Priest accused of having sex with young seminarians

Priest accused of having sex with young seminarians May 31, 2016

Monsignor Tony Anatrella, above, a consultant with the Vatican on issues of sexuality and an outspoken homophobe, has been accused of having sex with novice priests  … in a bid to cure them of homosexuality.
The senior French priest, according to this report, routinely counseled novices sent to him by seminaries and monasteries across France. But at least four have claimed that he engaged in sexual acts with them during sessions in his office in Paris.
Anatrella reportedly claimed that having sex with them would cure them of:


Daniel Lamarca, who was a 23-year-old seminarian when he first went to Anatrella in 1987 said he was told by Anatrella:

You’re not gay, you just think that you are.

Lamarca added:

I know details about Anatrella’s body that could only be known to someone who has seen him naked.

In 2001 he reported Anatrella to the archbishop of Paris but nothing was done. Five years later, after Lamarca went to the media and more victims surfaced, Church officials expressed support for Anatrella and said the accusers were part of a “gay lobby” out to discredit the Church.
Several weeks ago, another victim came forward to say he had been counseled by Antrella for 14 years, during which he and the Monsignor engaged in mutual masturbation.
The Archdiocese of Paris acknowledges it had been notified by a priest about another man accusing Anatrella of sexual misconduct, but says because the complaint comes from an anonymous third-party statement it cannot pursue the matter.

The cardinal asked the priest to encourage the accusers to make personal contact and lodge a formal complaint.

The Archdiocese promised that anyone who has been a victim of sexual aggression:

Will be received and listened to, counseled on what to do next, and urged to file a complaint with the judicial authorities.

In addition to “counseling” homosexuals, Anatrella was instrumental in helping Pope Benedict keep them out of the priesthood. He wrote in the Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano that gay men were “narcissists” and:

[Homosexuality] is like an incompleteness and a profound immaturity of human sexuality.

He claimed much of the sex abuse that has plagued the Church came from gay men who could not remain celibate. He also reportedly told bishops that they are not obligated to report suspected abuse to authorities, even in countries where it’s required by law
Anatrella was a “Collaborator of the Special Secretary” at last year’s Extraordinary Synod on the Family, at which church leaders discussed issues affecting family life, including the place of LGBT Catholics in the Church. While many hoped the Church would come out of the synod with a conciliatory stance, the final statement condemned same-sex unions as “not even remotely analogous” to heterosexual marriage.

In this report, Anatrella is described as a “psychoanalyst and social psychiatrist” who spoke out against the legalisation of gay marriage in France. He is quoted as saying that the majority of the French population was against this law same sex marriage but that these people:

Are not fascists, or homophobic, or thugs, or religious fundamentalists. They are citizens who demand respect for the great balances that structure the human family and filiation between a man and a woman.

Hat tip: Peter Sykes

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  • Broga

    “more victims surfaced, Church officials expressed support for Anatrella ”
    Well, fancy that. Who would have thought it? And yet this outfit is still allowed the freedom of the air, its senior clergy treated with respect and it pushes its faith school plans.
    Our MPs, supposedly there to represent and protect the public, keeps shtum except when it is supportive. What’s wrong with us? What has to be done for people to wake up and say, “That’s it. No more.”

  • Angela_K

    These exposures of dodgy priests is such a common occurrence that perhaps we may see a headline along the lines of “Catholic Priest who doesn’t abuse children found” – that would make people sit up and take notice.

  • Badger

    How can anyone in their right mind continue to be a roman catholic. The whole institution is rotten from top down. It provides career paths and job opportunities for immoral,dysfunctional, sexually repressed, deviant, child raping, socially inadequate, criminal misfits.
    The ultimate crime syndicate and paedophile ring.
    Time to bring it down.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    [Homosexuality] is like an incompleteness and a profound immaturity of human sexuality.
    Whereas priesthood is so much better because…. ?

  • Broga

    @Badger: ” for immoral,dysfunctional, sexually repressed, deviant, child raping, socially inadequate, criminal misfits.”
    But apart from that they are OK?

  • AgentCormac

    What’s wrong with us? What has to be done for people to wake up and say, “That’s it. No more.”
    It’s hard to imagine anything worse than someone in a position of trust abusing that trust for their own sexual gratification. Yet ‘the faithful’ seem content to turn a blind eye, even to such heinous crimes. Presumably because they have been raised not to question anything about their church and also because they fear the pit of eternal fire to which their ever-loving god will apparently send them if they do have the temerity to speak out. It’s a vice-like, terror-based grip that the RCC has on its billion-plus adherents. But by remaining silent, every last one of them is complicit in the crimes of their leaders. We quite rightly hear a lot about ‘where are the moderate muslims?’. I would also ask, ‘where are the questioning catholics?’.

  • Stonyground

    To be fair, a lot of Catholics have been leaving the Church.

