UK imam praises executed killer of Pakistani governor

UK imam praises executed killer of Pakistani governor March 5, 2016

British Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain, above, has been slammed by the National Secular Society for praising Mumtaz Qadri, inset, who was executed last month for the murder of the former governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer.
Taseer was killed in Pakistan in 2011 after calling for reform of the country’s blasphemy laws.
Following Qadri’s execution, a post on Facebook by the Bradford-based imam said it was:

A dark day in the history of Pakistan; the day … Mumtaz [Qadri] was wrongfully executed and martyred in the way of Allah, when he did what he did in honour of the Prophet.

Stephen Evans, National Secular Society campaigns manager, said:

Salman Taseer was a brave and principled advocate for religious tolerance in Pakistan. Support for his murderer within Britain, and the religious fanaticism it reveals, paints a disturbing picture of the future of free expression and social cohesion.
It’s clear that freedoms we have long taken for granted are not universally supported and we’re going to need a strong civil society response, including from Muslims, against those promoting this sort of religious fanaticism.

Muhammad Asim Hussain is described as a “popular Imam and speaker amongst Muslim youth in the UK” and is the founder of a registered youth charity that aims to give young people:

A deeper, more positive awareness of their faith.

According to his website he:

Tirelessly travels throughout the UK to inspire the youth to the way of Islam through his lectures.

The imam told his over 100,000 Facbook followers that the murderer was a “true servant of Allah” and a “lion” of Islam and described him as a “ghazi” – a Muslim fighter against non-Muslims.
Nearly four thousand people ‘liked’ the post and many commented on it endorsing what the imam had said – though other Muslims challenged him.
One response said:

Stop teaching your version of Islam. The Islam I’ve learned promotes peace and love to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Another response said:

What a ridiculous thing to say. Glorifying a murderer is outrageous. This post is inciting extremism. Only Allah has the right to take a life.

Other comments said that the murder was wrong but that Salman Taseer, above, should have faced some form of punishment in Pakistan’s judicial system.
The preacher added later that:

To honour the Prophet … is the greatest of acts, to dishonour him … is the worst of acts.

Salman Taseer died in a hail of  a sub-machine gun bullets after he had
spoken out in support of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy.
Friends said that Taseer knew he was endangering his own life by criticising the blasphemy law.
In 2010 Taseer told the BBC that he wanted to see a “liberal” Pakistan rather than a Pakistan of:

Darkness and persecution and of cutting off hands and cutting off heads.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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  • Ellis-e-yum

    Deport him to pakistan. Strip him of his British citizenship. Take his British Passport. We need a law that punishes evil shits like this. Call it Treasonous Contempt of Common Decency.

  • Dave

    I have never been a racist but am beginning to change my opinion of Pakistanis and also Islam .

  • L.Long

    isLame leaders again show us that isLame is EVIL!!!!!
    “Only Allah has the right to take a life.”
    Really! Has this dimwit read his book o’BS!!!

  • Newspaniard

    Do his tours to foment hate among the young attract charitable status?

  • Matthew Carr

    It would appear that although they claim Allah is great, he is incapable of forgiveness. Their own chance of paradise is lost as their own cruelty is returned to them.

  • barriejohn

    Matthew Carr: Of course they will go to Paradise – and spend eternity with this psychopathic monster that they worship. What that is going to be like I can’t really imagine!

  • Horace

    I issue issue a fatwah
    Reward – £5
    Task –
    a) Kick this nasty little shite very hard with a steel toe cap boot right up his sorry arse 25 times.
    b) Then 50 lashes around the face with a rasher of bacon.
    c) Then chain him naked inside a pigsty with a sow and a litter of screaming piglets for 24 hours.
    d) Use him as a police dog training baddie for a day without the benefit of protective clothing.
    e) Apply electrolsis to his face so that he cannot grown anything but bumfluff on his face.
    f) Suspend him from the ceiling naked at the venue of a pissed up womens hen night.
    g) Nick his computer and publish a list of all the pornsites he has visited.
    h) Give him a good dose of LSD an tell him that he is going to be made into halal meatballs.
    Thats a bit more lenient than what these bastards would do to Salman Rushdie, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Gert Wilders. Or what they did in Paris twice in the last year. And what they did to Theo van Goch. And what they do to blasphemers in pakisatan.

  • barriejohn

    Here is a very straightspeaking article, highlighted by the NSS today:
    The blasphemy law does not need revising it needs repealing. It has cost countless lives and it is an affront to humanity.
    People should condemn in the harshest terms possible all those who propagate killing in the name of religion.
    Some of these Imams and others of the similar ilk should not be afforded any public platform to promote their twisted ideas.

  • barriejohn

    Sickening support for Quadri (not from Hemant & co, of course!):
    Islam is a religion of peace and harmony but it does not allow anybody to use wrong words against the prophet or any other holy character.
    As Terry Firma points out, there is ALWAYS that fatal qualification in Islam!

  • 1859

    @ Dave: Don’t let your hatred of religious stupidity turn you into someone who hates another human being because of their ‘race’. This bearded dingbat with the funny hat is human just like you, only he has his head full of bigoted, religious shit. It’s what’s in his head and what comes out of his mouth you should hate not his ethnicity.

  • “Stop teaching … Islam.”
    There, I fixed it.

  • John

    Hussain should be expelled from the UK, along with the 4,000 other idiots who “liked” his stupid comments.
    I am all for allowing free speech but within civilized limits; barbarians like Husaain do not know, understand or care where the limits are located.
    As ever, he is another religious stunt man performing to his preferred audience is such a way as to attract their attention and financial support.
    This cheap stupid little man needs kicking out of Britain ASAP.
    I don’t care where he is dumped.
    The South Pole should suit him.

  • Vanity Unfair

    Let’s start with the obvious, Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain is British; he was born in Bradford. It is, therefore, not possible to deprive him of British citizenship and exile him anywhere else in the world. The UK is a signatory nation of the 1961 UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness and the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights which provides in Article 15:
    (1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
    (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality 
    The British Nationality Act 1981 c61 s40 (as amended) allows the removal of UK citizenship from naturalized citizens only. As previous citizenship has already been renounced (dual citizenship is very rare) the person becomes stateless and a country has to be found that will accept him before deportation can be carried out.
    The limits of freedom of speech have been defined, debated, commented upon and denounced too many times to count. Suffice to say that being free to speak only that which is officially promoted as worthwhile is no freedom at all. For the freedom to mean anything it must be the freedom to say unpopular things. Anyone expressing unpopular sentiments has to be prepared to face the criticism that his speech will provoke.
    I do not subscribe to Facebook so am thankful for the link. Having read it, there seems to be no call for harm to be inflicted on any one, no outright racial or religious provocation and no call for revolution. Hussain’s posting artfully misses all these traps. I too lament the execution, but only insofar as I detest capital punishment. That is another matter.
    That a murderer can be praised and the victim execrated depends on the circumstances. One of the outstanding examples is Operation Anthropoid and the murder of Reinhard Heydrich. I think Hussain is wrong and in that we, here, are all in agreement. Ideally he would take account of criticism and re-think his statement. We all know how likely that is. We all, also, will appreciate the irony of his using his freedom of speech to praise and urge repression, even if he is too stupid to see it himself.