Islamic 'smartphone' promoter lectures on music and dancing

Islamic 'smartphone' promoter lectures on music and dancing June 16, 2016

In search of a picture to illustrate a report about leaflets found at a Muslim school condemning music and dancing, I found the one above.
It led me to a YouTube lecture in which the India-based hate-preacher, Dr Zakir Naik, says that music and dancing turns people away from the serious issue of contemplating Allah 24/7 – and this would go a long way to explain why the Darul Uloom Islamic High School in Birmingham was found to be in possession of leaflets that claimed these activities were “acts of the devil”.
According to the BBC, Inspectors made an unannounced visit to the school after having previously rated the school as “inadequate”.
Inspectors said pupils were not being protected from “extreme views”.
The school rejected previous Ofsted criticism, saying that it promoted:

Both Islamic and British values.

An Ofsted inspection last year had found weaknesses with the school and inspectors returned without warning to monitor how an improvement plan was being implemented.
However, on returning, inspectors found printed material with “extremist views”.

A large number of copies of a leaflet containing highly concerning and extremist views, such as ‘Music, dancing and singing are acts of devil and prohibited’ were discovered during the inspection.

The inspectors added:

The leaflets were found in areas shared by the school and adjoining mosque which are used by leaders and in areas used by the pupils from the school.

Ofsted says that it is not clear who produced the leaflets, which they added seemed to be calling for a boycott of a local music festival.
The leaflet is understood to have made reference to music in terms of “public indecency” and the “proliferation of sinful activities”.
The inspection report of the school, which teaches boys from the ages of 11 to 16, says the school needs to put in practice its commitment to safeguarding pupils.
It also warns that there is a lack of evidence that the lessons match the published curriculum.

For example, the policy states that the biggest timetable weighting has been given to English and mathematics, but inspection evidence and school timetables show that pupils study Arabic for approximately half of the school day.

The report says the school must take action to meet the requirements of independent school regulations.
The school was previously criticised by Ofsted for what appeared to the segregation of male and female governors.
Ofsted had reported that the school’s only female governor sat in an adjacent room during meetings.
But the school challenged this, saying that the female governor was making a choice to sit separately and that this arrangement was respecting her rights.
A statement from the school said:

The right for a person to choose is a universal value.

Which begs the question: When Muslim women turned out to hear London Mayor Sadiq Khan give a speech in Manchester in support of the EU “Remain”, did they “choose” to congregate at the back of the crowd?

According to this report, a photograph from a Khan’s rally reveals that, in at least one of his speeches meant to galvanise Labour voters in the north of England, women were excluded from the front row and relegated to the periphery of the event.
Hat tip: BarrieJohn and PPS (music report) and Trevor Blake.

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  • ZombieHunter

    “puritanism, the haunting fear……” etc etc

  • Non Stick

    “There is no joy in islam – islam is deadly serious”… the late shitehawk ayatolah khomeni. Islam must make the lives of its adherents hell on earth … except of course for the likes of the excremental piece of work pictured at the top of this article who get a power kick from it doing the only job which they are capable … spreading lies and hate and stupidity.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    did they “choose” to congregate at the back of the crowd?
    Odds are, they did.
    Better than getting beaten when they get home.

  • RussellW

    Islam is an ‘extremist view’. No matter how much multi-culti pixie dust is sprinkled around by the loony left, Islamisation will continue. Nothing will change the regime running the school until the entire institution is closed down.
    Non stick,

  • sailor1031

    This school is obviously – obviously – a Madrassa. Half the day studying arabic? and the other half reading the koran, no doubt. Will the british authorities never stop giving the fundamentalist muslims the rope which they are using to hang Britain (to misquote Lenin)?

  • Stephen Mynett

    Sailor, it is difficult to find any political party, or at least one that could win an election, doing anything about faith schools, Islamic or others. Blair was not open about it but supported faith-based education (an oxymoron I know) and Cameron is as bad.
    For the CofE schools and an indoctrination programme is their only hope of survival and they, along with catholics and others will join the Islamics in multi-faith groups that will strive to protect their privileged place in education. They might all hate each other but they all know that once one faith-based educational group is thrown out the rest will follow. To the religionists, sectarianism, fundamentalism and radicalism are a small price to pay for them to keep their ancient and unearned privileges.

