Christian Concern urges people to see 'God's Not Dead' sequel

Christian Concern urges people to see 'God's Not Dead' sequel April 15, 2016

Why? Because they say that the God’s Not Great 2 storyline ‘could be taken out of the case files of Christian Concern’s Christian Legal Centre’.
The plot follows school history teacher Grace Wesley (played by Melissa Joan Hart), who comes under fire for answering a student’s question about Jesus. When Grace refuses to apologise for quoting Jesus in her classroom, the school board votes to suspend her and threatens to revoke her teaching certificate.
Forced to stand trial to save her career, Grace hires young lawyer Tom Endler (Jesse Metcalfe) to defend her in court.
To show the jury the significance of Grace Wesley’s classroom discussion:

Endler sets out to prove the historical existence of Jesus.

Christian Concern, headed by mad woman Andrea Minichiello Williams, above, says:

Just as in the original movie, God’s Not Dead 2 both entertains and teaches the audience how to respond to those who dispute Jesus’ place in history and His relevance in our lives today.
We need you to get involved, both to raise awareness of the work of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre which is mirrored in the movie God’s Not Dead 2, and to raise much-needed funds for the work to continue.

In the movie, which, according to critics, uses every trick in the book to validate Christian paranoia, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) reps are among those cast as the baddies. According to Christian movie site, Movieguide,  an ACLU atheist (played by Ray Wise, above, and his hateful team of supporters:

Want to silence all Christians because he and they don’t think Jesus existed and despise Christ’s Gospel, but they and their statist, anti-theist beliefs are thoroughly rebuked.

Hop across to Rotten Tomatoes if you want to read a selection of reviews of Pure Flix Entertainment’s latest turkey.
Previews of this grisly movie begin in the UK on April 23. Christian Concern are planning to have a stand at each of the previews. In addition, ten per cent of the ticket price will be donated to the work of the Christian Legal Centre.
Hat tip: Dean Duke

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  • Broga

    I suppose this film will follow the usual Christian line of you must believe because you ought to believe. Having decided that requirement, they will then use every lie, deceit, corruption of history, fiction offered as fact, special pleading and shameless propaganda against atheists to try to persuade.
    I haven’t, of course, seen the film but I have heard enough to regard this as another piece of drivel doomed to failure.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Opening week box office receipts are expected to top one hundred dollars !

  • AgentCormac

    ‘God’s Not Dead 2 – The Zombie Arises’
    Please, please , please let Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make this movie.

  • Cali Ron

    AgentCormac: Indeed! Jesus isn’t dead, he’s a zombie. He clearly rose from the dead and eats flesh (this is my body, take, eat…). Meets all the criteria. Now I’d pay to see a movie where Jesus visits his disciples and then proceeds to try and eat them. We’ve been celebrating Zombie Jesus Day on Easter for several years now. I prefer to eat my chocolate Jesus head first, how about you?

  • barriejohn

    These films have become the subject of endless ridicule on YouTube. The following video is quite enlightening – stick with it!

  • RussellW

    ‘….thoroughly rebuked’
    What does that mean?
    Barry, that’s not a photo of Jesus.
    I assume that’s the same Melissa Joan Hart who was ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’.
    Whether or not Jesus existed really proves nothing, Christians should expend their energy proving that their God exists.
    “Christian paranoia”? You bet, I’m out to get the dopey bastards. The Romans had the most practical remedy for Christians. Lions! More Lions!

  • Robster

    Given the torrent of movies about the Christian’s preferred fairy not being dead, it would seem it’s not very well. Gees, you’d think given their favourite other fairy, the Jesus is totally deceased, surely having two dead deities is not so bad.

  • Make a list of the technology used in the creation and distribution of this film. Which ones were invented by humans and which ones were handed down from a diety (any diety)? Same answer as which effective medical treatments are human made and which are divine.
    But see how quick theists are to use every single advance in science and medicine to point backwards to the ineffective explanations for the world that makes the believer so important.
    What a remarkable coincidence that all religious people are members of the one correct religion. It’s as if they lack the ability to see the difference between their preferences and the objective world. Nah, I’m sure they’re all right. Every one of them.

  • andym

    In defence, the title is accurate. To be dead, a being has to have existed in the first place.

  • Daz

    He's dead, debunked, kaput, defunct.
    He's took a dive, he ain't alive.
    That god who did never exist
    Evaporated like scotch mist
    An' he won't be mourned nor even missed;
    Just mark him down upon a list—
    With the æther, elves and phlogiston
    And the happy Coldplay song—
    Of things which seem possibility
    But, on reflection, just can't be.

  • stargraves

    Ah no – not ray wise. So sad. Loved him in Twin Peaks.
    He looks a bit like my dad now actually.

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