UK scientist helps Christian cult to promote creationism

UK scientist helps Christian cult to promote creationism April 17, 2016

The Jehovah’s Witness bagged themselves a Big One when they got Professor Raj Kalaria, above, to speak about his belief in creationism in a new video posted online by the cult.
Keralia is currently a deputy director of the Newcastle Centre for Brain Ageing and Vitality, Newcastle, and a professor of neuropathology at Newcastle University, UK.
When ex-Jehovah’s Witness Lloyd Evans, who runs JWsurvey, discovered that an April 2016 JW Broadcasting episode featured Keralia, he decided to:

Reach out to Newcastle University to find out whether it endorses the academic’s stance on evolution, and found myself in a rather frustrating email exchange with Helen Rae, the Media Relations Manager at the University’s Faculty of Medical Sciences .
After much to-ing and fro-ing, an official statement was finally forthcoming …

Dear Lloyd,

Please see the comment below.

A Newcastle University spokesperson said: ‘Academic freedom, which is written into Newcastle University’s statutes, allows all academic staff freedom to put forward opinions that do not necessarily represent the University.’

Best wishes, Helen.

Evans replied…

Thank you Helen.

Forgive me, but do you have any comment on Professor Kalaria saying ‘we’, thereby implying the support of his colleagues for his findings?

And does Newcastle University support Professor Kalaria’s anti-evolution views, or not?

The answer?

We have nothing further to add other than the statement provided.

Said Lloyd:

Though I can understand Helen’s awkward position as someone who shares a payroll with Professor Kalaria, I do feel saddened that, in this age of political correctness, Newcastle University is not able to be more robust in distancing itself from a piece of propaganda aimed at indoctrinating an entire generation to view science with suspicion.

In the video – which also features Ukrainian zoologist Yaroslav Dovhanych, above – Kalaria, born into a Hindu family, said he could not get his head around the battalions of gods that form the basis of Hinduism, so, after reading the Bible, decided that there could only be One True God, and this was the one that created things as complex as the human brain. Also:

The Bible also gives us peace of mind and a purpose in life.

Meanwhile, Dovhanych claims that the Bible is “very old … thousands of years old” yet:

It’s contents are accurate and authentic to this day. And the Bible contains many prophesies which history confirms have been fulfilled exactly as the Bible foretold. So these predictions must have been made by someone whose abilities are far greater than man’s.

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  • barriejohn

    Well, I can point Mr Dovhanych in the direction of several statements in the Bible that are not “accurate and authentic to this day”, eg that the earth is flat, that the sun moves across the sky (and can be stopped if necessary), that the moon is a source of light, that daylight does not emanate from the sun itself, that water in the sky is suspended above a giant curtain (firmament), and that the boundaries of the oceans are fixed. I wonder whether he could furnish me – a former Bible scholar – with evidence of just ONE genuine Biblical prophecy, made BEFORE the event and excluding events relating to the fictitious “Life of Jesus”, that has been fulfilled? I’m not holding my breath!

  • Daz

    “It’s contents are accurate and authentic to this day.”


    “Then Jacob took fresh rods of poplar and almond and plane, and peeled white streaks in them, exposing the white of the rods. He set the rods that he had peeled in front of the flocks in the troughs, that is, the watering places, where the flocks came to drink. And since they bred when they came to drink, the flocks bred in front of the rods, and so the flocks produced young that were striped, speckled, and spotted.”

    Easily checked, since the university runs several agriculture courses.

  • sailor1031

    Prophecies fulfilled exactly as the bible foretold? Crap. They couldn’t even foretell the name of the ‘messiah’ correctly.

  • Broga

    This episode makes Kalaria an embarrassment to the University and the University shames itself in its pathetic equivocation. Regardless of his scientific eminence the man is a fool.

  • AgentCormac

    Iron-age goat herders who couldn’t even explain rainfall aren’t going to be your best source of information on anything, let alone life, the universe and everything. Just shows how gullible some people are willing to allow themselves to be.

  • What Prof. Keralia does in his private time is nobody’s business. If he is teaching nonsense at his job, his employer and students should be concerned.