  • barriejohn

    There has been concern again recently over the increasing numbers of children who are being “home schooled” without anyone really knowing what is going on:
    I imagine that in no time at all Stephen Green will be posting an article saying that it is no business of the state how parents bring up their children!

  • Robster

    Do people take this nonsense seriously? Bugger me.

  • 1859

    @Robster: Yes they do. I just watched the ‘lecture’. The audience was segregated men at the front, women somewhere else. The men’s faces were deadly serious. The only person who appeared to be giggling at this numpty’s ‘lecture’ was the woman who had asked him the question why are music and dancing prohibited in islam. Everyone else – the women included – listened attentively as though they were hearing words of divine wisdom. That intelligent people can seriously – and so uncritically – believe in this superstitious twaddle is frightening.
    The other thing I noticed was the name of the TV channel that seemed to be organising this muslim shindig – they call themselves ‘Peace TV’.

  • Non Stick

    Peace TV – yes the pious, in their dishonesty, are well versed in giving names to organisations and services totally opposite to their objectives. I call it “Religiouflage”.
    Like the Discovery Institute for example.Or the most blatant example “The Religion of Peace”
    I am sure all you readers have many more examples to share and prove the point.

  • Huck
    Discovery Institute’s mission is to advance a culture of purpose, creativity and innovation in a diverse set of fields.
    Creationist Retard Centre is a more accurate name.

  • barriejohn

    Re Sadiq Khan: There has been concern that his ban on “body shaming” ads on London transport may have more to do with Islamic ideas than feminism, but who knows? (In any case, some of the feminists’ statements left me shaking my head in disbelief.)
    How long before he bans mirrors, I wonder.

  • barriejohn

    It’s been mentioned here before: Liberty College!
    God, the infinite source of all things, has shown us truth through scripture, nature, history, and above all, in Christ.
    Persons are spiritual, rational, moral, social, and physical, created in the image of God. They are, therefore, able to know and to value themselves and other persons, the universe, and God.
    Education as the process of teaching and learning, involves the whole person, by developing the knowledge, values, and skills which enable each individual to change freely. Thus it occurs most effectively when both instructor and student are properly related to God and each other through Christ.
    My own background is Christian, and you can be sure that whenever they label anything “liberating”, “empowering”, “compassionate”, etc, they mean the precise opposite.

  • Non Stick

    A beautiful female form, to which incidentally all women aspire,and all male muslims privatly slavver over, is something to be admired and celebrated. And most civilised people do celebrate and admire a good looking women. All the women I know say “wow – nice figure” or “she is beautiful”. The feminists need to attack not those of us who have a perfectly natural healthy outlook upon the female form but those in the world who are bent on covering women in black sacks, keeping women as personal property, killing women for “HONOUR of the family (ie Dad cannot take the mocking of his mates down the mosque), excision of womens genitalia to remove sexual sensation, stoning of women for adultery or sex outside marriage, lashing women for showing too much hair or immodest dress, and on and on and on. So if you feminists want to undo all the hard earned freedoms (rights denied by millions of women) then go right ahead and play into the hands of the islamists who are your real enemy. Oh and if you still cannot stand the sight of a near perfect woman then think on when you are next drooling over the increasingly common equivalent images of men. Religion had turned sex into a dirty thing, a thing of shame. A most wonderful aspect of humanity turned into a prohibition by the sinister black cowled lords of theocracy who want totalitarian control over women … their minds and their bodies. Come on girls, you have the real power over men. Use it … don’t toss it away lightly.

  • Non Stick

    BJ – I call it religiouflage … calling organisations names suggesting the opposite to their actual remit.
    All the stuff that preachers tell congregants, and those of us who have to hear it, are called lies.