  • L.Long

    Its the RCC and the ‘young novices’ are over 18. SO are they so stupidly brainwashed to let some fat dude do as he likes??? Yes?? then their problem! When you join a private club and asked to spread your cheeks, you can say NO! If they have not tied up or used a gun, then tough! GrowUP!! THINK!!! As an alter boy if one of the priests would have asked me I’d a kicked him in the nuts!! Maybe that’s why, they knew not to try!!?? Prove the ‘victims’ were mentally retarded or forced then we can care.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    It’s EXACTLY like a Mob protection racket.
    They convince you that you have a problem.
    Then they convince you that they have the one and only solution.
    If they sold this malarkey ONLY to adults, they wouldn’t have any takers – adults have the brains to recognize it for what it is, if they see it suddenly appear.
    But children have no such defenses; that’s why they are trained early to accept what the man says…

  • Cali Ron

    Angela K: Sad, but true. A priest who doesn’t sexually abuse someone seems to be the exception, rather than the rule.
    “[Homosexuality] is like an incompleteness and a profound immaturity of human sexuality.” That description sounds more like celibacy than homosexuality. You can’t mature sexually without having sex and it’s arguable that you can’t be complete sexually without a partner. Of course, Monsignor Tony Anatrella is a complete and mature homosexual. Catholicism and hypocrisy seem to be synonymist.

  • Badger


  • Badger
  • Badger

    @ Broga … No .. the rcc hurt me beyond my comprehension. I have been struggling with the bastards for years … and I need the rcc to pay for it by their extinction.

  • Badger

    @ Broga … No .. the rcc hurt me beyond my comprehension. I have been struggling with the bastards for years … and I need the rcc to pay for it by their extinction.

  • Brummie

    Me too Badger.

  • Cali Ron

    Badger : I feel you. For me it was the crazy charasmatic Assembly of God.

  • 1859

    ‘[Homosexuality] is like an incompleteness and a profound immaturity of human sexuality’
    So, how exactly do they know this?. What do they mean by ‘incompleteness’? (Ahhh ‘complete’ sexuality must be the age old ‘toad-in-the-hole’). And how have they empirically shown this ‘profound immaturity’? One can only conclude that these supposedly celibate men really know what they are talking about.

  • tonye

    I’m not a scientist, but can anyone answer this question?
    What is more accurate?
    The atomic clock (which has an accuracy of a second lost over a few million years) or priests who abuse people who pop up every week without fail?

  • Broga

    @Badger: Please, please. I was being ironic. I think the RCC are steeped from head to toe in corruption, deceit and pitiless indifference to others. They always have been. Always. Throughout the centuries the Popes and priests have been stealing money, shagging women when they pretended to be celibate and sexually abusing children.
    Enter the RCC and you enter a den of corruption. I have nothing good to think or say about them. Compered to to RCC the mafia is a principled organisation.
    They rule by terror. They strive to instil terror as a weapon of control from childhood. I detest them.

  • Realist

    Toyne. Cannot be answered because the experiment to confirm which statement is more accurate will take about a million years. But I can make two assertions…
    Over a ten year period starting now every day will herald the exposure of yet another pedophile priest.
    In about 10 years time the rcc will be in terminal decline just like the coE. The power of the internet and availability of devices upon which to access news of rcc crimes and educational materials will make this happen.

  • Realist

    Did you see in the news about the rcc priest who was really actually celibate, had never raped or molested a child, who has never told a lie, tells his congregants to follow the golden rule and just enjoy the social side and the ceremonies of the church because he admits to them that there is no god,does not watch Internet pornography, who is not an onanist and who is a thoroughly nice bloke? No … Well nether did I.

  • Realist

    Was it Stephen Jay Gould that said that a Cambrian fossil of a rabbit would make him doubt evolution? Regardless of who said if I think that is a very robust assertion that evolution is the process driving the diversity of life on Earth. Well I am assert with utter certainty that the Roman Catholic Church is a wholly corrupt criminal organisation will blood on its hands, thousands of skeletons in its closets, thousands of apalling secrets hidden away in its vaults and even more erased from the records … and nothing …. no thing … can be provided as evidence to prove that my assertion is false. Many many of the most appalling acts of political subversion and crimes against humanity are the work of the rcc. Kennedy was assassinated some say by Jesuit conspiracy.

  • Broga

    @Realist: ” terminal decline just like the coE. ”
    I heard on the radio this morning two priests discussing the need for the C. of E. to evangelise. One issue is whether they should approach people to tell them the good news about Jesus or demonstrate their Christianity by their behaviour . Justin Welby favours not approaching.
    What is never discussed is whether the “good news” is true, how reliable is the bible and how can that which is incredible be believed. Oh no, the approach is to state the “good news” as fact and the approachee has to accept it as such. No challenge.

  • tonye

    I’m happy to wait ten years.

  • Peter Sykes

    “fossil rabbits in the Precambrian” by the biologist J.B.S. Haldane

  • John

    It is a condition of becoming a priest or higher level cleric in the Roman church to be celibate, is it not?
    Anyone breaking that vow breaches the trust of their employer, do they not?
    If anyone else breached their employer’s trust by – say – stealing from them, can anyone imagine that their employer would go out of their way to shield them from the police and other law agencies?
    That’s what the Roman church does. Why?
    The only conclusion must be that the church is part of a mafia criminal network, who also shield their operatives when they breach the laws of decency and civil society.