  • David Swingle

    Neither one of these “creationists” provided one speck of scientific evidence for creation. Instead, they used the same tired and fraudulent logic that life is so complicated, it just COULDN’T have come about by chance; that the existence of DNA is less logical than an explosion in a printing shop producing the Encyclopedia Britannica. They are free to believe that complexity requires a creator, but they cannot tell us who then created God. They can believe what they want, but they cannot promote their personal belief as scientifically valid. The Watchtower publishers frolic in the stupidity of such idiots.

  • Brian

    Leeds University has set the bar high by publicly distancing themselves from their dangerously dishonest and lunatic erstwhile Professor of Thermodynamics Andrew McIntosh, who claims that Evolution is in contravention of the Second Law of Thermodynamics thereby displaying a gargantuan ignorance of, or maybe disregard for, the very subject in which he claims authority.
    Bristol University has a creationist professor as well …. Stuart Burgess.….
    Please complain, as I am doing, to Newcastle and Bristol Universities to follow the highly commendable action of Leeds University by writing to their Press Officers.

  • Brian
  • Brian
  • Brian

    This is Stuart Burgess …

  • Angela_K

    In the same manner that Christians build their ludicrous beliefs around a single book, they’ll try to use Keralia’s status and nonsense to build a case against evolution and “prove” creationism. The University should be ashamed.

  • Brian
  • Brian

    And here is Andy McIntosh being very indignant and disingenuous on The Big Questions … he is the first guest to speak.
    Watch and be ready to cringe …

  • barriejohn

    It is amazing the nonsense that erstwhile intelligent people will profess to believe, but you have to remember that in most of these cases they are ALREADY wedded to the idea of “the spiritual”, so facts which the rest of us see to be destroying their arguments have to be “massaged” so that everything fits. I expect most visitors will have already seen this, but it does really take the proverbial biscuit:
    Sadly, many in the audience are, as in another case highlighted recently, supportive of the irrational bullshit!

  • Stonyground

    “… after reading the Bible, decided that there could only be One True God, and this was the one that created things as complex as the human brain.”
    Wonderful and amazing as the human brain is, if it it was created by an infinitely wise god, why doesn’t it work properly?

  • barriejohn

    Stonyground: Adam, exercising his Free Will, “chose” to disobey God (The Fall), and thus threw a spanner in the works. The world as we see it is not what God intended. There is no question to which they do not have the answer – which is one thing that separates them from any rational person.

  • There seems to be an underlying assumption that creationists are honest but mistaken or misguided. Where on earth did people get this silly idea from?

  • Broga

    Who created God? Positing a God explains nothing. This merely adds further complications.

  • Brian

    Chopra is a con man … a huckster … making money out credulous fools.Chopra knows exactly what he is doing … he is a cynical opportunist fraudster … a crook and a liar. Creationists like McIntosh and Burgess and Ham and Hovind and Kalaria are much more dangerous because they are promoting creationism just to kill off Darwins dangerous idea which is a mortal threat to their fundamentalist beliefs. The creationists are lying too,not through greed but through the threat posed by EVOLUTION to their precious deluded childish beliefs. Chopra’s god is money, and the more the better. Chopra is a just a crook not a fundamentalist lunatic.

  • barfly

    many jw will now when challenged on there belief in creation will now say prof raj says. I wonder how many scientists in his field will be blushing with embarrassment at his statement.

  • Laura Roberts

    As with Ben Carson, the (thankfully) failed American presidential candidate, Kalaria has severely smirched whatever reputation he might have. I accept that an academic or medical professional who holds religious beliefs can be competent — even exceptional — in their work, but when they make the foolish choice to espouse ridiculous beliefs publicly, I’m inclined to suspect that their greatest successes have been over-hyped, credited to the wrong person, or due largely to luck.

  • Barty

    This from the Lancet on Keralia …
    …What was your first memory?
    Falling from a tree and breaking my wrist (followed by several other such memories with fractures in the elbow, knee, and clavicle).
    But he did not mention that when fell from the tree he went in headfirst and thereafter suffered from severe hallucinations and hears god in his head telling him what to do.