Muslim cleric claims Christians worship Jesus Christ's penis

Muslim cleric claims Christians worship Jesus Christ's penis May 17, 2016

I cracked up laughing, and you will probably too, when you watch Egyptian cleric Ahmed Mohamed Abdallah ‘swear to God the Almighty’ that Christianity is based on penis-worship.
Granted, the video is not new. It was made by the nutjob in 2013, but I was only alerted to it this week – and I think it’s worth blogging if only to show – yet again – that  Islam has a tendency to produce some of stupidist individuals on the planet.
Abdallah – better known as Abu Islam – swears he’s “not lying” when he claims that penis-worship was the basis of Christianity, and that this is:

Documented in dozens of pictures. Let me tell you something – it’s indecent but it’s true. Take a look at a picture of Jesus and you will see a penis right there. Or is it on this side. Oh, it’s on the right side, right here.

The curious thing is that he does not show a picture depicting Christ’s dick. On the wall behind him there is a pic of Jesus, but in a loincloth.
So I turned to Google, and the only Jesus “penis” I could find was the one in the top photo.
And it’s not a penis.
It’s a badly-drawn abdomen. Sure, it looks like a gargantuan knob, and it certainly did cause a bit of a kerfuffle when it was hung  in St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Oklahoma City.
The artist was Janet Jaime, whose husband said critics were “misinterpreting” a common religious icon.

This isn’t just a subjective drawing. This is a historical icon of the church, I can’t help what you see in things, or she sees in things, or anyone.

Anyway, back to Mr Islam: Having dealt with the penis issue, he moved on to Christian women and pets:

Christian women raise cats and dogs as a substitute for husbands. They train dogs to play the husband. I swear to God I am not lying. They buy dogs for this purpose.

Abdallah got himself into hot water over this video, and others like them. According to this report, he was jailed for three years for insulting Christianity. But his lawyer Khaled Nour Eddin, insisted that Abdallah’s broadcasted statements had not attacked Christianity and that they had been taken out of their full context.

 Hat tip: Antony Niall
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  • barriejohn

    What a prick. (And just in case any poor should complain that I am not being clear, it’s intentional!)

  • CoastalMaineBird

    Christian women raise cats and dogs as a substitute for husbands.
    Dogs…. maybe. but a cat?
    Sorry, Abdul, but there are some things a cat just won’t do.

  • ZombieHunter

    I can see a penis in one of those pictures, the one on the left *nods*

  • 1859

    He may be on to something? Like all the ‘brides of christ’ that masturbate with a crucifix? Or all those horny RC priests who can’t keep their zipper closed when children are around?
    However, what this Mr. Islam highlights for me is the completely perverse relationship religion has with sexuality.
    This connection has been expressed often on this site, but still, it always amazes me how these zealots think they have the right to pontificate and (dick)tate what other people do with their genitals. Religion represses sexuality and repressed sexuality feeds back thus increasing the levels of religious bigotry. Round and round until all that these type of people can see are penises growing from walls and falling from the sky.

  • Kinder

    BJ – Poor what? Be clear.

  • barriejohn

    Soul, Kinder. Just to be clear.

  • Bonker

    What are the strongest human compulsions?
    Breathing has to be up there at the top … The clerics cannot tell you to stop breathing. No point in making breathing sinful.
    Eating and drinking… The clerics do say it’s a sin to partake of food and drink at certain times. So they can use that as a part time control. So it’s sinful to eat and drink at lent or ramablam.
    Sex … A person is not going to die without sex. And it is a very strong compulsion. So the clerics have made sex sinful, dirty, guilt ridden and prohibed without their permission. Sex is the one thing the clerics can and have used as their main control over people. So sex is the obvious big sin. And of course the clerics have to let people have licensed sex just so that the clerics can have a new wave of children they can control and also for the clerics to have fun with raping, abusing and bullying. That’s why the clerics are totally obsessed with sex.

  • andym

    He is obviously too thick to realise that he has told the world about his own penis obsession.

  • Broga

    I would rather have a dog than a thousand of this nutter. I’m feeling a bit raw about dogs at the moment as my faithful companion of eleven years has just died. Only those who like dogs will know how that feels.
    I have already arranged to see a litter from the same bloodline in June. I suppose my old friend is now in The Great Kennel Club in the Sky. He will be surprised as he definitely was not a believer.
    Sorry. Irrelevant, I know. Catharsis maybe.

  • Broga

    @CoastalMaineBird: He doesn’t know much about cats. That’s for sure.

  • Kinder

    BJ – at last a bit of clarity. Well done.

  • Lucy1

    @broga. Sorry about your old dog. It is always very sad.
    We went to Jordan a few year ago, and went to some church near the ‘site of the baptism of Christ’. Yeah, right. However our daughter was transfixed by a picture similar to the one in the article. She kept saying ‘it’s just a giant knob!’. And then insisted on sending postcards of same to all her pals. Best church visit I can remember. Better to worship a giant dick than a tortured dead person.

  • Brian Jordan

    Just a variant of pareidolia: instead of seeing Christ on things they see things on Christ.

  • Newspaniard

    Hmmmm… “…Gaoled for 3 years for insulting christianity…”. I would have thought that since July 2013 the situation is now reversed and he has now been presented with a medal from the current islamofascist government. I, for one, STILL am not going to see the pyramids, even if they do have a limited life span. Ho Hum, another EDO from you know who.

  • cnocspeireag

    He swears to god he’s not lying, then lies. Surely he should have been murdered for this by the faithful.

  • Cali Ron

    Broga: Condolences. Dogs make better friends and are more loyal than some humans. They don’t believe in god, never lie or misrepresent their feelings and only need food, water and attention. On reflection, they may be better friends than any human.

  • 1859

    I number dogs and books to be among my bestest friends. Humans – with a few rare exceptions – have almost always disappointed me. Condolences Broga. (Our golden retriever is fast approaching the cliff. When she finally goes over, my kids are going to be more distraught than they have ever, ever been in their lives – they even kiss the dog on its nose and we often find it curled up at the foot of their bed).