Two sisters die in Pakistan's latest 'honour' killing

Two sisters die in Pakistan's latest 'honour' killing March 5, 2016

Two days after a Pakistani filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, won an Oscar for a documentary on ‘honour’ attacks on women, police in  Pakistan were reportedly hunting a 29-year-old man who shot his two sisters dead in a suspected ‘honour’ killing.
According to this report, police named the suspect as Muhammad Asif, saying he went on the run after murdering his sisters Fozia Bibi, 22, and Suriya Bibi, 24, in the eastern province of Punjab.
Police officer Tariq Mehmood said:

Muhammad Asif killed his two sisters over their character and lifestyle, which he didn’t like. Fozia was shot in her chest and Suriya was shot in her waist.

Police said neighbors and relatives had told them the deaths were “honour” killings sparked by Asif’s suspicions that his sisters were having affairs.
Police said Asif was jailed after having murdered his mother four or five years ago, but set free after being pardoned by his family, but declined to provide details.

More than 500 men and women died in “honour” killings last year, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says. Many of these crimes, carried out by relatives who say their mostly female victims have brought shame on the family, are never prosecuted, observers say.
Pakistani law allows criminal cases against those charged with a killing to be dropped if the families of their victims forgive them, or accept a “blood money” offering instead.
The photo above shows Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Daniel Junge, who co-directed Saving Face, which will air on HBO on March 8.
Their Oscar win prompted activists to call for changes in Pakistan’s laws to punish those who attack women deemed to have disgraced their families.
But earlier this week, a Muslim cleric condemned a new law passed in Punjab to protect women from violence, saying it would weaken men’s authority over females.
Hat tip: Trevor Blake

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  • jkarov

    That’s a perfect illustration of the insanity and horror of yet another religious fanatic following what he believes was “god’s will”
    We see the same thing in evangelical Christianity with the FLDS group forcing 11 year old girls into “marriages”
    We see the same thing with the Quivering and Dominionist movements in Christianity forcing women and girls to be brood mares, stay home, not work, not have an education or a career.
    The same type of things happens to Orthodox Jewish girls and women being forced by patriarchy to submit to whatever rabbis and fathers want for them in arranged marriages, and punishments for the slightest infractions.
    Religion is responsible for more suffering, murder, rape, abuse, and horrific crimes than anything else on planet earth.

  • Lucy1

    He killed his mother, and the family pardoned him? I bet that means the men in the family pardoned him…..

  • Brian Jordan

    As will no doubt be the case this time, there being no women left anyway.

  • John

    People should stop wrongly using the term ‘honour’ killing.
    It is the opposite of honourable for human beings to behave this way.
    These are dis-honourable killings perpetrated by dis-honourable people.
    Anyone who sides with these murderers is just as vile as they are.
    Tell it like it actually is: Muhammad Asif is a vile dishonourable murderer.
    Do not glorify such foul deeds by mis-labelling them ‘honourable’.

  • L.Long

    Robert Heinlein was the one I heard of it from 1st…I’m sure others have said it… “there is only one sin … to harm others, harming yourself is not a sin, just plain stupid.” My rejection of religion was based on this, cuz not only did the various books o’BS encourage harm of various sorts they actually said KILL!!! And the reasons were all so stupid!! There is no such thing as HONOR KILLING there is just stupid people killing for stupid reasons, or even worse there are people murdering others for their own reasons and knowing others who are stupid will let them off for their reasons that make no sense to others.
    And I heard the ‘kill them all and let gawd sort them out’ way to often.

  • Vanity Unfair

    “Pakistani law allows criminal cases against those charged with a killing to be dropped if the families of their victims forgive them, or accept a ‘blood money’ offering instead.”
    That used to be the case in England; it was called wergeld (various spellings). How much was paid depended on the mischief done and on the rank and sex of the victim. It died out around the C12 and was replaced by the Common Law.
    This will sound amazingly patronising or, if not, will be misconstrued as such but for a Commonwealth country to retreat that far from the C20 (independence 1947) takes some doing.

  • Cali Ron

    John: So true. Labels like “Honor killing”are used to try to justify what is not justifiable. Dishonorable murderer works, but I would prefer religious murderer. Let’s give credit where credit is due, the killing was inspired by religion and it’s teachings.

  • barriejohn

    Crimes have to be classified, and it’s difficult to see what other term could satisfactorily be used here. In any case, everyone throughout the world now knows what “honour killing” implies, and only the seriously deranged would see that choice of language as giving such atrocities legitimacy. Here’s another case from today’s Media Round-up:
    Women being targeted yet again.