Islam's 'Mr Bean' flees Oz ahead of visa cancellation

Islam's 'Mr Bean' flees Oz ahead of visa cancellation June 15, 2016

Hate preacher Farrokh Sekaleshfar, above, has scarpered out of Australia after comments he made against homosexuality sparked a government review of his visa.
According to this report, Sekaleshfar, a British citizen, told Australian Broadcasting Corporation at Sydney Airport on Tuesday night that he had decided to leave after discussions with the Muslim community.
He said that he had not been asked to leave by the Australian government.
Peter Dutton, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, said today that the cleric left before Dutton’s department cancelled his visa on last night night. Dutton said:

This individual has decided to leave of his own accord last night, which we welcome and it will be very difficult if not impossible for him to return back to our country.

The Mr Bean lookalike came under investigation over a newspaper report quoting comments he had made about homosexuality during a lecture at the University of Michigan in 2013.
Sekaleshfar, who was in Florida shortly before the Pulse nightclub shooting, has advocated death sentences for homosexuals, but like so many of these vile, lying pigs who pass themselves of as preachers, he insists that his comments were taken “out of context” and, sickeningly expressed sympathy for the families of those killed He  denied his comments could have inspired such a mass shooting.

No speech, especially when you’re not inciting any hatred and it was given three years ago – that would never lead to such a massacre.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that he would investigate why Sekaleshfar had not been placed on a watch list that would have alerted authorities to his visa application.

The moment that this man’s presence and what he had said was drawn to our attention, the Minister [Dutton] and I spoke about it; the Minister acted decisively and his visa was revoked.
Sekaleshfar arrived in Sydney last Tuesday as a guest speaker of the Imam Husain Islamic Centre.
Dutton said he had ordered the visa review after becoming aware on Monday of the cleric’s presence in Australia.
Opposition leader Bill Shorten questioned whether cost cutting in border security had enabled Sekaleshfar to obtain a visa.

This government has allowed … a visa to be issued to someone with despicable, abhorrent views of gay hate, of homophobia of the most violent and vile nature. The government needs to explain how this fellow got in.

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  • Non Stick

    Sekaleshfar, a British citizen. Well I say make the evil bastard stateless and remove his passport. And if our government is too cowardly to do that arrest and charge and convict for hate crime. The verminous shitehawk needs to be taken down and taken apart.

  • David Anderson

    Shouldn’t Mr Dutton be having a chinwag with the Imam Husain Centre. Shouldn’t somebody from the British government and the BMA also had a few words with Sekaleshfar between 2013 and now.

  • Peterat

    Why aren’t the “moderate” Muslims in Australia and other countries who have heard this idiot speak, you know the ones who keep bleating about the peacefulness of their religion, doing something about this type of hate monger? Their silence is deafening.

  • AgentCormac

    Good to see the Australians taking action revoking Sekaleshfar’s visa. Good also to see that Germany has been taking some action against some of the more undesirable influences of isalm. On this case outlawing polygamy and child brides.

  • charles Longstreth

    Come on fellows! How many good Evangelicals cry FOUL on the Evangelical terrorists??
    Not a word that I have heard.

  • RussellW

    Yes, good question. Those ‘moderate’ Muslims who support Sharia ‘law’, terrorism, homophobia, anti-Semitism and Kuffarphobia. The notion of ‘moderate’ Muslims is an exercise in wishful thinking or apologist propaganda.

  • Robster

    This funny little fellow has a pineapple stuck up his rear end it appears. Good riddance, go away.

  • John the Drunkard

    Unfortunately, a Venn diagram for
    ‘vile, lying pigs’
    Will be close to a perfect circle.
    And the ‘Moderate Muslims’ rode off on their unicorns? That isn’t quite fair. Most believer’s morality is VASTLY superior to what their religions prescribe.

  • Laura Roberts

    As a free speech advocate I admit I’m conflicted by the idea that a nation can revoke someone’s visa on the basis of what they say, even if what they say is hateful. For example, if I visit a country where blasphemy laws are on the books, should they be allowed to deport me for ridiculing religion? Freethinkers don’t consider that “hate speech”, but we’ve seen that many religious people do.

  • No doubt he’ll soon be invited to Britain by the NUS and given a platform and nice safe space in which to air his views in various universities. Gender segregation optional, of course.

  • jay

    @ charles Longstreth : “How many good Evangelicals cry FOUL on the Evangelical terrorists??”
    To be honest, if you mean the occasional attacker of an abortion facility, violence does get condemned unversally by almost every group, even those who consider homosexuality a sin (they figure ‘god’ will handle it). That’s Not the case with Islam.
    @Laura Roberts: Yes I share your concern. It’s dangerous when the government gets to decide what’s acceptable speech.

  • jay

    @AgentCormac: ” outlawing polygamy and child brides.”
    I will agree on the child brides issue. But I would defend the right to consensual polygamy and polyamory on the same basis I defend gay marriage: it’s not up to the government to determine what shape a family of consenting adults will take.