Mass hysteria breaks out at 'haunted' Malaysian schools

Mass hysteria breaks out at 'haunted' Malaysian schools April 20, 2016

The picture above shows female students praying at the SMK Kemumin school in the city of Kota Baru, northern Malaysia, where 20 students were reportedly affected by mass hysteria sparked by ghostly presences.
According to the BBC, trouble began at SKM Pengkalan Chepa 2 school, which had to shut temporarily to handle what local media have called a case of “mass hysteria”.
It started last week with several students and teachers of the school claiming that they had seen spirits or had supernatural experiences.
School authorities shut the school and called in Islamic traditional experts, scholars and even witch doctors in prayer sessions and exorcisms.
About 100 people, mostly students, were affected, a senior school staff member confirmed to the BBC.

Our students were possessed and disturbed [by these spirits]. We are not sure why it happened. We don’t know what it is that affected us.
But the place is a bit old, and these children can be disobedient and sometimes throw their rubbish around the school grounds. Perhaps they hit some ‘djinns’ and offended the spirits.

The school is located in the highly traditional and religious state of Kelantan.
Since then, according to this report, three more schools have been affected – SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 (five girls), SMK Kemumin (20 students) and SMK Kubang Kerman 3 (eight students).
Several students at one school all said they saw a ghostly figure before passing out. They claimed they saw an unsightly dark figure or female ghost known as a pontianak before they experienced paralysis and then fainted.
Fatin Nor Atikah, 17, of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1, said she was possessed twice in the school toilets. During both incidents she saw a black spectre that was hard to describe more accurately.

The spectre was so ugly that I went into fits and felt paralysed, like I was being pinned down by an unseen force. In both cases, I fainted for several hours. I was later revived by an ustaz [male religious teacher] in the school.

Atikah was one of the many students stricken by the hysteria that swept across the schools in the state last week.
A Form Five student at SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2, Raja Nor Atirah Hurmaishah, said she was possessed after she too saw a pontianak in the school toilet.

I could not believe what I saw, both my arms began to go numb and then my mind went blank and I was frozen on the spot. I tried to call out for help but could not open my mouth, after that everything went dark.

She described the feeling of not being able to move as weird and thanked God that:

I did not jump off the school building. The apparition was creepy and now I avoid the toilets, preferring to ease myself at home.

State deputy education director Jaafar Ismail declined to comment, saying that the schools should be left alone to sort out the problem.

Sociologist Robert Bartholomew, who once lived and did research in Malaysia, said such phenomena is quite common in rural areas of the country.
In 1987 there was an outbreak involving 36 Muslim girls in a Malay hostel in Alor Star, Kedah which Bartholomew said had lasted five years.
The outbreak involved shouting, running and mental confusion, crying, bizarre movements, trances and spirit possession. The girls, ages 13-17, complained of too much religion and study, and too little recreation.

Malays are susceptible because of their belief in an array of spirits.

Bartholomew added that outbreaks tend to occur in all-female boarding schools as they are the strictest.
Hat tip: AgentCormac

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  • gedediah

    They fill kids’heads with superstitious nonsense, over work them, and the kids then start having hallucinations. Who could have predicted that?

  • David Anderson

    “Fatin Nor Atikah, 17, of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1, said she was possessed twice in the school toilets.”
    Happened a lot in my school too.
    “… and now I avoid the toilets, preferring to ease myself at home.”
    Must be my mind.

  • Lurker111

    Check the drinking water.
    And, this is not fully a snark.

  • Newspaniard

    Was this first published on the morning of 1 April?

  • Adrian White

    Not Djinn, probably Gin.

  • Will of the Isle

    Credulous hysterical stupefied halfwits. And thats being generous.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    “then my mind went blank “
    How do you know?

  • AgentCormac

    ‘The girls, ages 13-17, complained of too much religion…’
    Any amount of religion is too much religion.

  • barriejohn

    School authorities shut the school and called in Islamic traditional experts…
    Tells you everything you need to know. The students need protection from such people, but they won’t get it. And anyone who has attended a “crusade” or evangelical “rally”, and seen scores of people “going forward”, will know all about mass hysteria.

  • L.Long

    Remember Salem?? Check their rye bread!!!!
    Guaranteed it aint ghosts!!!!
    And if it was ghosts? So what? Can a none physical thing hurt you??? And if tries to ..just kick in the gnards!!!! Works on werewolfs.

  • barriejohn

    Stop Press: The Mail has a photo of the spectre!
    Have you noticed that those who take these photographs, in every single instance, always happen to have their worst camera with them?

  • Cali Ron

    barriejohn: If it were an evangelical school they would have just assumed they had been “taken by the Holy Spirit”. I’ve seen this many times in my time in the Assembly of God church, usually during an “altar call” after the pastor has performed the “laying on of hands” followed by the recipient falling down. Sometimes instead of falling down they would begin “speaking in tongues” as they were “baptized by the Holy Spirit”.
    I always wondered why they call themselves Charismatics since things like speaking in tongues holds very little charisma for those not indoctrinated. More like Scaryismatic. I sympathize with those girls. They are victims of intense indoctrination so it’s no wonder they are losing sight of reality.

  • Will of the Isle

    The figure in the photo is just a muslim in a burka body bag.

  • AgentCormac

    Remember a ’70s animated series called ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’?
    Every time they had a chance to photograph a cave man, Neanderthal or dinosaur they just somehow never quite managed to do it. It’s the same with ghosts. Same with Nessie. Same with big foot. Same with fairies at the bottom of the bloody garden. Strange that. Surely there must be a logical reason why?

  • Who they gonna call? Scooby Doo and those pesky kids, that’s who. They’ll sort this out in no time.
    What? Scooby Doo doesn’t exist? I’ll have you know he’s as real as this here spectre.