit Same Love.
The artist said of the video:

We expected that this will create controversy. We expected that a lot of people will talk about it but we didn’t expect the amount of publicity it has received. The erotic scenes were meant to show that these people also fall in love.

In a news conference, Ezekiel Mutua from Kenya’s  film classification board said:

The video currently circulating on YouTube consists of lyrics that strongly advocate for gay rights in Kenya, complete with graphic sexual scenes between people of the same gender, as well as depiction of nudity and pornography.

Last year, Kenya’s Deputy President has said there is “no room” for homosexuality in Kenya’s godly society.
William Ruto made the remarks at a church service on the day US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived for talks. The United States has been at the forefront of calls for gay rights in Africa and criticises anti-gay laws on the continent.
Said Ruto:

The Republic of Kenya is a republic that worships God. We have no room for gays and those others.

Homosexuality is illegal in Kenya and has been so since colonial British rule, which ended in 1963.
Hat tip: AgentCormac

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  • barriejohn

    Comment on YouTube:
    It’s ironic that some people are calling this a “Western import” and they quote the bible in the same breath. If I remember correctly, none of our African ancestors were homophobic Christians before the EUROPEAN MISSIONARIES came and handed us the bible and convinced us that it was the TRUE WORD of some deity called God. They didn’t even bother to provide a shred of evidence but today we swear by the bible and this deity called God. Christianity is the western import of all western imports.?

  • Laura Roberts

    “The United States has been at the forefront of calls for gay rights in Africa and criticises anti-gay laws on the continent.”
    One of those rare moments when I’m actually proud of my home country. It would be great if Kerry had the balls to condemn Ruto for his vile rhetoric; but I’m not holding my breath.

  • L.Long

    So a bunch of xtians dimwits who have no idea that the buyBull has no problems with gays decide to condemn them cuz they think it is icky. Sorry I retract the dimwit word,,,they are not worthy of it.

  • tonye

    One of the first (and funniest) gay/religious parody music videos, that I saw years ago on youtube, and still relevant today….

  • Laura Roberts

    @tonye: thanks for that — I’d completely forgotten that fantastic video. I’ll be smiling all day after that one… 🙂