  • Non Stick

    Oh and in my rant above I forgot to mention that other paragon of islamic treatment of women … the gangs of predatory muslims men who ensnare, rape and traffic vulnerable kuffer girls. Why don’t the families of those evil guttersnipes kill the offenders … you know its called honour killing … or is it that muslim men who rape young girls viewed as real men by their brothers.

  • L.Long

    “…Music, dancing and singing are acts of devil…”
    Well seeing how Satan is the best behaving character in your books o’BS, I say great!!! Let’s dance and sing to our own glory! Phuck Allah!!!
    I spell god as gawd as god is a real 4-letter word, where phuck is not!!

  • Raul Miller

    So let me get this straight; people who like to sing and dance are under the influence of Satan…and this is the “moderate” view??!! It’s not bad enough they’re a joyless intolerant cult of misogyny and homophobia with a death wish, but anyone who sees the world differently is under the influence of “Satan”. Why again is it that they want to live in our societies and be our neighbors? Do they want to be influenced by people who are tolerant of “Satan” or is there perhaps another reason? By labeling others thusly, they have completely eliminated any possibilities of cooperation, trust, and mutual respect.

  • barriejohn

    Raul Miller: Don’t think for one moment that there aren’t Christians who think like this as well. The majority of the Brethren whom I knew, and many other evangelicals as well, would refuse to attend a company event if music and dancing were involved, as these things were considered “of the devil”, as were the cinema, theatre, opera, ballet, radio and television, fictional literature, and professional sport. Their children were also forbidden to attend school functions if they involved dancing, though it often perplexed me that many encouraged their children to play an instrument (classical music, of course, but nothing like jazz or R&R, which have obvious satanic origins!), or study literature, although these pursuits, though good for the developing mind, were considered taboo when they reached maturity (apart from playing hymns at meetings, of course). I still don’t understand it. A huge row erupted at Boys’ Camp one year, when one of the senior officers wanted to take the boys to watch our local team, Swindon Town, play (at Bournemouth I believe), and the others went berserk, knowing how furious many of the parents would have been when they got to hear about it. It ended up with him screaming, “I refuse to be a slave to another man’s conscience!” (though no one had actually said that HE was not free to attend said match), but he had to give way!

  • H3r3tic

    If you want a giggle and have a few spare moments I can personally recommend the “atheists” section of this cockwomble’s website :
    It takes a special kind of fuckwittery to make such facile points into an argument for the existence of a god as full of bigotry, intolerance and hatred as his.

  • Raul Miller

    barriejohn: Mate, I’ve personally known a couple of hardcore Christian conservative families, but none of them would go so far as to label singing and dancing as being influenced by “Satan”; even though they saw Satanic influence practically everywhere. Were your Brethren related to the Amish or Mennonites? How is it that you so thoroughly escaped their influences? ?

  • barriejohn

    Raul Miller: Plymouth Brethren. The Exclusives are even worse, though divided into a multitude of smaller sects, and most isolate their children at the age of about fourteen if they have not yet accepted baptism and joined the organization. (The Taylorites – one of the worst – now have the cuddly, friendly name of Christian Brethren Christian Church, and engage in well-publicized aid programmes, but don’t be fooled!). In America the Brethren are even divided between Open and Closed (Chapel and Gospel Hall), though this distinction is not so apparent in the UK (though we did talk about “tight” and “loose” assemblies, the former sticking to Gospel Hall, and the latter usually going by the name of Evangelical Church or Chapel). They are losing influence now with the upsurge of the City Churches and charismatic movement, which use music and various forms of entertainment without compunction, though, as you say, they blame the devil for mental illness, homosexuality, and much sickness. I was ensnared when I entered grammar school, and it took me years to disentangle myself, having suffered anxiety, depression and breakdown in the process. I will never forgive the bastards for the damage that they did to me.

  • Rob Andrews

    ‘Fundamental’ as defined by Professor Bart Ehrman U.N.C. Chaple Hill
    No ‘FUN’.
    Too much “DAMN”.
    Very little “MENTAL”..

  • Raul Miller

    barriejohn: That’s really interesting, thanks for relieving some of my ignorance. You learn something new every day…if you want to. ?