Crowds besiege hateful homophobe's Baptist church

Crowds besiege hateful homophobe's Baptist church June 21, 2016

When pastor Roger Jimenez, above, of the Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California, delivered a hateful sermon in the wake of the Orlando gay club shooting, he sparked such fury that an estimated 1,000 people targeted his church on Sunday.
According to this report, Jimenez told his congregation that:

They shouldn’t be mourning the death of 50 sodomites.

More than 100 people from Sacramento’s LGBT community gathered last Wednesday evening to protest outside the church, and in response to a call for a further protest, around 1,000 people said they would attend on Sunday, June 19.
John Hayden, who created a Facebook page for the rally, included a note explaining why he believes a larger protest was in order:

Why am I calling to action the people of Sacramento? The Verity Baptist Church is right here in our own backyard. It disgusts me that this immoral, sacrilegious individual is spewing hatred and ignorance, and is condoning murder to his churchgoers who may not be old enough to see what true religion is instead of the brainwashing he is doing.
I am calling for a peaceful protest for anyone who would like to join me. I won’t stand for this. Not in my own backyard. The church opens at 10:00am. I would like to assemble at 8:30 am — so the members see what they are walking in to.
Make signs, we can make a rally cry, I’ll make it up along with anyone who would like to help me organizs. I don’t care if I’m the only one out there. But it is my hope that we can [draw] attention to this ‘pastor’ and church, because this is what homegrown terrorism looks like.

Hayden held back tears as he thanked the crowd for its support. He said the protest grew from a personal event for himself and his friends to the hundreds-strong crowd at a rate he’s never seen before from the LGBT community.
It’s just remarkable how it didn’t matter your race, religion, creed, background or orientation. It didn’t matter. We came together as the Sacramento community.
Sacramento sheriff’s deputies were in communication with the protesters and the church and provide ample security around the church on Sunday to ensure that things did not escalate to violence.
Sheriff’s spokesman Tony Turnbull said:

We requested there be no weapons at the event whatsoever and that has been made clear to both sides.

The pastor’s 45-minute sermon went viral after it was posted on YouTube. YouTube later took down the video, saying it violated the site’s ban on hate speech.

Hat tip: Cali Ron
"No you have not, you've done nothing but lie on here. Satan be gone!"

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  • CoastalMaineBird

    what true religion is instead of the brainwashing he is doing.
    Yeah, I wonder myself what the difference is,,,

  • Broga

    “what true religion is instead of the brainwashing he is doing.” The only way religion can survive is by brainwashing and indoctrination – particularly of children.

  • carlynot

    We requested there be no weapons at the event whatsoever and that has been made clear to both sides.
    Does the NRA know about this blatant disregard of the second amendment?

  • 1859

    What’s the difference between this sort of ‘pastor’ and his ‘church’ and an ‘imam’ and his ‘mosque’ or ‘madrassa’? Haydden is right – it’s the face of home-grown terrorism.

  • Cali Ron

    In his sermon he said he thinks the government should round up the sodomites, line them up against a wall and have a firing squad shoot them. He’s just sharing god’s love. It’s good to see people in my community stand up for LBGT rights, Now if they would just stand up against the religion that fostered the hated behind the intolerance.
    1859: What’s the difference? None. That kind of hate in any gods name is or none should never be tolerated.

  • Michael Glass

    The fact that so many people were prepared to protest against this hate speech shows that there has been a sea-change in attitudes towards gays.

  • Did you see the protest outside of the mosque where the shooter went, and where his accomplice wife went, and where multiple murderer suicide bomber Moner Mohammad Abu-salha went? No? No, fear of being called a bigot keeps people from protesting the place where murder happens. So they protest where a knucklehead said some mean words. Everybody knows the faith community of the religion of peace is willing and able to kill people who stand up to it. So they don’t get protested. Soft targets like churches get protested.
    I support protests against all religious groups. But some are more worthy of protest than others.

  • Robster

    The nasty little bigot being targeted by this protest is just one of a gaggle of grotesque preachers abandoning any pretence of moral leadership and succumbing to the “truth” of their stone age belief system.These err, people are doing untold damage to their religious brand, so in a strangely unexpected way, they are doing the non believer community a favour of sorts.

  • Cali Ron

    After daily broadcasts for months of the nasty bigot followers of Trump and his hateful speech I found it refreshing, but it obviously isn’t the beginning of an atheist utopia here. 2,000 years of religious domination won’t be overcome in a day, but I find it encouraging when I see signs of progress in man’s inhumanity to man. Besides, I’m trying not to succumb to my anger, depression and anxiety.

  • Laura Roberts

    ” It disgusts me that this immoral, sacrilegious individual is spewing hatred and ignorance”
    That’s not sacrilege — it’s piety. Again and again (and again) we see that the Abrahamic religions are all cut from the same toxic fabric.

  • AgentCormac

    Just look at him – he’s gay.

  • Club Secretary

    Interesting reading, he saved his wife from atheism.

  • AgentCormac

    @Club Secretary
    The following extract from your link says it all: ‘After months of conversations and debating… Joann decided to reject atheism and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal saviour!’
    In other words, she was ground down by the bastard until she could take no more!

  • David Anderson

    Obviously I don’t any of the details about the relationship between this pussbag and his wife but it wouldn’t surprise me if the months of “conversations and debating” involved a few punches and or mental abuse.

  • barriejohn

    Club Secretary: What depressing reading on this Wednesday morning!
    He was led to the Lord by his father when he was 4 years old.
    Yes – the average four-year-old has clear concepts about death, heaven, hell, reward and punishment, as I am sure M Piaget would tell us. It’s a load of cobblers of course (the boy just said what he knew would please his parent), but, sadly, I’ve heard it all before so many times, and knew many whose lives were blighted in that way.

  • barriejohn

    He is reportedly losing the lease on his church premises over his remarks, though no doubt “the Lord” will lead him to better accommodation.
    (Harsch Investment Properties – you’ve got to laugh!)

  • Angela_K

    Barriejohn. Mr Bigot is going to lose his lease – ha ha ha. “reap what you sow”eh

  • Cali Ron

    If only he would lose his pulpit to preach hate and lies from. I don’t believe in hell (the closest thing to hell is what religious extremists put those who try to leave their church through), but if there was one he’d definitely belong there. I’m trying to get next Sunday off from work so I can attend the next protest. I want to protest against his hatred and his religion.

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